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Not safe enough for cows…but women?

pessary Apr 20, 2006

Readers of the Milex website (1) will still find a proclamation there that Milex is a quality driven “private company founded in 1937.” In reality, on February 3, 2004 the publicly traded corporation, Cooper Surgical, bought Milex for $26 million dollars in cash. With this purchase came a history of regulatory problems with one of Milex’s most widely distributed products, Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly.

Trimo-San is marketed as “A Unique Vaginal Product” and a 4-ounce tube sealed in plastic and distributed along with every Milex pessary to prolapsed women throughout the developed world. Trimo-San was reformulated in 1977 to include its primary active ingredient and has remained unchanged since that time.

That active ingredient, 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate, is one of a family of coal tar derivatives first manufactured in 1899. The compounds from which 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate is made are known as quinolines and isoquinolines, and are similar in chemical...

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