am I going backwards?

This has been the worst medical year to date but thanks to WW and my support team
at home and on this site there is hope in the Lichen S tunnel. The burning was excruciating since April and throughout the summer but with my homeopathy and tips, this burning has gotten better.

Diet for the Whole Woman


Why is this book no longer available?

poo problems


Dear All, In the last few days the bulge (rectocele) was unusually big. This evening I felt an urge to go. It was terrible, the poo went into my bulge, splinting didn't work, I strained a lot....and now it is still stucked there. I feel it is a very hard piece trapped in the bulge. And now I think it has been staying there for days so that was the reason why the bulge was so big. I can't imagine how to empty the bulge. I would appreciate any advice. Budahazya

Tampon/Pessary Use During Pregnancy


Hi... I was doing so well with working on my posture and loving improving with the WW yoga dvd's and improving BM's... until a fortnight ago my back went out from simply bending so I have been reovering for 2 weeks now... had acupuncture and 3 wholistic chiro treatments to help with recovery trying to use as little antiinflammatory as I could (and incorporating turmeric inflammatory) . Now I am dealing with trying to recover my posture and my prolapse feels like it has had a setback as I have been hobbling around..

Stress Incontinence

Hello, I've been on the forum a while and have found reading the many, many posts very supportive and educational.

I was talking with a friend the other day and we found ourselves talking of issues with pelvic health - something we'd not done before (sadly, it's still a topic that causes embarrassment and fear).

I'd explained what I was doing with regards to posture and what I'd learned here and through the DVDs and she asked if it would help her stress incontinence.

step dancing


My two younger daughters want to start taking step dance (irish) lessons, and I was wondering about the posture, it seems they hold the shoulders back, not down. (From youtube videos I have seen.) Perhaps one of you ladies might know the answer to this. My girls stand in proper posture now, as they are young, but I don't want to enter them in a program that tells them to suck and tuck. Thanks!

An update

Hi everyone,

I know that there was a general feeling on here that I was making up my problems, but I promise you that is not the case. I wanted to give you an update.

Over the past two weeks, I've had a variety of tests done (including the joys of having a fibre-optic camera inserted into my bottom) to try to address my severe constipation.

Rectocele and cystocele

I'm 45 and was just diagnosed with a rectocele and cystocele. I have 2 young teen boys
and am very nervous that I won't be able to do outdoor activities with them. I just started kegels and
Am getting fitted for a pessary. My standing is limited especially at night. Both are stage 1 but I can't imagine what any worse would be like! How do you tolerate the pressure and fear of falling organs?

can having tubes tied cause uterine prolaspe?

About 4 month ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 uterine prolapse. I have been trying to figure out how it happened. I was married 20 years but never had children. Even my doctor was surprised. I have always been healthy and not too over weight. The only thing I can remember is back in 1987 I had my tubes tied. I am 60 now. Can this cause uterine prolapse further in life? And if so can the posture and exercise still help control the prolapse? HoosierGal


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