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Happy Fall! I hope everyone is well. Life is up-and-down here as the powers-that-be create more and more havoc for all of Earth’s creatures, including us.

Mosquitos anyone?

We’re more than grateful for cooler weather, and are hoping the bizarre and disturbing influx of mosquitos into the high desert that we’ve experienced most of the summer will soon be a thing of the past.

We’ve lived in Albuquerque for 18 years, and have seen maybe 3 mosquitos during that entire time. Trying not to be dramatic here, but they’ve eaten us alive. We had to buy a couple of big, fluorescent mosquito zappers to hang up in the house, which thankfully have helped.

When we ask our neighbors, everyone is being driven crazy by them, but not a word about it on the local news! The New York Times just ran an article on how mosquitos are expanding their territory due to climate change, which is certainly possible, but it doesn’t remotely explain what we are experiencing.

Sometimes they’re a tiny variety, while other times they’re huge. They’ll die down for a couple of days, and then hordes will be swarming once again. That they are being dropped from helicopters over hot, crowded metropolitan areas seems far more likely, for reasons I don’t even care to speculate about. Here’s a short news piece on what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been up to:

Mosquito News

God save the birds, toads, fish, and frogs who are now eating GMO mosquitos as their primary food source. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Will Viruses Save Us?

My new book,
The Covid 19 Global Disaster - What You Need to Know About Spike Protein, Synthetic Biology, and the End of Scientific Materialism
is progressing nicely.

Something completely astonishing and unexpected has occurred however. I’m being deeply transformed by the process!

The only reason I began the book is that I discovered early on, about a year ago now, what I believe to be the source of the white, fibrous clots that have affected so many of the vaccinated.

I went into the project as somewhat of a “virus denier,” believing as many people do that the practice of virology has used faulty isolation techniques to identify viruses. That certainly was the case for several decades, but technology has caught up with the field and viruses absolutely do exist on the planet - in countless numbers.

Every teaspoon of soil, every dram of ocean water contains trillions of viruses - little bits of RNA (sometimes DNA, but RNA viruses are far more abundant) folded up into geometric shapes. Our own bodies have trillions of viruses at any given time.

I’ve been pondering deeply on what makes us sick, beyond bacterial and fungal infections, and have found myself wondering if we have too few rather than too many viruses. There is some evidence for this, in that soil that has been disturbed by human development has fewer viruses than wild lands.


Anyway, we have a nutty and completely adorable new kitty who loves to give us “kisses” on our mouth and nose with her little wet nose. I’ve been watching my immune system in real time. Sometimes I’ll sneeze like mad and my nose will run, but then I just observe as it clears up within an hour or so.

Viruses Feed our Immune Systems!

When this thought occurred to me, I immediately had to look into it. The field of biology has known this forever. All cells need nourishment from the outside, but certain types of cells, called phagocytes, need a constant and rich diet of microbes to stay robust and healthy. Viruses are the major source of that richness, they're made of sugars and nitrogen!

All viruses make small RNAs - millions and millions of short sequences of RNA all the time in every cell, some of which have important physiological functions for the host. These get packaged into tiny sacs that are exported to the outside environment to feed…our white blood cells!

Doesn’t this perspective change everything? The scientific industries that control us have a largely anti-nature, anti-health, anti-wholeness world view. And the collective scientific psyche is deeply distorted because of it. Why should we be afraid of anything in our natural world, with the exception of the obvious creepy-crawlies that we’ve always known can poison us.

Anyway, I’ve lost all fear of viruses and am searching intently for the actual mechanism that makes a cold sore, a pox, or a herpes lesion. It appears that the scientific community has no idea! Maybe it’s not the virus’s fault at all.

Keep smiling and stay free.

With love,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman