Dear Ladies, I would like to ask whether it is better to lie in bed during menstruation when there is a very hevy feeling on my perineum and in my legs or it is better to sit crossed legged on the floor. I wonder if walking is good or bad thees days?

Hips DVD

Hi, Just realized something- When Christine says hips turned out(think those are the words) I pictured "turned out". However, then she says hips forward. I am confused.

Pain on inside of left knee. Had returned to doing more of the Prolapse and Hip DVD about 6 weeks ago. Then started having an irritated knee. I am not locking my knees. Anything else that might be causing this from the DVDs.

Must say that I have researched good exercises for knee pain. Christine has all the areas covered. She is a master.


belly flop


Is the relaxing of the belly a complete flop down with chest up, or is it more chest up, belly kind of controlled? To those of us who have some additional weight, relaxing the belly seems very "heavy." Hope that makes sense. Just trying to make sure I am doing it correctly. Also are the knees kind of relaxed? In other words not "tight" but comfortable.

Triggers and baby number 2

I am a breastfeeding mama of a 1 year old with mild prolapse symptoms that at first felt heartbreaking and terrifying, now a little less so. I have had two episodes where it felt like a tampon was sliding out of me (wasn't wearing one, trying to describe the sensation) and lots of vaginal/anal pressure. Both times were after long car rides (9hrs) and a healthy dose of accompanying stress. Has anyone else noticed their symptoms worsen after road trips and/or stress? Also, I'm worried about becoming pregnant again. Any thoughts? Thank you!!

Posture tip/check-safely held-


Hello ladies,
I have read every single post on this forum over the past 2 years (probably more than once!)
Although the aspects of WW posture are mentioned over and over again, I do think it is very easy (when learning WW) to
try to force the lumbar curve by torquing your pelvis/sticking butt out and I think it is very easy
to stick your chest out instead of lifting up (many may ask.. what is the difference?). Doing either of these things is is probably going to cause
pain and not going to be comfortable.



Just wondering if it is common to have pain with prolapse? I don't feel pain down there, just feel like I am sitting on something sometimes. My pain is my lower back, right butt cheek (deep aching), and right side wrapping around under my ribs from right side to back. Wondering if that kind of pain is possible, even with some kind of bowel prolapse.

Moms who prolapsed right after birth- Q for you?

I see that many of the posts on this site get hundreds, and often over a thousand reads. That's really something. So, I know there are lots of folks out there who are reading and not commenting.
Please, if you are a mom that noticed your prolapse after birth, can you read and comment?

I noticed mine at 3 weeks postpartum. I think that my bladder and my rectum are both prolapsed. My baby is now almost 13 weeks old and I have seen improvement. I've been doing WW posture and other work for several weeks now.

Page problems

Dear Administrators of the page,
I noticed, that some of my comments don't always appear although there is written on the screen that my comment has been posted. It happend yesterday too, when I used the reply botton. Maybe it was my clumsiness if it is so, sorry for this post. Budahazya

red clover as Estrace substitute, acupuncture

Since receiving the suggestion that red clover balm would be a safer substitute for Estrace, I have done the following, but would like some further advice. I did not feel confident that I could make my own balm and had no luck finding some from local herbalists. I did buy red clover in capsule form and have been taking 2 a day for several weeks. In the meantime I was able to purchase off the web some red clover balm with comfrey made by A.E. Hunley.

Natural Pessary?

Hello everyone! ;)

I just posted this, yet when I pressed SAVE down below, it kicked me off and said I didnt have permission to access the page........or something of that nature.....odd.


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