It's Hard to Know Who To Trust These Days...

While I have kept thousands of women living full and active lives with the common pelvic conditions I have helpte them manage without dangerous surgery or drugs, why should you believe me?

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I'm way more comfortable with my body and pay closer attention to posture. My walking is graceful and fluid now - not WW perfect but I'm practicing. I think holistically about everything and attend to the relationships like how food and exercise make feel or how sleep and work impact quality of life.
Heide, Colorado USA

 I'm glad I found your site by accident to help me with my prolapse. I like the natural approach that puts me in control of my situation even though it's a lot of work. I found a way to do the fire breathing on my back to help the prolapse even more.
Ellen, Tonasket, Washington U.S.A.

 Christine’s wealth of knowledge and depth if study is astounding!! This is information that should be provided to EVERY woman. My prolapse was only minor but the information she and her team provided me allowed me to totally reverse the problem. It’s pure magic.
Victoria. Australia

 It was such a relief to find answers to female issues. My first impulse was to seek surgery, not knowing that there were natural ways to address them. Thanks, for your in-depth research and for sharing it!
Ellen, Arizona, USA

 Whole Woman exercises and practical suggestions have helped me actually feel better and more in control of my health decisions. I am so thankful to have found the website in my search for answers that the medical community did not have.
Ruth, Minnesota, USA

This program has helped me post-hysterectomy. Although it is too late to undo the surgery, I have learned new lifestyles to improve my health, correct body posture, toileting posture, exercises, diet, etc., proving that it’s never too late to improve your health!
Mansfield, Ohio , USA

The Whole Woman conference that I attended pre-Covid gave me tools and knowledge that the conventional cut and drug protocol practitioners would not, or could not, address. The acquisition of self-knowledge and body autonomy over one weekend at the conference was priceless compared to the years of snubbing and misinformation by the medical profession that got me absolutely nowhere.
Brenda, British Columbia, Canada

Whole Woman’s passion for truth is welcomed! Christine's précisely detailed hard work on every course is placed in the hands of another woman to equip her in making her own life better, which is passed onto families of other women and daughters she loves. What a gift to all us girls around the world.

It’s something I can do myself to avoid surgery. It told me that prolapse isn’t a life threatening condition.
Karen, Union Bridge, MD, USA

Information is everything! Knowing the body can heal itself and how to do it.

Whole Woman has enabled me to live with prolapse without surgery.

 Because of the Whole Woman work I am able lead a more comfortable life with pelvic prolapse by following the instructional information from the courses, and I avoided the surgery that was suggested to me by the medical profession. I have worked a lot on correcting my posture and doing the exercises, and it has made a huge difference in decreasing my prolapse symptoms. Now there are long periods of time when I almost forget that I have pelvic prolapse. I'm very appreciative for the work you have done and the information you have provided.
L, Minneapolis, MN USA 

 The WW work was a bit of a life saver when I first experienced pelvic organ prolapse, which at the time felt debilitating & depressing. Since then; 15 years ago, I have happily, easily & succesfully managed &/or maintained good pelvic organ & general health.
Lindy, Wellington, Somerset, UK

 Whole Woman not only gave me a plan to regain my mobility and confidence, it explained how i got there. And that made ALL the difference in my mindset. When that changed my journey took a positive direction.
KT, Terlingua, TX, USA

 Whole Woman literally saved me from the medical world which put plastic mesh implants into my friends and caused them nothing but trouble and pain or worry about the future. Christine reminded me what I knew in my heart that our bodies are naturally truly amazing and can heal themselves with the right help and guidance.

I will always be grateful for finding Christine and Lanny and all the truth and knowledge they have made available to so many. Thank you to everyone in the Whole Woman Team."
Without your knowledge, experience, and your books that I have read I'm not sure I could've handled my situation when I was first diagnosed with my cystocele. You gave a wealth of information that I needed at time and helped me tremendously.

