Probable Enterocele and chronic lower back pain

I'm new here, so sorry this is so long! But I could really use some advice. I'm 34, have no biological children, and have had no major surgeries. Over the past 4 years I've been through so many tests, medicines/supplements, doctors and other specialists, and different diagnoses.

mediolateral episiotomy

I've been wondering if anyone can describe possible risks/complications of a mediolateral episiotomy?

I've had 2 bad tears - no episiotomies - the last one went through my anal sphincter but I don't know how much or whether or not the internal sphincter was affected (i didn't even know there WAS an internal sphincter until I started reading about tears here).

Can I still wear jeans?


Hi everyone,

I have recently been despairing of ever feeling in control of my body again, since increasingly returning to symptoms of urinary incontinence and prolapse following a pelvic floor 'repair' one year ago. When I googled 'kegel exercises not working' the Whole Woman site came up - thank goodness!!

Pregnant and scared

Hello everyone,I am a 26 year old SouthAfrican woman.This is my first time posting but I've been here for almost a year now.

Absolutely terrified, will I be normal again?

I went up and down the stairs of my house a few times on Wednesday and by the end of the day felt like my pelvic floor was loose, I thought I was just being paranoid. Thursday dining I felt fine and dint think twice of it. I moved a mattress, sliding it on he floor, without even thinking if that would affect my pelvic muscles, as I felt no straining elsewhere whilst I was moving it. Last night my prolapse was worse than ever, swollen and painful.

looking for advice on how best to prepare for next pregnancy with pop?

also I'm waiting impatiently for a new edition of the "saving the whole woman" book. Any news about the book?

New Kegels and Cystocele

Hello, I'm new to site and have been trying to perform the "new Kegels". I am post menopausal with no complaint of any pain upon having sex or any current UTI's. My question is do your abdominal muscles feel tightened up after doing the new Kegels? Mine feel tight after doing them. Am I doing these correctly? Also how many repetitions are you supposed to do as well as, how many time a day should you do these? I purchased the Whole Woman Fundamentals streaming video and it has been helpful. My doctor has said I have a cystocele but I have not checked to see what stage it is.


I can see my cervix at the opening of my vagina. I haven't gone to a DR. I'm certain I have all three. Do I have to go to Dr? Can this program help me? I'm 51 post menopause any tips at all?? I ordered the first aid video...

Pain during sex years after rectocele repair

Hi, I had rectocele surgery five years ago and still cannot have sex without horrible pain. I have tried estrogen tablet suppositories and all the lube in the world does not help. I'm going to switch my gynecologist to a woman who I think may be more understanding and just not fluff me off. Has anyone else had this problem? I know things are shaped differently now and I have heard that there is a surgery to try and fix the problem. Help!!

Differing diagnosis, Cystocele?

I'm hoping to get some wisdom from you ladies to understand if I do have a cystocele, as I have three differing diagnosis from three different doctors in the past two months. I live in Sarajevo, and am having a hard time finding a good Gyn. I had felt that my tampon was not inserted correctly and when I checked it, I felt a bulge at the opening of my vagina which was not there previously.


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