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"Whole Woman has been a life saver for me. You cannot find the information anywhere else. You are truly champions in providing the truth and protecting women's health. 

I so appreciate what Whole Woman stands for and will recommend to my friends and family."

Gay H.
Virginia, USA

Whole Woman Core Video Courses - 

These video courses focus on the primary conditions for which Whole Woman is known around the world.

First Aid for Your Vagina Video Course

Vaginal challenges can be merely annoying, serious health challenges, and even life-threatening. Learn how to keep your vagina healthy and comfortable for a lifetime.

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First Aid for Your Bladder & Kidneys Video Course

 Bladder infections and urinary incontinence are the banes of many women's existence. Learn how to banish them for life.

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First Aid for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Video Course

Get your prolapse under control now!

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First Aid for Chronic Hip Pain Video Course

Debilitating hip pain does not inevitably lead to surgery. Hip pain is a symptom of pelvic misalignment. Resolve your pain with self-care.

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First Aid for Knees Video Course

Chronic knee pain brings more women to orthopedists than hip pain. The surgeries too often incur long-term complications with hips, ankles and the other knee. Self-care is the answer.

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First Aid for the Post-Hysterectomy Woman Video Course

Women are virtually never told all the lifelong complication associated with hysterectomy, including a much higher likelihood of prolapse. There is much you can do to make the most of your post-hysterectomy body.

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The Entire Whole Woman Video Course Library at a Significant Discount

When you are ready to put the tools you need for your pelvic health to work, becoming a Lifelong Learner will give you the foundation.

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Free Article - The Whole Woman Path to Success

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The Whole Woman Path to Success

Whatever challenges you find yourself facing in this life, you need a path to take you to the success to which you aspire.
Download your free copy of 
The Whole Woman Path to Success to learn how we help you reach your vision of success.

(Note - At Whole Woman your privacy is assured.)

Learn more about how you can gift Whole Woman courses, videos, and consultations to others in your life.

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Support When You Need It

Whether it's through the Whole Woman Community Message Board, the global network of Whole Woman Practitioners, or with Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent herself, you are never alone! To get the support you need, just reach out and help will be there.

Access the Network of Certified Whole Woman Practitioners for Help in your Community

Whole Woman has Certified Practitioners personally trained by Christine Kent available to you in 14 states in the US as well as Australia, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and Ghana. 

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Consultations, Clinics, Classes, & Practitioner Training with Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent

Yes, Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent is available for personal support.

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