WW Customer Service Issues...

Hi all,

Just a quick note of apology.

I've been in the hospital for most of the past two weeks and have just come home today.

I fell Saturday night the 9th and received a compression fracture on my L2 vertebra and a lot of nerve trauma below the L2. I spent 3 days in the emergency room and the balance of the time in a rehabilitation hospital.

Christine has been bringing me food when she wasn't working like mad getting ready for the conference.

Finally, I'm home!

I am shaking...

hi all, I havent been here in a long while but needed to share a very unhappy story...

Is a pessary worth trying?


I'll start by sharing my age and a little about myself. I'm 45 years old but prefer to think of myself as 45 years young. I've got 5 wonderful kids aged 2-20 and a wonderful husband. We live a sort of old fashioned lifestyle. We have a 2 acre garden and we raise animals and hunt for our meat. We also process all of these things ourselves. So needless to say I do lots of heavy lifting during processing times and we also heat with wood so there is also that heavy lifting involved.

Honey and condoms

Let me introduce my self! I am 8 wks pp and have been sort of diagnosed at 4wks pp by my Obgyn with cystocele, when I asked about my uterus he said well yeah it's low, but...he believes because I am young and this has most likely happened from childbirth that I will heal and I should just give it time. I must add I don't have any incontinence which is a great thing.

2016 Whole Woman Conference

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all well! It is almost time for this year's Whole Woman Conference. Christine and I are excited and anxiously awaiting for August 12 to arrive.
This year we have encouraged women to share the Whole Woman work. We have encouraged them to bring friends and relatives. One woman is bringing her 3 daughters.
In order to encourage more of you to attend, conference prices are lower and there are discounts for bringing other women along.
It should be a great Conference and Albuquerque is a lovely city to visit.


Hello WW,

Lanny took a bad fall over the weekend and broke his 2nd lumbar vertebra. He's in the hospital still and dealing with a lot of pain. Please send him your prayers! The good news is that it's a compression fracture, so they did not recommend surgery. I'm not sure how long the recovery process will be, but they are sending him to rehab today.

Pregnancy termination/abortion

I have a question that is playing on my mind and heart. Id very much appreciate knowing the truth about pregnancy termination operations. Could these operations cause prolapse?

Can having another baby make prolapse worse?

Can having another baby make prolapse worse?

New Bulge


I didn't quite know where to post so feel free to move my post if it's wrong.

I've been googling, I know its wrong but ten days ago while washing I had been constipated and indeed have suffered with constipation since February this year on and off a lot related to emotional problems due to my daughter going to live three hours away with her work and my Mam dying so I've been struggling. Anyway it is a bulge I think that's the only way to describe it from my back passage to vagina opening. It goes when I lay down but is there when I stand to am on the loo.

Where do I start?

i just got a diagnosis of cystocele yesterday after suddenly feeling a bulge in my vagina the night before. I have been experiencing a number of feelings of discomfort in my pelvis and urinating a LOT but my PAP exam showed nothing just 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I've been doing a lot internet research and so happy I found this site. I ordered a few videos "Whole Woman Fundamentals, "Toileting" and "Remember to Remember". I wish I could afford to buy a whole package to start. Is there a good first video that the community would recommend to get me started in "working the program"?


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