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About Whole Woman Founder Christine Kent, RN

Christine Kent was 41 years old when she was talked into an unnecessary and destructive bladder suspension surgery, resulting in immediate and profound uterine prolapse. Refusing the hysterectomy she was now told was essential, she spent the next decade trying to understand what had been done to her body, and how she could bring her pelvic organs back into proper alignment.

With degrees in both nursing and anthropology, and realizing her gift for synthesizing medical and scientific information, Christine uncovered much more about gynecology than she had intended. She learned that gynecology and urology have an incorrect understanding of the anatomy of the human pelvis. Eventually she would learn that most gynecologic and urologic treatments for common female pelvic disorders are fraught with risk and failure. Ultimately, she would stabilize and reverse her own surgically-induced uterine prolapse.

In 2003 Christine published her book Saving the Whole Woman - Natural Alternatives to Surgery for Uterine Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence, which was highly endorsed by Christiane Northrup MD, Michel Odent MD, and many other doctors, midwives, and physical therapists. Her website wholewoman.com went live in July of that same year, and Christine began teaching her methods to women of all ages on her online forum. 

In a matter of weeks women began writing in, “My symptoms are improving!”

Not only were their prolapse and incontinence symptoms improving, but their hip pain was improving as well. Applying her same research methods to the practice of orthopedics, Christine soon realized that orthopedics is at least as dysfunctional as gynecology, and that hundreds of thousands of needless surgeries are being performed every year in the United States for chronic hip pain. Christine now offers comprehensive programs on hip and knee health.

Since that time, Christine has turned her attention toward many additional women’s health disorders, and is currently writing the third edition of Saving the Whole Woman. This new edition will demonstrate that our bodies do not end at the surface of our skin. We are creatures of nature and will only fulfill our potential as human beings on a healthy Earth.

The concept of First Aid for Women’s Health is meant to encourage women to learn about the anatomy and physiology of their body first, before handing their health over to a deficient and often harmful medical system.

The Whole Woman Manifesto

What is a Whole Woman?

  • A Whole Woman knows she is more than her body, she is a being of spirit and energy.
  • She is committed to taking responsibility for her life.
  • She is committed to taking responsibility for her own health.
  • She does not passively take what she is told by doctors at face value because she understands the medical system is in pursuit of its own interests of money and power, not her interests. She does her own research.
  • Even when she has been damaged by the medical system, she can still be a Whole Woman because she has learned and grown from the experience.
  • A Whole Woman understands that of all the demands placed upon her from her partner, family, and work, her first responsibility is self-care, without which she cannot give to others.

  • A Whole Woman supports the growth and development of other women because she understands that restoring the balance between men and women is essential to stop the devastation of the earth and for human survival.

Welcome to the Whole Woman family!

When You Need a Dynamic, Expert, & Provocative Speaker for Your Conference or Podcast...

Christine Kent, RN, Founder of Whole Woman

In addition to prolapse, over the years, my work has evolved to help women resolve chronic hip and knee pain, post-hysterectomy, and menopausal challenges as well.

I will provide the women in your organization or listeners with life-changing information based on scientific research they will never hear from a  doctor.

Below is a sampling of my presentations and of course, I'm happy to work with you to address the needs of your organization or listeners.

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The Myth of the Pelvic Floor

The 500 year old mistake that gynecology refuses to correct. Once accurate female pelvic anatomy is understood, the paths to self-healing and self-care are clear.

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Why Kegels Don’t Work
- and What Does Work

Doctors know kegel exercises are ineffective. Why they continue to recommend them shows what doctors don’t want you to know.

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Virtually Everything You Have Been Told About Women’s Health is Wrong

Very little of what is discovered in scientific research will ever make it to your doctor’s office.