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I've Been There & Back and Have Come to Show You the Way

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

I was 41 years old with degrees in both nursing and anthropology when I suffered a profound uterine prolapse. Refusing the hysterectomy I was told was now essential, I spent the next decade trying to understand what had happened to my body, and how I could bring my pelvic organs back where they belonged.

In the process I discovered I have a gift for medical research, but not in the lab, in the library. Tens of thousands of research studies are published every year and while read deeply in their disciplines, they are not studied widely across disciplines. This is what I have done with prolapse, incontinence, chronic hip and knee pain, and more.

Ultimately, I cracked the code on how to stabilize and reverse my own uterine prolapse. In 2003 I published my book Saving the Whole Woman - Natural Alternatives to Surgery for Uterine Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence, which was highly endorsed by Christiane Northrup MD, Michel Odent MD, Dean Ornish MD, and many other doctors, midwives, and physical therapists.

My video course First Aid for Your Vagina is designed to encourage women to learn about the anatomy and physiology of their body, and the self-care steps they can take to easily and successfully maintain vaginal comfort and health for a lifetime.

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The Problem and Opportunity

Your Path to Vaginal Health & Comfort

It seems hardly fair sometimes. I mean I would never trade my body for a male body, but as women, we have our physical challenges and discomforts, which are uniquely our own and that drive us crazy at times.

What makes it worse is that the “cures” doctors are allowed to provide, may alleviate symptoms for a time but not only do they not cure, they often set us up for more serious trouble and suffering down the road.

The materialist philosophy of science and medicine treats the world mechanistically and very narrowly, rarely even wondering what the systemic implications for any “treatment” might be.

With about ten trillion cells, a hundred trillion beneficial bacteria, and four hundred trillion viruses in each person, the level of interactive complexity going on in any human body is beyond human comprehension.

While Nature throws us challenges from time to time, over the millennia Nature has provided us with a remarkably robust and capable physiology, which is mostly self-organizing if we don’t interfere with it.

However, as women go into and past menopause, our bodies don’t produce what they did in our reproductive years and need some help. Once again, Nature is there for us.

During our reproductive years, our sexual activity can and often does provide us with physical challenges, particularly in our teens, twenties, and thirties.

If you have followed my work at all, you know I am committed to self-care: what we can do to nurture, protect, and support our natural health, which comes to us when we have listened to our bodies and done the things that Nature intended for us.

Our bodies are constantly talking to us. We were never trained to listen. If we experienced a symptom, we were taught to go to a doctor. The illogic of this becomes apparent when you consider the complexity of the human body I described a few paragraphs above.

Our bodies themselves are our primary source of physical wisdom. Bodies can’t communicate in words, however. What they can and do communitcate to us are symptoms. Symptoms are the body’s way of saying, “Hey, pay attention over here. You have a problem that needs to be addressed!”

The body can’t tell us what it needs though, only that it needs something.

Whole Woman’s job is to figure out the what. My job is to share with you my talents, experience, and education to help you shortcut the experimentation process and get to health as quickly as possible.

As the homemaker phase of my life wound down with the kids growing up, at a friend’s recommendation I looked into nursing school. A few years in the medical system as an RN showed me the deep insanity and corruption intrinsic to the system. Tragically, medicine is largely populated with smart, caring, and competent people who are imprisoned in a terrible system.

Yes, the system does have its angels, notably in the Emergency Room, but the levels sink dramatically after that. As one of our clients said recently after losing her son to cancer, “The treatment was far worse than the disease.”

After my own surgically induced severe uterine prolapse, I discovered I had a knack for studying science, and tying the medical and biological literature together in ways that  researchers themselves never seem to do.

It seems that doctors have no interest in doing this kind of study if knowing the truth may cost them money. Medicine touts itself as being based on science, but it cherry-picks the science that supports its business model and ignores the rest.

This is how my work has kept many thousands of women out of the operating room in over sixty countries.

