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The Tenth Annual

Whole Woman® Online Conference
August 13-15, 2021

Health is Alignment With Nature

When you need practical help freeing yourself from the tyranny of the medical system for...

  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Chronic hip or knee pain
  • Post-hysterectomy or menopause challenges

If you are ready to expand your awareness of the world we inhabit and the astonishing riches Nature provides, you need to attend the Tenth Annual Whole Woman® Online Conference August 13-15, 2021 - 

Health is Alignment With Nature

Indigenous people have always understood that their health and survival are dependent on their alignment with Nature.

However, with the evolution of male dominance, rationality, science, and intellect, humanity has largely lost touch with Nature. How ironic is it then, that we are products of Nature, live in Nature, and are dependent on Nature for everything we need to survive, facts we deny and ignore?

The Destruction of Nature

Yet humanity has tried to systematically destroy practically every aspect of Nature through industrial activities, fossil fuels, horribly wasteful consumer and industrial processes, and industrial scale agriculture, dependent on pesticides, herbicides, and many other unnatural chemicals.

What is Health?

Health is difficult to define beyond the fact that we all know when we have it and when we don’t.

Modern medicine, as good as it is at treating trauma, has no established definition for health. There are several reasons for this.

First, medicine claims to be all about science. While it is certainly informed by science, it is first, last, and always a business.

The business of medicine skews the lofty ideals it claims for itself towards production, throughput, and profitability, like all other businesses.

As we have learned at Whole Woman, the inexpensive, non-invasive methods for achieving pelvic health we have discovered are intentionally ignored by the medical system for the simple reason that there is no money in it for them. The suffering their flawed approaches create for millions of women each year is to them just unfortunate collateral damage.

Second, the medical system does not effectively deal with the reality of death.

Their operating principle is that existence, the presence of life, no matter any amount of patient suffering at the hands of doctors, is preferable to non-existence or death. This black and white definition of the function of medicine relegates health to a much lower priority than existence. Yet, increasingly, the evidence is mounting that death is an illusion. Life is all there is.

The unthinkable complexity of the interactions of the trillions of cells in the human body, along with the microbial realm means that the reductionism of science has only a modest capacity to understand or measure health.

At Whole Woman, our contention is that health can only be defined in terms of Nature. Health is a by-product of the extent to which we align ourselves with Nature, minimize our human “footprint”, and acknowledge and appreciate the inherent intelligence and wisdom of Nature.

Nature as the Enemy

It is tragic that we humans tend to treat Nature as the enemy. Germs and viruses are out to get us. We fear natural disasters that may wipe out our homes and livelihoods. “Natural selection” means survival of the fittest, which drives us to brutalize each other. Again, fear of death is what drives much of human behavior.

This misconception of how Nature works underlies our destruction of Nature and the resulting collective loss of human health, the explosion of autism, dementia, cancers and other chronic disease, and the physical disasters associated with climate change.

Nature actually works collaboratively. For example, we could not digest our food were it not for the bacteria in our gut, which was a gift from our mother’s vaginal microbiology and milk. The examples are endless.

Viruses actually function to update the global genomes in response to changes in the environment.

For us to heal, to live fully in health, how can we do so when Nature has been and continues to be so badly damaged? As best we can, we align ourselves with Nature, care for her as we care for ourselves since we are completely dependent on her.

The 2021 Whole Woman® Conference

We humans live in the delusion that our skin is the boundary of our body. There is no real “inside vs. outside” boundary. We live and move in a sea of microbiology that we can’t see, hear, taste, or touch, but with which nevertheless we are in constant interaction.

We operate on the presumption that symptoms are “bad” when symptoms are merely our body's way of trying to draw our attention to an underlying problem we need to address.

We presume pain is “bad” and have developed an entire industry focused on alleviating pain. While there are times when anesthesia is necessary, pain’s primary function is to serve as a pointer, again, to draw our attention to something in the body, which is important for us to be aware of and working on, not just covered over with chemical comfort.

At the Conference, we are drawing on women with a wide range of expertise and deep experience in their disciplines.

Our purpose for the Conference is simple.

When we learn and grow, we become more confident in our natural self-sufficiency, less dependent on the medical system, and more in alignment with the intelligence and wisdom of Nature.

Science and Nature

Our intent is not to ignore science. Quite the contrary. Science is providing us with an avalanche of insight critical to our ability to understand and work with Nature. 

Unfortunately, very little science will ever show up in a doctor’s office. From medical school on, doctors are only fed what the major pharmaceutical and surgical supply companies want them to know. And in the insurance-driven minutes-per-patient doctors are allowed, they have no time to educate themselves beyond what they continue to be fed by drug reps and industry sponsored conferences.

Yet, the scientific and medical research literature offers an astonishing breadth and depth of insight, essential for humanity to reverse its destruction of Nature and of ourselves.

At Whole Woman we are committed to mining and finding essential connections in this literature that are too often lost in the reductionism endemic to the scientific research process. Our goal is to discover and reveal those insights that support our true health, physical, mental, emotional, relational, and social.

We believe that women must play a critical role in this process because our role in reproduction brings us closer to Nature and we are intrinsically more sensitive to her health and therefore our own health.

At the Conference, we will provide you with life altering paradigms, perspectives, methods, and skills that can provide real healing for ourselves and this miraculous world we call Home.

As we did in 2020, the 2021 Whole Woman Conference will be virtual. And all participants will have access to the recordings for a full year after the close of the event.

The recordings also mean that one does not have to be present in real time to get the value out of the Conference.

We understand that for many, the time zone in which they live may make real-time participation impractical. The recordings make participation possible.

For this Conference, we will have concurrent breakout sessions. All participants will have access to all breakout session recordings regardless if they attended them or not.

Why Attend the Conference?

At Whole Woman, we believe many of our social, political, religious, and organizational systems are designed to inhibit our evolution, to stifle our natural urge to learn, grow, and expand our awareness through the social pressure to conform and not “rock the boat.”

We believe that Nature is fueled by what novelist Kurt Vonnegut called “the universal will to become.”

The Tenth Annual Whole Woman Conference will be an important opportunity for women with the courage to learn, stretch, and expand their boundaries.

Our intent is not to sell you some pre-packaged reality construct to believe in. What we will do is expose you to new ways of thinking and seeing, help you hone your critical thinking skills, and apply them to everything you have been taught in your life. In short, to help you expand your awareness and find the freedom that is your birthright. Come join us in our collective becoming!

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See you there!

Christine Kent

Whole Woman

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