Urethral Diverticulum - anyone else?


I am new to the WW forums and have been so inspired by the amazing women here taking their health into their hands and triumphing over these crazy changes that can happen with our bodies.

My first POP poop (a.k.a. Small Victories)


Just wanted to share a small celebration with you all - tonight I had the FIRST NORMAL SOLID bowel movement in over 1 MONTH since all my POP symptoms started happening!! *happy dance*

Week over agonizing week, I could just. not. get. anything. through (besides liquid mucous), to the point where I was in the ER thinking I had life-threatening fecal impaction.

Congratulations to new forum member kittyhi!

hi all,

i hope you will join christine and me in welcoming our 10,000th member to the whole woman forum, kittyhi!

this is a huge milestone for whole woman and kittyhi, we want to celebrate by gifting you with free access to our destination: prolapse-free online video program. congratulations!

please welcome kittyhi everyone...

all the best,

lanny (christine's DH)

New Here...

I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I hope so because I'm looking for help! I'm thinking I have a prolapse but my doctor's appointment isn't until Wednesday and I'm looking for advice on questions for the doctor.

About me: I'm 37 years old, never had children, always had a moderate flow period that was extremely regular (every 26 days, lasts for 4 days) and have pretty bad, but manageable cramps the first two days. Because of personal issues, I don't visit the gyno as much as I should (have only 3 times in fact) but had an event that caused me to go recently.

Goddess Belly DVD


I've watched this once and done it once. I must say that keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth and eyebrows up at the ends was tricky for me to do and remember and to do. Could any of your share your experiences with those techniques, and with the DVD in general.....the practice, and any results you've noticed.


For years I've worn the same "uniform", and I've loved it. Levi jeans, belted, with tuck in button-up shirts (Aloha shirts in the summer, long sleeves in the winter).

Devastated - fistula/fecal material in vagina

Ladies of WW, I had been so hopeful in my last week of discovering POP symptoms and finding this supportive community.

Today after a bowel movement (all liquid diarrhea - it's like I'm peeing out of my butt - pardon the graphic image - but that's all I've managed to do for the past 3 weeks due to a rectal prolapse or intuss, haven't figured out which yet) -

but after the BM I had a bright red blood clot with white mucous come from my vagina.

Seats and Chairs

I’m new to this work and trying to learn as much as I can. I’m so encouraged. So grateful.

I’m trying to adjust my posture both sitting and standing and hoping I’m doing it in a way that’s helpful. I’m looking forward to a live session where I can receive coaching at the end of April. In the meantime, I’m reading here and trying to emulate the videos and pictures I’ve found.

rectocele and bowel movements


I have a small rectocele and fairly severe internal rectal prolapse which causes immense heaviness 24/7. I also have many mornings where I go to the toilet 3-4 times. My consultant has told me that he thinks it's where I am not emptying properly the first time round but I'm not so sure. I feel I pass too much stool over the 3-4 bowel movements and would have expected that if it was how he suggests, I'd pass a small bit here and there. I keep my stool soft so the majority of times, it comes out with ease.

Kegels for urinary urgency?

I had my first real pelvic floor physical therapy session today. The first was really just an evaluation. And it was all kegel based as everyone told me to expect. Apparently, I cannot hold a kegel. Is there a benefit to me improving this? I know this may help with incontinence but my issue is urgency. She also suggested e stim and after reading one of Sierra's posts, this is something I may not be willing to try.


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