Information on posture

I can't seem to find the part in the FAQ's where it describes the posture in great detail....can someone help me find it?

Help needed

Hey, I'm 20..recently while cleaning up I noticed something peeping from my is covered with the labia but when they're pull apart I see something like flesh over finger still goes inside it but it hurts a little..i don't know since when I'm having it as I've never had sex, I don't even masturbate...
I would upload the picture so that I can get better suggestions only if I knew how to... :/
I'm trying to explain it as better as I can...

Leg Master

Is anyone familiar with a device called Leg Master and if so what is your opinion of it as an aid to help with prolapses?

chemical burn

Last August I was diagnosed with uterine prolapse. That day a pessary was placed which has helped ~ BUT ~ the cream that was used to place the pessary, had sulfa in it, which I am highly allergic to. Several days later after numerous phone calls, my OBGYN saw me again. Within seconds of starting the exam I was informed I had CHEMICAL BURN inside and all between my legs. Was given meds and started taking probiotics. 2 1/2 months later, was told all of inside was clear and only small area at base of vagina still raw. NOW THE PROBLEM THAT STILL REMAINS IS ...

frequent urination

I was wondering why I am so weak and tired most of the time and now I think it is because I do not get quality sleep. I have to urinate every hour and half, both in the day and at night. I drink water or tart cherry juice and sometimes brewed, sugar free, caffeine free, iced tea. my uterus is right near or almost out of my vagina most times and I am wondering if my bladder might be right behind it causing my frequency? Thank you for all your help

Returning after a few years

Hello Ladies,

I hope I am posting this in the right place. I'll try to keep it brief. I purchased Christine's book and DVD around 2011 or 12 ? I started doing the exercises but my knees were deteriorating from arthritis, and since I can't kneel or sit crosslegged I stopped trying after a while. Fast forward. Just got my knees replaced in March and May, and am interested in returning once I'm healed. I have been experiencing a lot of pelvic aching over the past week. Feels like period cramps, but no blood. I am way past menopause (age 62) but that's what it feels like.

Yoni egg or jade egg

Has anyone ever used one of these to improve cervical prolapse or to use as a kind of pessary to hold everything up? I have a grade 1/2 uterine prolapse at 4 weeks postpartum and it is ruining my time with my newborn. Every time I stand up or walk across the house (i haven't left the house) i am stricken with anxiety that my prolapse will get worse. I'm so preoccupied with it be it is causing me a great deal of stress. I am finding the posture really hard to master and I end up with great abdominal muscle pain because I'm so rigid every time I am up right. Please help.

Dutch Mothers?

Hello there,
I became mother 8 januar a week later i get a prolaps. I've therapy that helped a bit. Then my work wanted me back at work (I'm nurse) so that was a hard part, the prolaps was back as big as the first week. Now I've holiday and start a new job 1 july.

Now I found the whole woman and the idea of the woman body position. That helps a bit. I wanted to order the book and dvd first aid by prolaps, but i don't have a creditcard. I'm wondering if there are some dutch mothers here. What did you do, what helps you can you get me some advise?


Good days and bad days

My first posting, although I've been lurking for sometime, fascinated by the many stories and honesty. I've been reading about posture, which I'd always thought played a major part in the health of my body. I didn't realize just how important until I was diagnosed with a cystocele. The attention to posture, along with the exercises have been most helpful, to the point that I began to feel totally different - that this was not something that would cause me to give up the activities that I loved. I'm a newbie. And today was a setback day. Feeling a little defeated and out of control.

Posture question

In the video, Christine says that the pelvic organs sit on top of the pubic bone, and not in a bowl/basket. When I bend over, I can see that my rectocele disappears. It becomes a closed area, as she says in the video it should. I really have to bend at a 90 degree angle to get this area to "close". Is that the angle I am hoping to achieve with the lumbar curve? I have almost zero lumbar curve. I've had bad posture my whole life, and was super sore a few weeks into practicing good posture.


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