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Whole Woman Clinics with Christine Kent

When you have questions about your pelvic health and you're not getting the answers you need from the medical system, the Whole Woman Clinic with Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent may be the solution.

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Consultations - Phone, Video, & In-Person 

Whether you are just starting out with the Whole Woman work or have been working on it for months or even years, questions may come up, issues you don’t understand, or concerns may have arisen. 

You don’t need to live with struggle, questions, or uncertainty.  A one-hour consultation with Whole Woman founder Christine Kent will get you on track and give you the confidence you need to regain control of your body and your life.

Phone Consultation

The process is simple.  Purchase the consultation.  We will be notified of your purchase and will reach out to schedule a mutually convenient time and provide you with the phone number for the call .  While Christine has a lot on her plate, her schedule is relatively flexible so an appointment can normally be made in a few days time. 

Phone or Video Consultation

For those who need to be able to have visual contact, or for whom a consultation would require and expensive international call, a video call is your medium of choice.  Need to be able to demonstrate your posture to Christine, she’ll be able to see you and provide corrections and feedback.  After your purchase and we have scheduled your appointment, we will email you a link to our online video platform for your call.  There is no additional cost for the use of the platform.

Video consultation - duration 1 hour - US$ 247.00

In-Person Consultation

Note - With the pandemic winding down, Christine is now available for in-person consultations.

If you are passing through or live near Albuquerque, New Mexico, why not take advantage of an in-person consultation? Phones and videos are great, but there really is no substitute for meeting in person.  But only by appointment, please. 

The Whole Woman Center is conveniently located near the intersection of two major highways, Interstate 40 (east-west) and Interstate 25 (north south) and about a five minute drive from Albuquerque’s airport. 

If you are just in town visiting friends or New Mexico’s famous tourist attractions, be sure to set aside some time for working with Christine.

In-person consultation - duration 1 hour - US$ 297.00

Classes and Intensives

Note - With the pandemic winding down, Christine will be available for classes starting in September, 2021. Please call if you have any questions.

There may be times when you need to connect in person with your teacher and the importance of that connection in your life overshadows the time and cost of travel.

To meet that need, Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent offers one-on-one classes.

Half-Day Class

A Half-Day Class gives Christine the time to understand your history and experience with your condition.  She can then make sure you understand fully the root causes of your condition and demonstrated your mastery of the Whole Woman posture and review basic exercises that are appropriate for your specific condition.

Full-Day Class

In a Full-Day Class, Christine can go more in-depth, both in terms of your condition and the anatomic foundations of the Whole Woman work.  Additionally, she will be able to develop a customized exercise program for you to practice when you return home.  Includes lunch.

The Whole Woman Works! Intensive

When you are ready for a deep dive into the Whole Woman methods, The Whole Woman Works! Intensive will take you there.  In two and a half days. Christine will expose you to the full extent of the Whole Woman work, including dietary and other issues not always addressed in the videos.  Focused not only on your specific condition, but also preventative measure to take for your hips, knees, urinary continence, and pelvic organ support systems.  Lunch served the first two days.  The third day is a morning session.

Included is a video of your gait with a written analysis as well as a posture assessment on video.  A personalized exercise program will give you lots to work on when you get home.

When you want to jumpstart your healing, whether new to Whole Woman or you have been struggling with the work for some time, the Whole Woman Works! Intensive will be a game changer for you. 

Bring a Friend

Classes and the Intensive can be enriched by sharing the experience with a friend or two.  Additional participants may join for half price.  Please limit total attendees to three to be sure that everyone has adequate individualized attention. 

Whole Woman Practitioner Training

Whether you are just interested in the deepest dive into the Whole Woman work or have an existing health-related practice into which you want to integrate the Whole Woman work, Whole Woman Practitioner Training will be a game changer for you.

Running from early January until August of each year, the training consists of -

  • Weekly video lectures
  • Weekly video classes with Christine Kent
  • Block reports
  • Independent reading and research
  • One week practicum, final assessment, and participating in the annual Whole Woman Conference in August.

Past graduates with existing practices have come from midwifery, massage therapy, yoga teaching, fitness training, osteopathy, nursing, chiropractic, dance, physical therapy, public health, teaching.

Adding Whole Woman services to an existing practice is as simple as asking women clients the question, “Do you, a family member, or friend struggle with pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, or chronic hip or knee pain?”  Given how common these conditions are, the odds are excellent that 30-40% of the women will say “Yes!”, and so the conversation on how you can help begins. 

Whether you are just a serious student of life or a practitioner committed to serving the families in your community, you will gain insights into female anatomy you will not have been exposed to anywhere else. 

Backed with decades of solid science and research, Christine’s effective and revolutionary methods fly in the face of traditional medical treatments which cause appalling suffering and permanent damage to over a million women each year in the US alone.

Whether just for your personal edification or to enrich an existing practice, Whole Woman Practitioner Training will be a life changing event.  Come join the women committed to making a difference.

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The Whole Woman Center

The Center is centrally located east of downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Four blocks west of Interstate 25 and a five minute drive from the airport, very comfortable lodging and some of Albuquerque’s best restaurants are within a few short blocks walking distance.  The train station for the inexpensive and scenic train to Santa Fe is a ten minute walk away.  If you are flying in, renting a car isn’t really necessary.

Purchase the session you are interested in, and we’ll reach out to schedule a mutually convenient time for your program.  

For questions or more information, please write [email protected] or call +1 505-243-4010.