interstitial Cystitis with prolapse

Am not sure yet if this is what I got but do have cystocele,rectocele and uterus prolapse. At times the bladder is very touchy with more frequency and some pain. Have had urine tests for infection but does not show that is occurring. On my own search I did find this IC (interstitial cystits) condition that does sound likely. Am working on food sensitivities, taking cranberry juice and keeping records of observations.

New to the world of prolapse

Hello wonderful ladies. I am 10 weeks postpartum and dealing with a 3rd degree cystocele as well as a rectocele. My midwife diagnosed these two but I am waiting to see an OBGYN who specializes in prolapse to get the full scoop next week. I feel that there could be additional prolapse issues and am finding myself thrown into a world of frustration and uncertainty. I lay awake at night breast feeding and reading a million things about prolapse. I cannot turn the good old brain off at this point when it comes to thinking about all of this.

Core exercises for 6-year-old boy

I am new to these forums, but I have been on Christine's email list for a few years. I love the new Goddess Belly DVD exercises as they are the first that I can do all the way through without modification. (My joints are overly flexible and my back and knees get thrown off easily by exercises.) I finally embraced Whole Woman posture fully a few months ago and gave up Kegels that I needed to keep things stable yet made me sore even in small numbers.

Reinjury- where to go from here?

Ladies, in short, I know clearly now that I did have a setback with my recent constipation and hard time toileting. Do I just assume it's 2 steps forward, 3 back sometime and get on with Whole Woman Work? I'm still continuing with whole woman, but I'm feeling very fearful that I've "done it now" and that I've really messed up. I mentioned this to my husband and he said "you'll regain that ground again" and I'm trying to adopt his positive go-get-em attitude. I searched and couldn't find anything on reinjury that spoke to what I'm asking.

Upcoming Conference


Hello ladies:

what to expect - very stressed about returning to work

I have been reading success stories on this sight while I wait for my package to arrive. It was supposed to arrive today. I paid the $199 PLUS an additional $40 for priority shipping last Friday, but now it will not be here until Thursday, so the USPS site says - yesterday it said it would arrive today:-(. Can someone please tell me what to expect? I have been out of work for 2 weeks now, putting my clients off, not sure if I will be back as a personal trainer. I really don't know what to expect. I see the success stories talking about months and years down the road.

Bladder / pelvic pain

HI all,
I'm a slightly disappeared WWer who found Christine's work 8 years ago. i haven't been around on here, but WW is always in my heart and most of the time in my posture as are the great women here!


Has anyone had any experience with osteopathy for hip arthritis? or posture alignment?

Estrace Cream

I am 58 years old and was diagnosed with a prolapsed uterus many years ago but have not had any symptoms. Several months ago I was diagnosed with cystocele. My doctor recommended applying 1 gram of estrace cream 2x a week vaginally. She said if this did not work then we would need to talk about surgery which would include a hysterectomy. i do not want to have surgery. I have asked my accupunturist to help. She has given me some Chinese herbs and I receive a treatment once every 2 weeks. I am also going to see a therapeutic yoga instructor for some poses that would help.

DHEA vaginal Cream?

I completely understand that posture is everything with my prolapse. That being said, while I am "learning" to move differently, is there any logic in a vaginal cream helping? I understand that posture is the cause my case , for sure, but I am not so sure that hormonal changes didn't contribute to making me more susceptible. If that is the case, then could the vaginal cream help in some way? Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with this? I was diagnosed with Hahsimotos (thyroid condition) and estrogen dominance about a year age which put me into hypothyroidism.


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