I can't remember how long ago I discovered Whole Woman, but it was truly a blessing. At the time, I was devastated by what I call "sudden onset pelvic organ prolapse." When it happened to me, I didn't even know that such a condition existed! Not only did what I learn from Whole Woman make me feel less like a freak of nature, but also it offered a natural approach to managing it that was consistent with my general preference for natural medicine/healing. Although I still have issues dealing with prolapse, even after all I've learned from Whole Woman, I have been able to manage it at least well enough not to succumb to the so-called cures of "modern" medicine. Most importantly, however, I have access to Christine Kent's knowledge, inspiration, and the Whole Woman resources she has created whenever I need them and want them. They are worth every out-of-pocket penny!
De, Wisconsin, USA

 I am new to Whole Woman. I purchased the Life Long Learner package just last week. I believe I am suffering from prolapse of my bladder and it has been a year and half struggle with the medical system. Referral after referral and pelvic floor therapy with a certified pelvic floor therapist. I had a laparoscopy two weeks ago to see if my endometriosis had returned. It had not but I did have adhesions from my 2014 hysterectomy. I have had some unusual symptoms and I just had a gut feeling I was never going to get the help I needed through our present medical system. I am a retired RN with 40 years spent working in the medical profession. I feel I know my body and turned to integrative/ holistic approaches in 2011. I came upon Christine's work by accident just a week ago while on the internet in the middle of the night as I couldn't sleep. I read and reread the information on her site. I purchased the material. I spent the next few days watching her videos on prolapse and began three days ago doing the yoga and dance moves. Neither come easy for my due to my age. I consider myself pretty fit for my age of 66. I will keep doing the yoga and the dance moves, the fire breathing techniques, and the posture she shows you need to correct the issues I am having. I already can tell a difference in three days of doing them. My incontinence has decreased, my lower back pain is much better, and I know I am going in the right direction. It's working!!!!!
Susan, Muir, Michigan, USA

 It has helped me very much in the past and given me the confidence deal with my prolapses.
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

 Christine’s research behind her Whole Woman courses informs my life everyday.
East Sussex, UK

 Knowing I am not alone. Thank you for your books and Conferences. Your story and information gave me strength to take care of myself and to stay out of any operating room. I am grateful.
Susan, New York State, USA

 Whole Woman gave me strength when I had none.

Well your first aid to prolapse course has kept me positive and able to save myself from the operating table (I have three friends who have been on the operating table and now all have complications of mesh, which has gone to litigation, and expense of hysterectomy) Thank you very much Christine for being there with your sound advice.

Whole Woman work empowered me by giving me the tools to improve my pelvic prolapse & hip pain. What a relief to not have to rely on indifferent, shaming, ineffective, expensive mainstream advice/treatments! Thank-you SO MUCH for your powerful gift to all women!
G, Texas, US

Christine Kent's work on women's health is well researched and excellent. She is my go-to over 15 years to be fully informed before making any major decisions on my body.
Ruth, Murphy, NC USA

Christine Kent is a wealth of information, I've just scratched the surface and looking forward to diving in more! I appreciate her heart and soul in this work. So needed in today's overly medicated world.
Nicole, New Mexico USA

 The ONLY resource that aligns with what I intuitively know is happening!!!
S, New Jersey USA

Whole Woman work has given me hope that my body can heal itself. I had been attending a gym with a holistic approach for ten years before my naturopath told me about Christine’s work . I only wish i had been shown the way to Christine 10 years earlier it would have fixed my problems earlier I still have a long way to go and feel confident I am getting closer to being normal again every day. Thank you Christine for sharing your information to us to make our lives Happier and more Joyful.
Angel, Gold Coast Queensland Australia

 I felt like someone really understands my challenge and has useful information to help me help myself.

I have been following your program for over 10 years. It has successfully improved my prolapse (bladder, uterine, rectal) more than once. My problem is I get better and forget to constantly remind myself to pull up in Whole Woman posture or do the exercises and I start being symptomatic again. Stress and a feeling of not being able to “get it all done” is my undoing because I constantly am holding my breath and tightening my gut. HOWEVER, if I get out the videos and remind myself how to pull up in Whole Woman posture, use the exercises, stop and remember to relax, things begin to get better. Thank you, Christine.
M, Whitewright, TX USA

 I now know that I'm not alone. The number of women who have this issue is far more common than I thought.
M, Washington, USA

 Whole Woman is very helpful answering any questions whether general info or specific about issues women want to know about. Getting honest, informed and useful helpful information is what women need. Thank you.

