First Aid for Your Bladder & Kidneys

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Without Dangerous Drugs or Surgery, Stabilize and Reverse

  • UTI,

  • Bladder Pain Syndrome, and

  • Urinary Incontinence 

I've done 3 years of physiotherapy with little to no results. I am so excited to report just one month in with the exercises and whole woman posture stress incontinence is almost not a problem at all anymore.


I purchased "the Whole Woman Solution to Urinary Incontinence" and I also have been doing that every day. I know this isn't a quick fix and I'll will need to do the workouts every day but I can tell a difference already...I am so thankful that I found this website. What a blessing you are to women.


Seven years ago when I was 55, Christine and this website turned my life around after being drop-kicked into menopause. The Whole Woman re-education about my body and implementation of the exercise program in my daily routine ended hot flashes and incontinence. 

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Leaking, Racing to the Bathroom, UTI, Bladder Pain? I Will Show You the Self-Care Way!

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

I was 41 years old when I suffered a profound uterine prolapse. Refusing the hysterectomy I was told was now essential, I spent the next decade trying to understand what had happened to my body, and how I could bring my pelvic organs back where they belonged.

I have degrees in both nursing and anthropology, and discovered I have a gift for synthesizing medical and scientific information. I uncovered that astonishingly, gynecology and urology have an incorrect understanding of the anatomy of the female pelvis. Eventually, I would learn that most gynecologic and urologic treatments for common female pelvic disorders are fraught with risk and failure.

Ultimately, I cracked the code on how to stabilize and reverse my own uterine prolapse. My work has also helped women with incontinence issues. In 2003 I published my book Saving the Whole Woman - Natural Alternatives to Surgery for Uterine Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence, which was highly endorsed by Christiane Northrup MD, Michel Odent MD, Dean Ornish MD, and many other doctors, midwives, and physical therapists.

However, in First Aid for Your Bladder & Kidneys, I have taken a deep dive into the spectrum of urinary challenges and provide self-care guidance  and alerts about the medical system's approaches you will not find elsewhere.

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Your Journey to Urinary Health

The Problem and Opportunity

“Next to the uterus, the female bladder is the most ill-treated organ in the human body”

Sadly, I have far too much hard data to back up that assertion.

As miraculous as the female body is in its ability to bring a new life into the world, its amazing capabilities give rise to some unique challenges that virtually all women have or will experience at some point in their lives.

The female urinary tract is no exception.

Central to my Whole Woman work is the principle that every problem has an opportunity at its core. We generally just get blinded by the symptoms of the problem and miss the opportunity.

Today, we live in a world where enormous power, influence, and virtually unlimited financial resources are in the hands of the medical system.

The old saying is that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The “health care system” as it exists today is deeply corrupt, knows nothing about health, and couldn’t care less.

Tragically, the medical system is largely populated by smart, capable, and caring people in which they are imprisoned by “standards of care” and corrupt oversight and regulation by government agencies largely controlled by Big Pharma and the major surgical supply companies.

The opportunity then lies in what has been the foundation of Whole Woman for more than twenty years, self-care.

Turning your back on the medical system is not a trivial undertaking, nor is learning self-care. Both however, are readily accomplished through education and practical application of what you have learned.

I am a medical researcher. I cracked the code on pelvic organ prolapse, chronic hip pain, and much more by diving deeply into literally thousands of peer-reviewed published research studies. I’m acutely aware that few people have the time, tolerance, or talent for this kind of research work, so I summarize my discoveries in my video courses.

There are three aspects to how I share what I have learned.

First, for us to change our behavior, we must understand anatomically and physiologically why the symptoms we are experiencing have arisen. This essential knowledge is almost completely absent in the education to which we were exposed growing up. It is also obviously absent in the interactions with the medical system, which expects passive acceptance of whatever doctors tell their patients.

Second, we need to understand the conventional “treatments” institutionalized in medicine’s “standards of care.” This is extremely important because more women than ever are being harmed by these treatments.

Third, we need to learn alternatives, usually drawn either from our own body’s wisdom, or from the natural world, which, particularly for women, has been the traditional source of medicinal help since the dawn of humanity.

What these three things give you are...

  • The understanding of your body you should have been given as a child,
  • Hard data about the disastrous realities of what medicine does and continues to do to us, and
  • Powerful and natural alternatives available to us sometimes literally in our own kitchens and backyards.

What these three approaches provide is a context for learning, as well as ultimately and most importantly, freedom to choose.

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The Transformation

Has anyone ever felt comfortable in a doctor’s office…ever?

No one goes to a doctor unless they feel compelled to for some reason. All manner of mysterious stuff gets done to you. Then you get the news, usually bad. Time, expense, and pain are usually in store after a trip to the doctor in the hope that he/she will make right whatever is wrong.

The statistics show that 50% of all medical expenditures occur in the last two years of a person’s life. This raises an interesting question. Was medical intervention extending or shortening the person’s life?

What is very clear is that once in the system, you are pretty much guaranteed to experience systematically increased suffering until you die.

We’ve all seen this with family and friends. What then is the alternative?

Education, to start with. We have no choice but to trust doctors when we are ignorant of our bodies and their processes. We’re taught to listen to our doctors because we believe they know what our bodies need.

Let’s shift the paradigm.

Suppose we operated on the premise that our own bodies are the ultimate source of what they need. That would suggest that our bodies are capable of communicating with us to tell us what they need. And they are.

What our bodies don’t have are words. What they do have are symptoms. This is how our bodies communicate with us. However, there are limitations to our bodies’ ability to communicate with us.

Our bodies have tactical issues and strategic needs.

