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Stabilize and Reverse Prolapse without Dangerous Surgery

"I did it and you can too..."

"Thank you for this site, the wise words and amazing advice which I have been following successfully for over five years. Through breathing, posture, exercises and life style changes you have given me a recipe for life, for health, independence and no-risk natural answers to my cystocele and rectocele."

Everhopeful - United Kingdom

"If you are prepared to take responsibility for your own health then checking out Whole Woman is a good option for you. There is very real help for those who are willing to help themselves."

Sheryl - New Zealand

"I can also tell you that the minute I assumed the correct posture I knew this is what my body wanted. What helps me to remember is when I feel the prolapse again. That is when I assume the posture again, and I can literally feel my organs go back into place. It feels soooooo good!! My body is so happy and it just feels so right…"

Megan - United States 

I've Been There & Back and Have Come to Show You the Way

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

I was 41 years old when I suffered a profound uterine prolapse. Refusing the hysterectomy I was told was now essential, I spent the next decade trying to understand what had happened to my body, and how I could bring my pelvic organs back where they belonged.

I have degrees in both nursing and anthropology, and discovered I have a gift for synthesizing medical and scientific information. I uncovered that astonishingly, gynecology and urology have an incorrect understanding of the anatomy of the female pelvis. Eventually, I would learn that most gynecologic and urologic treatments for common female pelvic disorders are fraught with risk and failure.

Ultimately, I cracked the code on how to stabilize and reverse my own uterine prolapse. In 2003 I published my book Saving the Whole Woman - Natural Alternatives to Surgery for Uterine Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence, which was highly endorsed by Christiane Northrup MD, Michel Odent MD, Dean Ornish MD, and many other doctors, midwives, and physical therapists.

My video course First Aid for Pelvic Organ Prolapse is designed to encourage women to learn about the anatomy and physiology of their body, and the self-care steps they can take to successfully manage their condition for a lifetime.

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Your Journey to Pelvic Health

The Problem and Opportunity

There are few experiences in life more devastating for a woman than discovering her insides are trying to fall out.

As is so often the case, however, a challenge is just an opportunity in disguise.

It took more than a decade of intensive research until I discovered the root cause of prolapse and began my journey back to pelvic health from the severe uterine prolapse I experienced.

As horrifying as the experience of discovering my prolapse was, it set me on a path of discovery that has ultimately kept thousands of women out of the operating room and living full and active lives without dangerous surgery.

If you are reading this, I presume it’s because you too have made this unpleasant discovery in your own body. I have very good news for you, however.

  1. Prolapse is not a disease, it is merely a symptom.
  2. If you address the root cause that is giving rise to the symptom, the symptom will take care of itself.
  3. Since 2003 I have been teaching women the self-care skills they need to stabilize and reverse their prolapse for a lifetime.

One thing is clear - gynecology, urogynecology, or whatever these doctors choose to call themselves, have been taught nothing about the root cause of prolapse. In fact, it turns out they don’t even understand female pelvic anatomy correctly, which is why their surgical approaches are so ineffective.

Of course, that doesn’t stop them from performing over a million unwarranted, dangerous, and destructive surgeries on women each year in the US alone!

That you are reading this  suggests that you have no interest in surgery if there are effective and legitimate alternatives.

In many respects, as women, our real problem isn’t prolapse or the other maladies to which our unique physiology is prone. The real problem is that we have been programmed from birth to believe that the wise and compassionate medical system has our best interests at heart and has all the answers.

Tragically, neither of these are true. First, it’s all about the money, and second, they not only don’t know how to solve prolapse, they have no interest in doing so. It would upset the multi-billion dollar surgical racket they have going.

I am a registered nurse and have worked with many smart, capable, and caring medical people. However, for many, the medical system is just a prison, a deeply corrupt system that knows virtually nothing about health, nor cares.

This means when we turn our backs on the medical system, we are facing a vacuum, a frightening experience for most.

Here’s your first Whole Woman lesson. I mentioned earlier that prolapse is just a symptom. That means your body is trying to get your attention, to let you know you have something going on that you need to address!

Once you understand that and begin to realize that your own body is your very best teacher, you are well on your way to mastering self-care and taking control of your health at a level you never knew was possible.


All our lives we’ve been taught to ignore our body. If something hurts, anesthetize it. Talk to your doctor, not to your body.

Now imagine building a whole new relationship with your own amazing miraculous body, a body that is capable of bringing a whole new life into the world!

Imagine that your prolapse is just a phone call from your body saying, “You have a pelvic alignment problem. Take care of it!”

And, because you have understood the realities of female anatomy rather than the nonsense doctors are taught, you know just how to respond to your body’s call.

Imagine learning from your body what it needs for you to eat, how to sleep, and exercise, what supports its health and vitality, and what undermines it. You begin to understand that you are your best doctor.

You learn by running experiments and listening to your body, and come to trust that your body will tell you what it needs.

Imagine realizing that when running experiments, there is no succeed or fail. An experiment only does one thing…it generates data. And that data points your way to the next experiment. Now you find yourself free of the tyranny of medicine and on the path to health that you didn’t even know existed.

And yes, there are angels in the medical system - trauma surgeons, ER staff, rehab specialists, and ophthalmologists, for example. Once you have started down your path of letting your body teach you about health, you’ll begin to appreciate that the less interaction with the medical system you have, the healthier you are likely to remain!

The First Aid for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Video Course

If you’re ready to take charge of your own health, my video course is where to start. Here’s what is in the course.

Block One - Your Foundational Education

Module 1 - The Problem - understanding the root cause of prolapse opens the possibility of stabilizing and reversing the symptom.

Module 2 - The Whole Woman Solution - learn your true anatomy, and why the experiences of thousands of women proves the Whole Woman approach works.

Module 3 - Whole Woman Living - how to integrate what you’ve learned into your day-to-day life to maximize your progress.

Block Two - The Exercises

Module 1 - Whole Woman Yoga - restrengthening your body to support its natural conformation.

Module 2 - Whole Woman Dance - movement to stay strong, limber, and appreciate your body’s ability to move. 

Block Three - The Tools You Need

Seven short videos with the tips and tricks I have learned over the twenty-plus years to help you on your way.

Bonuses - Gifts you didn’t know you needed

First Aid for Prolapse for Elders - If you are mobility restricted, the more gentle exercises will help work up to the other exercise videos.

Saving the Whole Woman Ebook - The book that started the Whole Woman revolution.

Whole Woman Higher Dimensions Videos - Scientists will tell you that the brain creates the mind. Spiritual teachers will tell you that the mind creates the brain. However one conceives it, consciousness is a fact of being alive. Three videos I’ve created to help you open to your higher self are -

  • Whole Woman Sounding
  • Prayer to the Sun
  • Opening the Heart Meditation

And...A Special Gift!

This is a video I created specifically for women like yourself who are online searching for answers to how to stabilize and reverse prolapse without dangerous surgery.

It is called Your Prolapse Journey - From Panic to Pelvic Health. I'll never forget what it was like discovering my own prolapse and my panicked call to my gynecologist. This the video I desperately could have used at that moment to not only reassure me that I was going to be OK, but that this seemingly tragic event was going to transform my life in ways I never could have imagined.

This hour-long video will show you a path forward that would likely be difficult to imagine if it didn't come from someone who has been on this journey for more than 30 years!

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Now It's Your Turn

I have shared with you a taste of what decades of research and practice have taught me to support your becoming in body, mind, and spirit. Now it’s your turn to take the step necessary to dive deeply into the mysteries of creating health for yourself and your loved ones.

Look around the Whole Woman site. We are here to help you find your way to true health, not the false promise of the “health care” system.

It’s time to step up, first for yourself, and as you learn and master the Whole Woman way, then for your children or other loved ones. Just click the button below and begin your journey Now.

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Just to make the decision easier to make, if you're not happy with my material, let me know within fourteen days and I'll refund your investment.

Understand that I am not promising nor should you expect results or dramatic improvement within two weeks, but that you're satisfied with the quality and quantity of my material. 

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

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Take Charge of Your Prolapse

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Nature loves to heal and our bodies heal when they are given the chance, especially when a condition is caught early, as mine was. Bless you so very much. I am truly grateful and so glad that I was able to remember you and so glad that I stumbled onto your site all those years ago. It really rang true with me then. And now, I've put it to the test with great success. Thank you.

Josephine, California USA

This program has saved my work career! I work for the PO doing very heavy lifting and carrying daily. Without this program it would be impossible for me do do this job!

❤️ Kim, Ohio USA

What Whole Woman offers makes a lot more sense than what my doctors have told me. Also, the Whole Woman approach seems so positive and hopeful in comparison with doctors' solutions. My doctor told me that my situation has improved since [my last visit]. I suspect that too many women wait too long to learn their options and, like my sister, rush into surgery because they are now desperate for relief.

Dorothy, Wisconsin USA

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Since 2003 we have helped thousands of women around the world and answered many thousands of questions. Here are some of the common questions women have asked us about how our work can help them. 

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