Where do I start?

i just got a diagnosis of cystocele yesterday after suddenly feeling a bulge in my vagina the night before. I have been experiencing a number of feelings of discomfort in my pelvis and urinating a LOT but my PAP exam showed nothing just 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I've been doing a lot internet research and so happy I found this site. I ordered a few videos "Whole Woman Fundamentals, "Toileting" and "Remember to Remember". I wish I could afford to buy a whole package to start. Is there a good first video that the community would recommend to get me started in "working the program"?

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Prolapse & hysterectomy

New to this site & desperately searching for answers. I'm 42 yrs old and have struggled with prolapse since 4 weeks after my oldest child was born 17 years ago. My prolapse worsened through the years until bladder, rectum, and uterus were all dropping. I began having severely heavy periods about 5 years ago. I became anemic and couldn't leave my home for at least 2 days every cycle. I bled profusely. Due to the extreme bleeding I finally had to have uterus removed. Doctor left ovaries to provide me with much needed estrogen.

Basic Questions I forgot to ask the doctor

Two days ago I was fitted with a pessary for urinary incontinence. It is the one that looks like a dish with holes and a lip. At first the doctor said to take it out every night. After struggling to remove it in the office I told them I can't remove it and asked if there were other options. I was then told I can leave it in for 3 months at a time then make an appointment for them to clean it. So does this mean it can be worn during menstruation? Also is it possible to use a tampon with it in?

Retroverted Uterus and Estrogen

Hi learned ladies

Yesterday I went for my pap smear and the doctor had a lot of trouble doing it not being able to "find" the cervix. This has never been a problem before and she commented that everything was "sagging". I did search the forum for retroverted uterus and found a comment that this was not so bad but am wondering how a retroverted uterus may contribute to a rectocele seeing as it sits backwards not forward over the bladder?


I’m not sure why some women have such difficulty with hyperextension when trying to master WW posture.

It is true that you cannot hyperextend your spine if you keep your shoulders down (not back), upper back flat and broad, and head and neck pulled up through the back by pulling your chin in and down.

Try it…make as big a lumbar curvature as possible by pushing your bottom way out the back. Now go through the above steps and you will see your lumbar spine cannot stay hyperextended.

Which support belt is best for pregnancy?

My uterus prolapsed after my 2nd birth. I had another child since then and I am currently pregnant again. I'm 20 weeks and I'm feeling tons of pressure in my pelvic area. I am pretty certain that I have vaginal varicose veins in addition to my prolapse. I have varicose veins in my legs and bad circulation in general.

Which belt is the best for me?

A store in my area recommended one of the following:
V2 - most discreet
Hip/V2, same brand firmer support.
V-Brace more bulky, but also more supportive than V2.

Thank you!


Hi All,

As promised, we now have 2 new introductory videos up in the store: Whole Woman Posture Explained and Whole Woman Toileting for Pelvic Health. You can find them categorized under Whole Woman Fundamentals. http://www.wholewoman.com/newpages/fundamentals/.

I know this new material will help deepen your understanding of the importance of reinstating wide-radius lumbar curvature, while also ironing out the hump at the base of the neck with the Whole Woman work.

PP self-diagnosed cystocele and/or urethrocele improvement

I will try to keep this short but I just thought I need to give some background info, as well as maybe some encouraging words at least for new mamas out there who might be experiencing some concerning challenges in their new body.

Irrigation System for Travel???

I am on who cannot evacuate with some form of irrigation. I use a "Go Bidet" at home. If were not for that I cannot go. Anyone have any tips for travel as to an irrigation system that works?

Desperate for answers


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