Where do I find this information?

I am perimenopause, 21 week since last time of month. I was just telling someone last week that if this is how menopause feels, I'd be fine. Two days later, Bam!!! I felt a protrusion from my vagina and started doing some research, which led me to prolapse. I no longer have the bulge, but now it feels as if all my internal organs have fallen down onto my rectum and I am having trouble with bowel movements and experiencing great pain and pressure. I purchased the First Aid For Prolapse course and have started the exercises.

Is luise here?

Hi luise
In this forum i found your post and wanted to ask you about that
"The aim of the LBR exercise is to get the pelvic diaphragm vertical and literally roll the intestines out of this floppy sleeve, and back into the abdominal cavity, and push the part of the pelvic diaphragm that has the uterus embedded in it, at the bottom, further into the pelvic cavity, so that everything gets rolled forwards and the pelvic diaphragm can remain more vertical in WW posture when you stand up again.

Anyone got any comments on this?


3 weeks in WW posture - things get worse

Hello, I would like to ask you for a help. I am in WW posture for 3 weeks, I try to do it correctly based on video, but I feel worse...I try to be more active, walk for 8 kilometers per day in posture with the stroller, do firebreathing (still I am not good at it) and nauli. Unfortunately, I have pain in chest spine (because of chest lift when I am in posture, all my live I was hunch in spine. My cystocele is visiable from laying position at the moment, before 1 week it was not.

Bladder Prolapse

Hi...so happy to find the Whole Woman website. It is the only thing that I have found that has given me hope! I am practicing the Whole Woman posture and will be purchasing the 1st Aid For Prolapse with my next paycheck.

Qeustion for Mummyduck13 about power of the mind heal the body

What prolaose you had?
Did they improve by this mind Imagination in this book you mention?
Did you visualize your organs lift up and they back to theire place?
I do not just insist on asking. I want to use this technique if it is realistic and brings results


Best Chair to support POP


Hello, I am wondering if anybody has advice for the best type of chair to use at work to support POP. I am a teacher and I work woth grades 2-3 kids. I am sitting and standing and squatting all day. I feel the broken chair I had before was casuing more issues so want to make sure I get the best possible chair for my bladder, urethra and uterine prolapse.thanks so much for your advice!

Insomnia- histamine?

I have never been a good sleeper but with perimenopasual years upon me it is getting harder for me to remain asleep at night. As soon as my youngest night weaned I started having the hardest time with my sleep, even more so than ever before. This has been affecting me for years.

NYT article

Hi WW,

Please check out the following article!


Here is my comment, in case you can't find it amongst the others (I had to edit it a bit to fit the 1500 character limit):

Newbie to this group

Hi there, I am 46 years old, and had a hysterectomy 3 years ago due to heavy bleeding and horrible periods. (now regretting not getting second opinion) I have had IBS-constipation my whole life and I think it is finally doing some damage, causing some prolapse, specifically rectocele from what I have read. I am interested in the posture everyone talks about on here, how do I go about getting information about that? I am extremely anxious about the issues I am having - vaginal and rectal pressure, restroom issues, etc. - and look forward to gaining some positive solutions here.

question for mummyduck13

hi mummyduck13

i would like to know how this book you talk about in the forum helped your prolapse


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