Stage 2 cystocele and I'm 24

Hi all I'm new here and am glad to find I'm not alone. My ob referrede to a specialist but it will be a couple weeks until I can be seen. In the mean time does anyone have advice on how to not make my situation worse? Also any "success stories" I would love to hear it gets better. I know it will most likely be a life long issue I will have to deal with.

Bridge Pose OK?

I have done a search on this using the search bar and I'm getting conflicting as well as very old responses (and I know WW has seen some dynamic growth so I want fresh info!).

Does Christine utilize the Bridge pose in any of her DVD's?

579.0 + 988.8


G.M.O.’s are the problem! It affected my intestines culminating in severe malnutrition, peripheral neuralgia and hyperparathyroidism. Day after day, hour after hour of explosive diarrhea worsened my prolapse. The most notable changes with malabsorption were visual blurring, kidney injury, cognitive impairment, bone pain and 24/7 physical exhaustion. Major surgery and a new life style of organic foods brought me back to health. The gluten content of today's bread is vastly different from that of the 1960's. The ratio of 17:1.



I am almost 11 months pp and for the most part am doing pretty well. More on this to follow with a full update at 12 months pp. anyway I'd really love to hear back from experienced community members about this topic. I came across this term hypopressives today during a random read on the web and was intrigued. I have entered the term into our ww search box and can't find anything on here but basically this form of exercise looks to me like nauli without the rotation of muscles and talks of using breathing and abdominal vacuum to help prolapse and incontinence.

Prolapse Pain


I have a grade 2? (I think) prolapse, which is mainly bladder. I have found Whole Woman helpful and try to hold the posture all the time and do the workout almost every day. My problem is that when I am sitting at my desk at work, despite pulling up into WW posture and getting up regularly to move around (and do WW exercises in the toilet) by mid morning I have a lot of pain in my abdomen, which feels like a bad period pain.

pop is always out

I have managed to live with the fact that my pop is always hanging out and that is okay as long as I keep Vaseline on my panties. I try to watch my posture and that helps, but I am unable to do the exercises. On occasion, like right now, I get cysts on the pop and there is pain and itching. Eating yogurt helps, lanoline cream helps, but I sometimes feel like I just want to give up.

Playing Softball


Overall, Whole Woman work has been keeping me comfortable and I haven't limited myself activity-wise except for heavy lifting.

This summer though, I had a really rough time playing softball, a game I love to play and it's also a treasured social outlet.


I'm not experiencing Hip Pain but I have arthritis in many areas of my body. I don't want any more surgery! I have no cartilage on the inside of my left knee, shrinking cartilage in my right knee, arthritis in my elbows, base of my thumbs, and shoulders (have had rotator cuff repairs and bone spurs removed in both shoulders now). If anyone could tell me a resource that would help me without surgery I would appreciate it. I am on here because I do have Pelvic Organ Prolapse as well. Thank you!

Congrats new practitioners!

I'd like to extend my warmest congratulations to the new class of WW grads who received their certifications this past weekend at the conference. Looking forward to hearing some reports on all the events! - Surviving


Hello everyone. After suffering a cystocele, rectocele and interstitial cystitis plus 3 extremely painful exams, plus excruciating muscle spasms of my urethra... (i'd rather give birth!!!) and 3 whole months unable to walk I opted to use whole woman...and after about a week 1/2 I have resumed my normal life walking all day doing my errands. I love this site and am so grateful to Christine Dent and all of you. I had been doing square dancing, zumba, and line dancing. Do u think I may resume any of these or all if I master whole woman posture? Thank you! I am 63 years old.


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