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Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent

Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent - My Story

I was in nursing school in 1993 when I was diagnosed with a large uterine fibroid. more...

The Whole Woman Work

About the Whole Woman Work

Research has shown that more than 50% of all women will suffer pelvic organ prolapse at some time in their lives. In the US, by age 65, more than half of women will have no uterus. more...

Whole Woman Conference

The Whole Woman Conference

Every year in August we hold our Whole Woman Conference. As we did last year, this year will be virtual and with many amazing guest speakers. 

For More Information & to Register

A Special Offer for Conference Registrants!

On June 1st, the Conference price of US$ 147.00 goes up to US$ 197.00. If you register now, you will not only save US$ 50.00, you'll receive an additional half-day Post-Conference Workshop, Whole Woman Living™ with Christine on Monday, August 16. The Workshop is a US$ 97.00 value by itself and it will be yours free

The Workshop will be recorded as will the rest of the Conference, and available to you if joining the Workshop in real time is not an option for you. Remember, you must purchase your Conference registration before June 1st.

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