February 1, 2024

Last of the Pumpkins

A few more weeks of winter and dark, cold days and nights are energizing me as I wrap up my book project. Here in the northern hemisphere, February 9th will bring a new moon pulling us toward longer and warmer days of Spring. Today we baked the last of our pumpkins, one of which went into our last healthy and hearty pumpkin pie, and the rest in the freezer for soup.

It has taken most of my adult life to learn how to make a really delicious, irresistible pie crust. I’ve been making wholewheat pie crusts since I was a young mother, and sometimes they were okay, others barely edible. It took decades to learn that if you’re grinding your own flour, you must use soft, white wheat for pie crusts. This is what they use to make pastry flour (duh!) The other keys are really good butter and salt. I use fine Himalayan salt and organic raw butter. 

Honestly, you can hardly go wrong because the dough is super easy to handle and becomes the most divine, flaky crust. I estimate all proportions by sight and feel, but at some point before next Fall I’ll work out the measurements to share.

I love this time of year, when bulbs are just starting to spring through last year’s fall leaves, and newness and hope seem infused into the crisp air.


Unfortunately, the exquisite beauty and fragility of life as we know it is on the chopping block due to a control structure putting our 

health, and the health of our beautiful blue planet, at risk. This is such a crucial subject, but every time I mention it I get a few angry replies (and many positive ones!) Perhaps this documentary  

will help people understand the real and existential threat of geoengineering. Sadly, the film maker, Michael J. Murphy, passed away before a second documentary was to be released. There is no question we need to change industrial civilization, but blocking out the sun so that billions of species, including humans, perish is not the answer.

Geoengineering is not mitigating climate change. Climate change is being created by geoengineering!

Visit Geoengineering Watch for more information.

“30 X 30”

If you haven’t heard, the United Nations is set on preserving between 30% and 50% of the world’s land and oceans by the year 2030. By “preserving” they mean transferring these natural resources from federal protection and private citizens into the hands of a few. In their bombsight is about 700 million acres of the US (twice the size of Texas), much of which they are planning to take from private landowners. A remarkable woman named Margaret Byfield has been leading the fight against the land grab for decades (her story is amazing) and is holding back the globalists while most of us have no clue this crucially important fight is going on. It takes a few minutes for her to join the others for the interview, but it’s worth the wait (or skip ahead).

Check out another perspective from this beautiful Patagonia video. For eons Scotland has been a land of lairds and peasants and today, most of the country is held in the hands of a very few. Still, the people have fought for and won the “right to roam” across private lands. I hope we all live long enough to see how our beautiful younger generations resolve the ancient conflict between the have’s and have not’s.

Bad Hospitals

For our Whole Women in the US, you may not be aware that private equity firms are buying up hospitals across the country, and patients are suffering as a result. In a report published in early January by the financial watchdog Private Equity Stakeholder Project (PESP), two of the nation’s largest hospital systems, Lifepoint and ScionHealth (both owned by the private equity group Apollo Global Management), were found to be grossly negligent. Once the equity firms take over, they cut corners, slash services, and drastically lower the quality of patient care.
The problem is far more systemic, however, as doctors and staff are paid subsidies for prescribing certain drugs and performing specific procedures. One of our local hospitals recently posted billboards boasting “18 new surgical suites!” Instead, they should be asking the question, Why are people so sick? Practice self-care now so a visit to the hospital becomes far less likely.


One last word and update for our cat-lovers. Our new little Sam is the most extraordinary cat we’ve ever known! Not only is he utterly silky and gorgeous, but the cuddliest cat ever. He waits for me to finish my morning chores, then climbs onto my lap where he’ll play gently with his toy frog until he falls asleep for hours while I write. I think he may be one of those ragdoll cats that love more than anything just to be cuddled and pet.

Honestly, this is a true story. I was looking on Craig’s List for a companion for our other little red kitty and was scammed by a woman who was advertising a beautiful, long-haired ginger male for free. She told me he was a ragdoll, which I had never heard of. When I researched “ragdoll cat” I was so excited to have him! I don’t know what her motivation was, but in the final analysis she didn’t actually have the cat. I was so disappointed and gave up looking. Several weeks later I glanced at CL again and an advertisement had just been posted for Sammy, who as a little stray kitten had wandered into a couple’s yard. They were so nice and even delivered him to our doorstep. The way it all happened I feel like the Angel of Cats sent him to us! He and our adorable little Gigi are madly in love.

Let’s make February great, Spring is right around the corner.
My best wishes for a fabulous month,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman