Whole woman posture


From the wholewoman newsletter, for those who don't receive it. Such an important reminder. Thank you Christine.

"Whole Woman Posture

Perhaps it is just following the line of least resistance, but I find consistently that women tend to focus on the exercises I teach in the various Whole Woman products. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing, because we tend to be so exercise obsessed in the west.

But the real work of prolapse, incontinence, and chronic hip pain management comes from mastering and living in the Whole Woman Posture.

account access

how can I access my Destination Prolapse Free account
I purchased this a while ago
I have tried sending emails but the keep being returned

Feeling alone and anxious

Really I need to know I'm not alone, and that I'm not going to literally fall apart!

Great pix on the FB page!

Hey all - some cool photos on the WW Facebook page if you have not checked it out lately:


Lanny! When are we going to have links to Facebook and YouTube here on the WW site? Just wondering. - Surviving

Anal Sphincter

I am concerned and would appreciate advice... I have days where I need to wipe my bottom a lot. I've been attempting to isolate the anal sphincter (not that easy) and squeeze and tighten while being aware of prolapse bladder. At one point I felt there was partial collapse of the lower bowel which was possibly due to being under weight and loss of supporting fat. I've since gained weight and and feel that has changed. Your input would be appreciated..Thank you:)

Jiggling Encouragment


On her fifth anniversary, earlier this month, Surviving 60 posted how she jiggles and it helped me come up with my own version that has been working great for me. Thank you S60! The leg part was key for me and I just wasn't getting it until I read your post.

First pp period with prolapse

So I'm finding this period has hit me like a freight train... I had expected discomfort but not to be unable to stand for more than a minute or two without feeling like I've been whacked with a mallet in my nether regions.
Can I do elbows and knees at this time or is that bad for the flow? Really feeling rotten today all in all and hoping that this doesn't drag on for another six days. (I suspect it will).

Does this sound like a prolapse??

I'm going to try to keep this a short as possible. I'm new here, and would really appreciate some feedback :)! I hope I posted to the most appropriate forum...

Toilet sitting - noticed something in the book?


I know we talk about LoPo here a lot, but in reading through the book, Christine only mentions this type of position for a cystocele. Then it says this: "If I were healing a rectocele, in addition to a highly energetic diet and quality movement, I would avoid all straining against the toilet seat as in Figure 13-1 (lifting off the toilet seat into a half squat) and try to sit as much as possible using the strength of my own spine."

So does that mean LoPo is NOT recommended for rectocele? That I should be sitting basically in WW posture on the toilet instead?


hello all, has anyone treated dx uterine polyps with the chaparral and pennyroyal mentioned in the dvd vaginal health, thank you,


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