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Why Knee Surgery is Dangerous & Rarely Necessary

First Aid for Knees

"Bone on bone."

"The cartilage is just gone."

These are the common rationales given to patients with chronic knee pain.

And, the vast majority of these patients are post-menopausal women.

What the surgeons fail to mention is the life-altering problems that are common after knee replacement or "repair" surgery.  

Typically, a woman's natural gait is destroyed, which is likely to lead to hip and foot problems.  Bone shrinkage can make one leg longer than the other.  And a lifetime of chronic, surgically induced pain is a common outcome.

When chronic knee pain happened to me, I applied my talent for ferreting out critical information from the scientific research literature, and my commitment to self-care for chronic ailments to understand and heal my injury.

The result, the pain completely resolved and I am back to walking and running with no problem.

The latest research studies are clear.

Chronic knee pain is not a problem which surgery can solve.  The problem is almost certainly microbiological and/or structural.  Both are very correctable with self-care and without dangerous drugs or surgery.

In this course you will find five modules -

Module 1 - A New Paradigm of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Module 2 - Restoring the Knee Microbiome

Module 3 - The Vagina-Knee Connection

Module 4 - Floor Sitting is Primary Weight-Bearing Exercise

Module 5 - The Whole Woman Knee Workout

In short, you will have the information you need to successfully stabilize and reverse most chronic knee problems.

"For any skeptics the research is all there. The emphasis on what we eat is right on mark and above all the exercises are excellent. For anyone who is serious about healing knees without surgery it is all there"
Ruth Charlesworth CFLE, D.Min

Of course, it is possible in the case of specific injury or long term inattention to the problem, you may not be able to fully reverse your condition.  However, in most cases the pain can be eliminated. 

Of course, it is possible in the case of specific injury or long term inattention to the problem, you may not be able to fully reverse your condition.  But in most cases, the pain can be eliminated. 

Support When You Need It

Additionally, you have access to the Whole Woman Community Message Board for help and support when you need it. 

Of course I do personal consultations, classes, and intensives for women, and also have personally trained and certified Whole Woman Practitioners in the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, the UK, Germany, Belgium, and Ghana. 

So you are not alone and have many support options available to you.

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What to do Next

One thing is clear about knee pain, it is unlikely to get better when ignored, it gets worse.  The sooner you start your healing journey, the sooner you will feel the exhilaration of knowing that you are in control of your knee health.

Start your journey to knee health today.  Your knees can and should serve you well for a lifetime!

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

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