Because of vulval dryness and itching I had to do without my daily luxury of a long relaxing bath and instead was forced to take quick showers . I started to take Christine's advice of using honey in place of the estriol that my doctor had prescribed for me . I have been using it for a couple of months now and am overjoyed to find that I am able to take a bath again . At the minute I don't push my luck and still use the shower mainly but a couple of times a week it is so nice to have a long soak again .

Rectal irritation related to rectal prolapse?

Hello everyone,

I’m 37 years old, live in Austria (Europe) and had a vaginal birth 4 ½ years ago.
Since my youth, I have been dealing with a rectal mucosal prolapse.
2 ½ years ago, I was also diagnosed with intussusception and a rectocele.

In spite of these conditions, I can empty my bowels quite well and would not go for surgery because of them.

However, since December 2014, I have been suffering from rectal irritation, which is very uncomfortable, especially after defecation.


I give birth on october 1,2015 with normal delivery but breech baby. My cystocele get bigger, when can i start doing ww exercise?

Human PapillomaVirus ( Cervical HPV )

So I went at one of the best gynaes in my city. What a wonderful old man. He made me feel so comfortable, getting to know who i was, what I studied and what my plans for the future were. He encouraged me to relax and he told me that we will find a way to get rid of HPV. Thank God! This showed me his level of professionalism. He did a full exam on me. This meant that i had to be completely naked. He examined me from head to toe and did the full pelvic exam. He also did a pap smear and examined my cervix. He discovered a wart right in the middle of my cervix.

Dryness and use of natural substancess


Grade one cystocele postpartum - worried!


Whole Woman BLOSSOM series

Hello Everyone,

Since not all forum members are on our email list, I want to inform you that we have just released two short, inexpensive videos to help further your understanding of Whole Woman posture and breathing, which you can find here: https://wholewoman.com/newpages/blossom/

This series is intended for women who need further help understanding and experiencing the WW work.

Femifree pants

Has anyone got any experience of these pant?

cystocele- heaviness and throbbing in vagina


i am 31 years old and just gave birth to my first baby 5 weeks ago.

My cystocele appeared almost exactly four weeks postpartum. I am devastated as I had never even HEARD of prolapse prior to this incident. 2 OB's have told me it is mild to moderate but that over the next few months it will heal with time (and kegels).


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