Vaginal Health

In the last fifty years, we’ve all heard a lot about ecosystems. Mostly in the discussion, the context is global, chemical, air, and soil pollution, particularly CO2 and global warming.

Our bodies are ecosystems as well and have complex interactions with the external world. Even parts of our bodies, the gut, the lungs, the blood, and the vagina/uterus are ecosystems in their own right.

Burning, itching, vaginal dryness, bacterial vaginosis, and sexually transmitted infections, all of these impact the vagina and degrade our quality of life.

In the First Aid for Your Vagina course, I’m going to walk you through ten modules. Self-care means eliminating your dependence on the medical system for routine conditions. The fact is, all doctors are allowed to do is prescribe approved drugs (meaning they meet the profit requirements of the drug companies) and do dangerous and permanently damaging surgery.

  • Introduction - The journey you’re about to take!
  • Module One - The Sacred Bee - Woman’s place in the Natural scheme of things
  • Module Two - The Human Vagina - There is much more there than you know
  • Module Three - Bacterial Vaginosis - The gateway infection for most of our vaginal troubles
  • Module Four - Late Miscarriage & Pre-Term Birth - Another example of the “cure” being far worse than the disease
  • Module Five - Sexually Transmitted Infections - A preventable cost of growing up in the physical world
  • Module Six - Cervical Cancer - What the scientists recommend and what doctors recommend diverge for economic reasons that benefit medicine
  • Module Seven - Vaginal Estrogen Therapy - Supplemental estrogen is not like a vitamin, but a very dangerous substance for older women
  • Module Eight - Vaginal Probiotics - It’s a twelve billion dollar business, but commercial probiotics are useless
  • Module Nine - The Natural Vagina - We come full circle to how Nature and women have evolved to work together and find health and comfort for a lifetime.


If your vaginal challenges are primarily related to prolapse, I thoroughly cover how to stabilize and reverse your condition in the First Aid for Pelvic Organ Prolapse video course. If you are post-hysterectomy, then the First Aid for the Post-Hysterectomy Woman will be your best resource for prolapse related information.

If urinary incontinence is your issue, First Aid for Your Bladder & Kidneys will be your best Whole Woman resource for that problem. 

Regardless of whatever vagina related issue may be challenging you, a healthy vaginal ecosystem is foundational to your quality of life and overall pelvic health.


It is axiomatic that a healthy organ cannot stay healthy long in an unhealthy body.

Years ago when researching a self-care solution for prolapse, I looked seriously into Yoga. However, what I discovered is that Yoga was designed by men for male bodies. In fact, women in India weren’t even allowed to practice Yoga until the 1930s. They had their classical Indian dance.

So I modified traditional Yoga for the female body. For those who are concerned about the spiritual implications of practicing Yoga, technically, what I have developed isn’t really Yoga. I call it Yoga because it’s a term people recognize and is related to what I have developed. Each woman needs to find her spiritual path on her own. 

My sole intent is for the women of the world to be fit and healthy and live out their days with the highest quality of life they are capable of manifesting for themselves.

In the early Whole Woman years, I did a series of Whole Woman Yoga videos, which we sold initially on VHS tapes (remember those?), then DVDs, and later streaming online. The second of the three videos I am particularly proud of. The first part is a compelling documentary on being a woman with clips of interviews I conducted with a number of amazing women. The Yoga section was performed by my daughter, Nikelle, who worked with us in the early years doing art, layout, video, and post-production, and did much of the artistic design on the video. I think you'll love it.

I’ve included Whole Woman Yoga 2 as a bonus with this course. It is streaming video now and like almost all our materials, you have unlimited access to it indefinitely.

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Now It's Your Turn

I have shared with you a taste of what decades of research and practice have taught me to support your becoming in body, mind, and spirit. Now it’s your turn to take the step necessary to dive deeply into the mysteries of creating health for yourself and your loved ones.

Look around the Whole Woman site. We are here to help you find your way to true health, not the false promise of the “health care” system.

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