Cross legged sitting and pubic bones


Hello ladies,

fell off the whole foods wagon,


Over Christmas I slowly but surely ate less whole foods and and ate more processed foods ( cookies, candies, ) am now paying the price. Has anyone else had trouble getting the digestive system back to good order after a lapse of sensible thinking. My rectocele gives me far more trouble when I do not eat whole grains fruit and veg, and even though I have been eating properly now for two weeks I am still having trouble.This is so frustrating,

Exercise with a rectocele

I am still in extreme discomfort everyday since I gave birth to my baby 20 weeks ago. I still have a lot of weight to lose and was active up until I gave birth.

Where can I find good exercises that will strengthen my pelvic floor and help with weight loss? There is so much conflicting information out there. I am finding any activity difficult right now, even walking :(
I used to belly dance and want to go back but feel like I need to not be in so much pain.

33 weeks pregnant with cervical prolapse

hi everyone. I need your advice please. I'm pregnant 33weeks with prolapsed cervix. Started using pessary but as if every day makes the prolapse worse most especially when I have bowel movement or move about. the prolapse started from what looks like the tip of my tomb to what now bulge as a medium or large egg with some opening like the base of an apple out of my vagina. I sometimes bleed and discharge liquid which I thought it was my water leaking and I was scared this might affect my baby although my doc said its not leaking water but I'm not sure.

The Whole Woman Postpartum Bundle

hi all,

just a quick note for your information that we have put together a new product bundle for the postpartum mom who finds herself struggling with prolapse.

Included in the bundle are:

Post Partum Urethrocele

Hi Everyone,
I'm new here and have been digging round to find out as much as I can, I guess I feel so isolated and its such a great site because that awful fearful feeling of being alone really disappears when
I check in at WW.
I guess I'm just looking to loop in and learn, for a bit of support and advice.
A bit about me- I've got a three year old and a ten week old, and I've ended up with a urethrocele. it feels like ive got a tampon on low but that feeling comes and goes. its worse first thing in the morning though it seems to be highest when i wake. I

cervical prolapse in pregnancy

I'm glad I found this forum. huh what a relief! it seems everything I'm searching for is right here. Thank God.

Started using a pessary

Hello very helpful ladies:
I have been working with this condition for about a year and have prolapse from the bladder -3 and rectum, -2. I have ordered Christine's book and am waiting for it for arrive. I exercise about 4 times a week and it has been difficult to continue, not sure if I have been doing it all wrong. A couple days ago, I decided to get a pessary. I was on my feet cooking/cleaning all yesterday and had that "full" feeling but things were still contained in my body. I am now constipated and not sure what to do. Any advice? Thank you



Do you ladies think that it matters if you wear shoes or not, or what kind of shoes you wear , does any of this help you keep posture or not? I am curious to see what others say. On my hardest days , when I feel draggy in the pelvic area, then my feet also seem tired and I just feel like laying down a bit, or at least getting on some supportive shoes. Is this something other ladies notice? I have had my first real, and very heavy pp cycle the past few days and really noticed this feeling I my feet. Do you think shoes are important to the whole woman work, yes or no?


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