The tactical issues give rise to aches and pains as well as conditions like prolapse, hip pain, and incontinence. If we’re paying attention and learned to recognize symptoms as the body calls for help, we can usually respond relatively quickly and improve the situation.

Strategic issues have to do with our fundamental assumptions about health. When we have not taken strategic care of our bodies, by the time the symptoms show up, the underlying conditions that have been building up for years may be difficult to turn around.

Therefore, we need teachers, the village wise women, and herbalists, who will help us learn how to care for ourselves in the long run, as well as help us with the tactical issues.

What we gain from this kind of partnership is trust and confidence in our bodies, the natural cycles of life, and a commitment to fully live until we die.

As you have probably heard me say before, the ultimate medical standard is that we continue to exist. The number of pipes, wires, and machines we’re attached to doesn’t enter into the equation. Whether we can sing, dance, and laugh with our children and grandchildren is irrelevant to doctors. If we continue to exist, they believe they have done their job.

The opportunity in front of us is a lifetime of confidence in our bodies, and confidence in our ability to influence our physical destiny, as opposed to just turning ourselves over to a huge and uncaring system that will drain us dry and spit us out.

Education is the starting point and education is what I have provided you for twenty years. Not just academic details, but tracing symptoms back to root causes and practical methods for addressing the root causes so the symptoms take care of themselves.

Your reward is a legitimate feeling of being in control of your physical destiny and awakening to realities of your body, nature, and the medical system of which you may never have been aware.

Education is an exciting path to expanding our horizons, especially when promises to help us create healthier, more dynamic lives.

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First Aid for Your Bladder & Kidneys

The female urinary tract system is a complex system that has susceptibility to a number of problems, including urinary tract infections, incontinence, bladder pain syndrome, kidney stones, and a variety of cancers.

At Whole Woman, for more than twenty years I have focused on two things, the root causes behind the symptoms our bodies manifest and self-care, drawing on the body’s own natural wisdom and the gifts Nature freely gives us when we need help restoring our health.

For the past few years, I have done extensive research on our urinary tract system.

The most common issues women have are UTIs, incontinence, and bladder pain syndrome (or BPS). All of these conditions we can manage and heal on our own. And, there is much we can do to avoid the more serious problems of kidney stones and urinary cancers.

The root cause of much of our suffering in this life is the result of our ignorance. I am no exception. I have several times turned myself over to the medical system and have, and continue to suffer the consequences.

It is my belief, however, that our work in this life is to awaken, to gain new knowledge and insight into life, love, relationships, and the natural world to which we all owe our existence.

Ironically, pain appears to be what drives us to change. It seems that only when the cost of sitting still exceeds the cost of stepping into the unknown that we move forward toward greater knowledge, wisdom, and awareness. Whatever you have suffered in this life as the result of your urinary tract, I am here to help.

First Aid for Your Bladder  Kidneys is the most comprehensive study and explanation I have put into a video course to date.

The Video Course

This video course consists of nine modules.

Module 1 - Introduction - The structure and process of taking the course.

Module 2 - Anatomy - What every woman needs to know about her essential urinary tract anatomy.

Module 3 - Urinary Tract Infections  - The causes, self-management, and medical risks.

Module 4 - Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS) - Causes, resolution, and risks of medical intervention for BPS.

Module 5 - Kidney Stones - Causes, prevention, and medical approaches to stone removal.

Module 6 - Urinary Tract Microbiome - Maintaining urinary tract health with the support of beneficial bacteria.

Module 7 - Cancer - Medical intervention, prevention, and alternative management.

Module 8 - Urinary Incontinence - Causes, successful management practices, and medical dangers.

Module 9 - Summary and Wrap Up - We have covered a great deal of ground in this course. Next steps for self-care. 

If you have struggled with urinary system issues in the past, I encourage you to click the button below. Open a window into your own body and acquire the education to learn the resources you have to bring you back to the health and quality of life you deserve. Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that you can create your own urinary tract health and regain a quality of life you may have lost.

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Now It's Your Turn

I have shared with you a taste of what decades of research and practice have taught me to support your becoming in body, mind, and spirit. Now it’s your turn to take the step necessary to dive deeply into the mysteries of creating health for yourself and your loved ones.

Look around the Whole Woman site. We are here to help you find your way to true health, not the false promise of the “health care” system.

It’s time to step up, first for yourself, and as you learn and master the Whole Woman way, then for your children or other loved ones. Just click the button below and begin your journey NOW.

Your Guarantee

Just to make the decision easier to make, if you're not happy with my material, let me know within fourteen days and I'll refund your investment.

Understand that I am not promising nor should you expect results or dramatic improvement within two weeks, but that you're satisfied with the quality and quantity of my material. 

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

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Take Charge of Your Urinary Tract without Dangerous Drugs or Surgery

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Nature loves to heal and our bodies heal when they are given the chance, especially when a condition is caught early, as mine was. Bless you so very much. I am truly grateful and so glad that I was able to remember you and so glad that I stumbled onto your site all those years ago. It really rang true with me then. And now, I've put it to the test with great success. Thank you.

Josephine, California USA

This program has saved my work career! I work for the PO doing very heavy lifting and carrying daily. Without this program it would be impossible for me do do this job!

❤️ Kim, Ohio USA

What Whole Woman offers makes a lot more sense than what my doctors have told me. Also, the Whole Woman approach seems so positive and hopeful in comparison with doctors' solutions. My doctor told me that my situation has improved since [my last visit]. I suspect that too many women wait too long to learn their options and, like my sister, rush into surgery because they are now desperate for relief.

Dorothy, Wisconsin USA

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