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"Thank you for this site, the wise words and amazing advice which I have been following successfully for over five years. Through breathing, posture, exercises and life style changes you have given me a recipe for life, for health, independence and no risk natural answers to my cystocele and rectocele."

Everhopeful - United Kingdom

"If you are prepared to take responsibility for your own health then checking out Whole Woman is a good option for you. There is very real help for those who are willing to help themselves."

Sheryl - New Zealand

"I can also tell you that the minute I assumed the correct posture I knew this is what my body wanted. What helps me to remember is when I feel the prolapse again. That is when I assume the posture again, and I can literally feel my organs go back into place. It feels soooooo good!! My body is so happy and it just feels so right…"

Megan - United States 

Christine Kent Founder of Whole Woman & Your Instructor

I was 41 years old when I suffered a profound uterine prolapse.

Refusing the hysterectomy I was told was now essential, I spent the next decade trying to understand what had happened to my body, and how I could bring my pelvic organs back into proper alignment.

I have degrees in both nursing and anthropology, and discovered a gift for synthesizing medical and scientific information. I uncovered that gynecology and urology astonishingly have an incorrect understanding of the anatomy of the human pelvis.

Eventually I would learn that most gynecologic and urologic treatments for common female pelvic disorders are fraught with risk and failure.

Ultimately, I cracked the code on how to stabilize and reverse my own uterine prolapse. In 2003 I published my book Saving the Whole Woman - Natural Alternatives to Surgery for Uterine Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence, which was highly endorsed by Christiane Northrup MD, Michel Odent MD, and many other doctors, midwives, and physical therapists.

My website went live in July of that same year, and I began teaching my methods to women of all ages on my online forum. In a matter of weeks women began writing in, “My symptoms are improving!”  

Since that time, I have turned my attention toward many additional women’s health disorders, and I am currently working on my next book, The Whole Woman Book of Natural Health - From Women's Health to Women's Health Ecology. This new book will demonstrate that our bodies do not end at the surface of our skin. We are creatures of nature and will only fulfill our potential as human beings on a healthy Earth.

The concept of my video course First Aid for Pelvic Organ Prolapse is meant to encourage women to learn about the anatomy and physiology of their body first, before even considering handing their long-term health and quality of life over to a deficient and often harmful medical system.

The Whole Woman Promise

My condition was uterine prolapse, the result of a bladder suspension surgery that I had foolishly agreed to for minor urinary incontinence.

A few days after the surgery, I took my first walk outside and was horrified to discover that my cervix was protruding from my vagina an inch and a half. When I made a panic stricken call to my surgeon, his response was, “Now this is very serious. Hysterectomy is your only option!”

I’d watched both my mother and sister suffer through hysterectomy and knew I didn’t want anything to do with that, so I struggled with uterine prolapse for years.

With the chafing, pulling, and discomfort, I was completely stressed out, miserable, and driving my husband crazy.

Finally, I packed up our car, drove out to a tiny town on the north coast of California, and rented a small cottage to get myself together.

If the prolapse wasn’t bad enough, I was going through menopause and wound up having a heavy, thirty-day bleed. Truthfully, I didn’t know if I was going to survive that or not.

So in the solitude of my little seaside cabin, I just surrendered myself to the universe, and much to my amazement, I got the download that figuring out how to fix prolapse was my life’s work.

Within a few days, I packed everything back up, drove home, and took up virtually full-time residence in the University of New Mexico medical school library.

We moved to Albuquerque so I could attend nursing school at UNM, which I did and received a BS in Nursing, so I was familiar with digging through the medical literature. That was a fortuitous thing because I spent the next three to four years reading endless research studies, books, and even 19th century medical texts from the library’s collection.

I began classical Indian dance classes, Kriya yoga, and delved ever more deeply into natural food and herbal medicine.

Eventually, the pieces of the puzzle fell together and I cracked the code.

Like most revelations, in retrospect it seems obvious and totally logical. I put what I had learned to work on my own condition, and almost immediately started seeing results. In a couple of months I had my uterine prolapse under control.

I put up the first website and online forum and started teaching the women who showed up. Within weeks, they were writing back, “OMG, my symptoms are improving!”

That was in 2003, and the Whole Woman® body of work has grown enormously since then. That’s why I say with confidence, “You can stabilize and reverse prolapse. I did it. You can too.”

I was in my early forties then, and now I'm almost seventy. The methods I developed served me well then and still do to this day.

The Problem

If you are reading this, you or someone you care about is struggling with pelvic organ prolapse. I realize that it’s no consolation, but according to research, 50-80% of all women will suffer prolapse, cystocele, rectocele, or uterine, at some point in their lives.

Let that sink in for a minute.

That this condition should impact the lives of so many women is astonishing, particularly considering that many women are completely unaware that prolapse even exists as a condition until they become symptomatic themselves.