 Given me hope I can trust nature and have the potential to heal myself.
Terrie, Greenbrae, CA, USA

 As a first time pregnant mama, I am incredibly grateful for the Whole Woman expertise shared on optimal female pelvic and body posture in general. Sitting on the floor and allowing my body to be in natural posture is life changing. And thanks to Christine and all her wealth of holistic wisdom for our health and well-being, I’m incredibly grateful!
Katie, New Mexico, USA

 Whole Woman work has impacted my entire life. In discovering how to navigate this new health challenge I have been able to apply the same thought processes and strategies to all other areas of my health. Consequently, I have been empowered and my overall quality of life has been so positively impacted beyond the management of the health condition I first sought help for.
J, British Columbia, Canada

 I think most of us women don't even think about these issues until you write and ask us about it--it can be very frightening just thinking about it. I am amazed at your miraculous way of bringing it into the light, to help us share it and learn from you and not fear what we must do if needed. Thank you Christine!

Whole Woman work has had a very positive effect on my life emotionally and physically. I use it every day and continue to be grateful. It has also changed the way I see other women too.
Carole, South Lake Tahoe, California USA

Because I’ve gone thru a lot of struggles with this problem. I didn’t think there was any other hope until I read about Whole Woman. It’s very encouraging to me.”
Yvonne, Marrero, Louisiana, USA

 I love it and am still learning from all your videos. I have been going through them to slowly I need watch and apply daily. Thank you Christine.
Jade, Hampton Virginia USA

 The Whole Woman website and courses have given me hope and practical solutions. The information makes sense and she reminds us that WE are the ones in charge of our health and wellness. I appreciate all the research that goes into everything that Christine offers.
Norma, Colorado, USA

 When I experienced uterine prolapse, I was considering a mesh implant, and information that you provided caused me to change my mind about the procedure. I am so glad that I did not go forward with the mesh implant because a short time later I began seeing TV commercials regarding lawsuits due to problems with the implants. I am eternally grateful for the info that you provided. Mary, Pennsylvania, USA

 I have only been practicing the Whole Woman work for about a year for my prolapsed uterus. I’m slowly trying to remember the posture and doing the exercises but have noticed I have more good days and it is definitely the way to go rather than the thought of surgery. It is definitely the way to a good life.
Helen, UK

 Has definitely helped maintain my prolapse health and I love reading the spiritual messages, very positive and uplifting, thank you Christine and Lanny 🙏💕
Shirley, Queensland, Australia

 Thank you for giving me hope that I still can manage my prolapse with natural approaches. Even having pain different from time to time, but happy to be alive and not risking with surgery.
Marina, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

 Accepting the Whole Woman philosophy, as taught by Christine Kent, has given me confidence and helped me release fears that I previously had about the changes in my pelvic region. The First Aid courses not only educated me but provided me with the tools I need to maintain good health naturally and easily. I love Christine's approach which circumvents conventional medical treatment of drugs, needles and surgical knives. I feel very blessed to have found her and to have become a Whole Woman.
Susan, New Mexico, USA

 Whole Woman helps me to understand posture, diet, and natural health in a way which makes sense to me.
E, New Jersey, US

 I’ve gained an awareness that I never thought I would have about how my body works.
Liz, Burbank, California, USA

 It taught me that the uterus is functional throughout life as a hormone regulator and helped me resist suggestions from doctors to have surgery. However inconvenient a prolapse is, I am glad I am "whole"!
Elizabeth, Kent, England

 Christine has provided invaluable help and support since I discovered I had pelvic issues. I joined one of her online courses during lockdown, it has been one of the best decisions I made. The advice and information I was given helped save me from unnecessary surgery and medical intervention. I also felt I was not alone, that many other women were going through similar issues. Christine has continued to offer her support whenever I need it. I would highly recommend Christine's courses, it was certainly a life changer for me. Thank you.
V, Lincolnshire UK

 Help was available from you Christine and your info was and is very much appreciated. Your research is thorough, dependable and easy to understand. If you do the work you will succeed. That is so important.

 Finding the Whole Woman approach to women’s health has been quite empowering for me, to learn how to look after my own body and to trust myself. I found myself, 15 years ago, in a gynecological oncology ward in a very large London hospital, totally shocked and overwhelmed by the situation confronting me. I couldn’t stay in the system and decided to leave the fear and anxiety behind so that I could get back to looking after myself. I found Christine and her website and immediately felt that I could relax and focus on becoming more informed about health in general. I’m still a work in progress but just knowing that Christine and her knowledge is there is very reassuring!!! And not to forget Lanny.
Lorraine, NSW, Australia

Taught me that hysterectomy is not the only answer. Very very big impact, important for all the knowledge I have now. If it was not for Whole Woman work, I think I would be lost in my life with prolapse problems.

Even a gynecologist that diagnosed my bladder issues said Whole Woman is my best option for treatment.
Debi, Oregon USA