New to all of this, and really frightened!


inflexible legs

my legs are so inflexible that I cannot straighten them out in front of me when I am sitting on my bum. I am doing the beginner portion of the DVD every day right now. Will that come in time? Or is there another member here who has had this problem and found a way to get some more flexibility into their legs. I can now see that the inflexibility down the backs of my legs is one of the reasons why I have had such bad posture or maybe the inflexibility was caused by bad posture?

just being honest

when I feel my prolapse and when I have bad days I fight panic. Yesterday was hard. I had an appointment out of the home with the baby. Carrying the baby in a public place is very hard for me. I'm still learning the posture and trying every moment to apply it especially while carrying the baby. Somehow the prolapse came down and was more bulgy during the appointment, the chairs I had the choice to sit in, the ride in the car even though I had used multiple blankets and pillows and towels to try to construct the seat into something I could sit in a right angle fashion.

Still having a hard time figuring out how to sit

Perhaps I need a different chair. Or a different focus. I don't know.

I mostly lay down or walk/stand around the house.

Sitting on hard bench makes my vulva burn (Trying coconut oil) and get irritated. EVen my perineum (posterior part of my vagina) gets irritated. So I experiment with sitting on a small cushion on top of a hard bench.

I have one office chair that I can sit at a right angle in. That works better than most things.

My cough, my bed, those are out in terms of sitting on.

A question about Saving The Whole Woman Book


I am new to all of this and am looking forward to the dvd's arriving. I do practise the ww posture every day and do feel it makes a huge difference. My question is this: I was able to get a copy of the first edition WW book by Christine. (I didn't clue in that there was a later edition). Is the advice and particularity the exercises still ones that are recommended? And a second question, How different is the second edition?
Thanks in advance for your help. This forum is wonderful to have and certainly reminds me that I am not alone in dealing with prolapse.

Did you all know that.....

And I hope it's OK to mention this, and I think it's because I was on that site first, the hystersisters website ( a website for women preparing for hysterectomies) has, at the top of my page an advertisement for the website and dvd's? I have been on their pelvic floor forums and trying to help women come over here to this place. At least three women have inquired. I feel for us all with prolapse and especially so for the women on there with multiple surgeries and still struggling.

Questions about First Aid for prolapse DVD



I have now watched the DVD several times over. It's great.
It will take me time though to fully understand.

Whilst I am, I was hoping for a shortcut answer. I want to be in Whole Woman posture a.m.a.p.
When I am lying on my back in bed, I usually need to be at a 45 degree angle. This makes the bad obtuse angle. Can I compensate by bring my knees up and having the soles of my feet close to my bottom. This makes a 90 degree angle I think.

Has Christine ever addressed belly binding in traditional cultures??

I can not find any reference to belly binding in traditional cultures in Christine's writings. I looked on the blog archive and here on the forum. I am convinced that I will not be using a binder of any sort from reading what Christine teaches about the abdomen and the muscles and the WW way of life. But, I would love to know if she has ever discussed why traditional cultures use belly binding and if they also embrace WW posture along with it, or perhaps their influences in regards to posture is just as poor as the western influences have been in our own history.


Just joined! Awaiting my DVDs etc! Have had prolapse for 3 years after birth of my son!they said mild moderate! Still can't run! Always need to find toilets nearby! Pain in pubic bone! Bought a pelvic toner! Which isn't doing much! Desperate for help!
My daughter who is 8 is always asking me to run with her! I've out on a little weight as I can't exercise! I have tried lots of different exercises all of which made it worse!!! Tried electrical stimulation! No better!!!so am praying that this will work for me!

As a Newbie, this article by Christine has helped me so much!

I wanted to include a link here to an article by Christine that has helped me immensely. I think it helps me because it made the posture "click" with my brain. This is even after reading for hours in her book, on this forum, and watching her DVD. Still, this article made something "click". I thought it might be helpful for other newbies who want to learn the posture of Whole Woman. I hope this is ok to do to link this here? If not, moderator please advise.


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