These statistics suggest two things.

First, there is some dynamic at work in our culture that is causing this problem in female bodies, which have evolved to work properly for a lifetime.

Second, it is remarkable that the medical system has not tackled this problem head on with a real solution rather than surgical “fixes” that are notoriously unreliable and damaging.

That doesn’t stop gynecology from performing over one million unnecessary and destructive surgeries each year on women in the US alone.

What should be clear by now is that you and your doctor have an economic conflict of interest. You want your body back. Your gynecologist wants to do surgery. He/she doesn’t make any money doing PAP smears, they make it in the operating room.

Of course, this is where doctors are going to steer you. The fact is that once prolapse shows up in your life, it will continue to get worse until you address the root cause and thereby stabilize and reverse your condition. In the meantime, you can expect increasing deterioration of your quality of life, self-confidence, sexuality, not to mention the bulging, pulling, and chafing as your condition worsens.

What this means is that the sooner you get to work on stabilizing prolapse, the better. The good news is that you are the only one who can reverse your condition!

The Solution

The breakthrough in my research came when I realized that prolapse is a symptom, not a disease.

Once you understand you are dealing with a symptom, two things become obvious. First, medical interventions are all about making the symptom go away, not addressing the root cause. This approach may make money for doctors, but the only result for women is suffering from surgical damage for the rest of their lives.

We tend in our society to be obsessed with symptoms.

The reason is simple.

Once you have identified something as a symptom, you are forced to realize that there must be a root cause, which is giving rise to the symptom.

The problem with root causes is that once you have seen one, you can’t unsee it. This means that you either have to change something in your life to make the root cause go away, or you have to gerrymander your reality to rationalize not addressing the root cause.

There are no other options.

We human beings struggle with change. If change means our symptoms go away, however, we have a powerful motivation to change.

Remember what I said earlier, “First there is some dynamic at work in our culture that is causing this problem in female bodies that have evolved to work properly for a lifetime”?

This turns out to be the root cause of the problem.

Think back to the time when you were an adolescent. Directly or indirectly, you were taught to “tuck your bottom, pull in your belly, and pull your shoulders back…This is proper posture for a young woman.”

This turns out to be a completely unnatural conformation for the female body.

Remember that when the root cause is removed, the symptom takes care of itself. This is the root cause and restoring natural female posture addresses not only prolapse, but urinary incontinence, and chronic hip and knee pain!

It’s difficult to describe how restoring natural female posture fundamentally changes a woman’s life both physically, mentally, and emotionally. The difference is profound, however, and restoring the pelvic organs to where they belong is just one benefit.

Since I put my first website and forum up in 2003, published my first book, Saving the Whole Woman, and produced my video courses, thousands of women in over sixty countries have transformed their lives. They have broken free of the cultural artifact of “conventional” female posture and discovered the natural female power and beauty of showing up in the world in their natural shape and body conformation.

And, for twenty years, I have kept my surgically induced uterine prolapse under control simply by carefully managing how I stand, sit, walk, run, lift, and carry.

Next Steps

That we women have the power and ability to transform our pelvic health without dependence on an avaricious medical system selling dangerous and life-damaging surgeries is an astonishing revelation.

And it brings with it an amazing sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

As women, we have a tendency toward love/hate relationships with our own bodies. What an amazing discovery that our bodies are our best teachers and that prolapse is just a nudge, a friendly reminder that we’re getting lazy with our postural work!


What you need now are two, possibly three things.

First, you need to educate yourself so you gain a deeper understanding of your astonishing female body and how it actually works. This is essential to understanding why my methods work so you can appreciate the importance of how we do the work.

Isn’t it amazing how little education we received about our own bodies growing up?

This is because for generations now, we’ve been taught to presume that the wise and benevolent medical system has our backs and therefore we really don’t need to know much.

So education is the starting point.

Once you fully understand how and why your prolapse happened and exactly what to do about it, persistence is the second thing you need.

You have decades of unfortunate postural habits to overcome, even if it wasn’t your fault, and that takes time and persistence.

The third and optional need may be support. We have a variety of options to provide you with whatever support you may need. My network of Whole Woman Practitioners I have trained and certified can be found across the US, Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, and Australia. And I continue to do consultations and classes as well.

The First Aid for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Video Course

Here’s what we provide for you in the First Aid for Pelvic Organ Prolapse video course.

Category One - Essential Education

Three modules cover the essentials that you need to know to understand how prolapse occurred and specifically what to do to stabilize and reverse your condition.

Module One - The Whole Woman Solution 

When you understand the anatomy of what has happened to you, why gynecology doesn’t understand the root cause of your condition, you benefit from the clarity that comes with understanding the true root cause, what to do about it, and why this puts you in charge of your pelvic health.

