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We are all busier than ever despite the pandemic. All the more reason to block the Conference off on your schedule so that you can plan around it for any travel or projects that might otherwise interfere.

Also, we always schedule our Conferences on the weekend to minimize conflicts with work responsibilities. And even if unexpected events prevent real-time participation, the recordings will deliver the value after the fact.

Life is for learning and growing. We usually learn more from our struggles than our successes. All wounds can be healed and leveraged into insights, gifts, and wisdom to enrich our lives and those we love.

Come engage, learn and refine your Alignment with Nature at the 2021 Whole Woman® Conference.

See you there!

Best wishes,

Whole Woman

PS. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Lanny in my office. You can reach him at +1 505-243-4010 or at [email protected].


Purchase Recordings