Bodywork for Rectocele


Are the exercises herein also effective for minimizing rectocele? If not , are there exercises or other tips ( besides a soft stool)

Fiber intake


I am gluten free so the typical fiber bars are not an option. I have added dried plums (only 2 due to sugar content)and milled flax seed on my yogurt. Every time I sit down to eat all I think about is what is going to make my stool the softest so I don't aggravate a rectocele I may have. I drink at least 10 glasses of water per day.

Does anyone have any tricks for making an increased fiber intake painless?


bladder prolapse

Hi friends, since my conversation, i think i need some help with my posture and how can i contact practitioner who can guide me with right posture and also breathing. I have called the office but havenot received any reply. Also i am looking for Prolapse Support Garments and which one the best which can help my prolapse because i need it at work where i stand for long time. My prolapse bothers me a lot in the night time and i try firebreathing but sometimes it wont work then i go sit down, somrtimes it is really uncomfortable. Please help if you can thankyou

Many questions


About 3 weeks ago, I had my first indication that I had some kind of prolapse. I had a bulging feeling and looked in the mirror to find something bulging from my vagina. I have not been to a doctor, but know for sure that this is some kind of prolapse. From my research, I believe it is cervical/uterine. I have begun to focus on the Whole Woman posture and do the beginning and part one advanced exercises for the DVD about 5 times a week. I am also quite active. I hike, run, and swim (one or more of these) daily.

Can anyone help - Getting familiar and diagnosis

Hello everyone, terrific site and thank you,
I have not been to a doctor "yet" but believe I may have Cystocele or Rectocele, Currently I hurt or sting when urinating and have a small bulge inside the opening of my vagina which I can push back.
I've had my husband look for something but he says he can see anything so I believe it's when I have been standing or walking for a period

I have had my cervix and my uterus removed 30 years ago, no problems, I have a very active intimate life, exercise moderately

11 mo postpartum...43 yrs..seeking support/guidance

Hello all, I’m new and this is my first post. I’m sorry it’s so long but I want to include my full story. I guess I don’t have a specific question other than wanting support and general guidance. Please comment as you think appropriate.

I’m 43 and had my first (and only) baby at 42 y.o. (husband 47). He was the best surprise of our lives though totally unplanned. He’s 11 months old.

I Need Advice, Too!

Help! I am scheduled for surgery July 28 because of a basketball-sized ovarian cyst. I went to the oncologist/gynecologist who, after looking over my CT scan, said there was a very good chance the mass wasn't cancer. He wants to do a complete hysterectomy along with taking out the cyst whether it's cancer or benign, although he is letting me make the final choice. Of course if it is cancer, then I'll have to comply.

9 months pp and just had first period

Hi all,
9 months ago I had my second baby. I had a cystocele after the first baby.
I have found recovery so much easier this time around until these last few days. After my first
Period since having Bub my bulge has been bigger. Put that with a cough I have had for over a week I just looked and the bulge is bigger than ever. Am so upset :( I think the coughing has made it worse. Will it improve at all? It's actually sticking out of me!! I had no issues during pregnancy intact my prolapse was really good.
I am still breastfeeding.


Hi friends, last week i went to see my OBGY for regular checkup for bladder prolapse. After checkup she said only option I have to go for hormone replacement therapy or surgery. After my menopause i.e 15 years ago, she insisted for hormone replacement which i was agaist because i found out the side effects of hormone replacement therapy, but ever since i have been taking all herbal stuff like phytoestrogen and some Woman,s Formula everything herbal. Now my doctor saying that if i take hormone replacement my bladder prolapse problem will get better therefore i am really confused.

An Acceptance Mindset Resource

One of the reasons I come to the Whole Woman forum often is because it helps me make my default reaction to my prolapsed organs one of peace and acceptance, minimizing stress.

In my opinion I've found a cancer thriver who has Whole Woman spirit through and through and I think part of a conversation she had with the founder of the Good Life Project might be helpful.

Anyone who is interested in encouragement in accepting where they are in their journey with prolapse can check this link out:


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