Module Two - Why the Whole Woman Solution Works

The Whole Woman work starts from the foundation of Nature, how we have evolved, and how babies and young girls naturally stand, sit, walk, run, and even breathe. What also becomes clear is the cultural imperative of “tuck your bottom, flatten your belly, and pull your shoulders back” destroys the natural dynamic of the female body, which is evidenced in our natural development.

Module Three - Practical Whole Woman Living 

How to integrate Whole Woman posture into your day-to-day life gives you the confidence that you can successfully live in Whole Woman posture for the rest of your life. While my exercise programs are important to help you restrengthen your body to comfortably support Whole Woman posture, it is the posture itself that will stabilize and reverse your prolapse.

Category Two - Exercises
 Restoring your body’s ability move and recapture the joy in movement that is safe for your pelvic organ support system. Get strong and get well at the same time.

Whole Woman Yoga®

While yoga was originally designed by men for male bodies, it has become popular with women, despite the fact that a number of the poses or asanas are harmful for the pelvic organ support system. I have developed a unique yoga practice designed for the female body and specifically to support the restoration of natural posture.

Where you may not be able to do the full movement, I’ve included images of alternative positions that will be easier.

Whole Woman® Dance

In the West, ballet has been the classical dance discipline that many young girls have experienced. I have adapted the fundamental moves of ballet to create an effective and joyful dance program designed to strengthen the pelvic organ support system and enhance hip joint health.

Gain strength, have fun, and deepen your appreciation of your astonishing female body.

Category Three - Additional Tools

This Category provides you with seven short videos to help you learn specific exercises you can do wherever you are and when you have a few minutes.

Additionally, you have access here to the Whole Woman Message Board where you can post questions you may have and get responses from the Whole Woman Community.

At Whole Woman, you are never alone on your journey to restoring your pelvic health.

Category Four - Bonuses

There is much more to Health than a body that works the way it’s supposed to. Mind and Spirit are also integral to health.

The material above will stretch both your mind and body, but I felt I also needed to include an opportunity to expand, strengthen and connect your Spirit to All That Is.

So I have included my video Whole Woman Higher Dimensions to your Course. It includes three exercises...

  • Whole Woman Sounding
  • Prayer to the Sun and
  • Opening the Heart Meditation.

All are non-religious ways of taking a few moments to open ourselves to the larger context of life in the incomprehensible universe which is our home.

Taking the time to step out of your daily scramble of work, family, relational challenges, and the discouragement of the daily bombardment of catastrophic news, will help you bring clarity, focus, and a balanced appreciation of life in all its complexity.

Mind, Body, and Spirit are all the pathways back to pelvic health.

Your Next Step

Delay means your prolapse is getting worse.

  • Kegels are very likely to make your condition worse.
  • A pessary may provide some comfort, but it has no therapeutic value at all and may worsen your condition over time.
  • The surgeries leave permanent damage and are notoriously unreliable, not surprisingly considering they are based on faulty assumptions about female anatomy.

It’s time to walk away from a deeply defective medical system, and for you to take charge of your own pelvic health.

As I have said, all that is needed is education, support if you feel the need, and persistence to pull up into Whole Woman posture every morning when you sit up in bed and remind yourself all day to stay in the posture.

Start the Whole Woman work right now by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. The quality of your life for the rest of your days depends on it.

Imagine, your prolapse under control, your control. Imagine showing up in life every day in your very best body conformation, pulled up to your full height, aligned, balanced, filled with the confidence that comes with knowing you are giving your body what it needs, wants, and has been begging you for!

Now it’s up to you. Just click the button below to begin your Whole Woman journey to pelvic health.

If you have further questions, please reach out to [email protected] or call +1 505-243-4010.

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

P.S. Note that if you are post-hysterectomy, you have some unique challenges with which we can help. Please visit for more information.

If you are older or no longer physically very mobile, you man find the First Aid for Prolapse for Elders video course to be a better fit. Please visit for more information. C.K.


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Take Charge of Your Prolapse

Education, support, and persistence are what you need to take change of your pelvic health

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Nature loves to heal and our bodies heal when they are given the chance, especially when a condition is caught early, as mine was. Bless you so very much. I am truly grateful and so glad that I was able to remember you and so glad that I stumbled onto your site all those years ago. It really rang true with me then. And now, I've put it to the test with great success. Thank you.

Josephine, California USA

This program has saved my work career! I work for the PO doing very heavy lifting and carrying daily. Without this program it would be impossible for me do do this job!

❤️ Kim, Ohio USA

What Whole Woman offers makes a lot more sense than what my doctors have told me. Also, the Whole Woman approach seems so positive and hopeful in comparison with doctors' solutions. My doctor told me that my situation has improved since [my last visit]. I suspect that too many women wait too long to learn their options and, like my sister, rush into surgery because they are now desperate for relief.

Dorothy, Wisconsin USA

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