Please Help! My problem gets worse daily

For some reason lately my rectal muscles are really tight and this causes poo to pool into my rectocele. Recently tried saline enema and splinted, my concerns are

1. Can you push back too much when splinting? I put my finger in there pretty far to make sure everything was out.

2. What do you do about tight rectal muscles? I already used a wand inside to try to get them to relax but it’s not helping.

Sex, vaginal tightness, birth scars

I am currently seeing a PT, besides prolapse my biggest concern is being able to have sex with my partner. I had 2nd degree tearing and of course stiches. So my vaginal muscles are so tight my partner first almost cant get in and if he does he cant move. Besides the muscle tightess i have a scar from stiches in the muscle on one side that is really the part that keeps us from doing anything, I can feel it and it feels likes its stretching uncomfortably and is tight enough to retare.

Rectocele woes, impressa, stuck stool, mg

This is my first time posting and I have read a lot of the other posts but I would like to explain my personal battle and see if anyone has had a similar experience or advice.

Rectocele relief

Hi all,

1983 Surgery Disaster

My friend pointed me to the Whole Woman website, and I cancelled my appointment with a urologist to see about my cystocele because of what information I have found here.

In 1983, I went in for a routine PAP smear to my gynecologist. I was 33, had 4 children and was not going to have any more. He suggested that I have a bladder repair, a cystocele and a rectocele repair. He also offered to do thigh tucks while I was under anesthesia ( Grrrr)! I stupidly agreed to the pelvic repairs.

UTI symptoms with negative test

I've been fussing with UTI symptoms for about 3 weeks - burning, urgency to go. So, I pushed the water, cranberry extract pills, and lemon water. It would clear up and I would have no symptoms for about 48 hours. Then, it returns again with a vengence. I went to the doctor yesterday. I had puss in my urine, but when the cultured it, no sign of a UTI. Hmmm.... they put me on an antibiotic, which the doctor now says is doing me no good. Although the burning is nearly gone today. Just the urgency is still present.



So I have been going to a PT just to try - and she hasn’t pushed kegels surprisingly and also talked about lifting the tailbone even. She is recommending biofeedback now though, as she thinks my “muscles are in shock from delivery and can’t relax” she is talking about the puborectalis muscle and believes the sling is not relaxing. What is the whole woman view on biofeedback? It’s going to be expensive as my insurance isn’t covering it and part of me is sure it won’t help, but another part of me is saying I should at least try...

Update and question

Hello ladies. I am plugging away working on my posture daily during my work as a housekeeper and my daily hikes and walks. It has turned cold and snowy here already and so it's been hard somedays to get out there but I do it anyway because it helps my POP so much!


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