A tip for healthier sleep

In her VV Health dvd, Christine talks about the how our circadian rhythms are disrupted by the constant glaring lights of modern life. Our ability to manufacture melatonin and serotonin is severely compromised, and disruption of our sleep cycle has huge implications for health. In my family we are dealing with several health concerns these days, including a diagnosis of autoimmune disease, and I wanted to share a suggestion for something new we have embraced that really helps.

Newbie-Some VERY LONG thoughts

Hello, I am 3 months pp and have been lurking here since discovering my POP at 3.5 wks pp. My Dr. said I have a mild cystocele and rectocele, and did not mention any stages however I believe them to fluctuate between a 1 & 2. I also have a dropped urethral opening, which I suppose is a urethracele however my Dr. didn't mention that. At first, I thought nothing of it since I had just given birth, however my mind eventually jumped to a friend who had recently had a hysterectomy. She had a totally assisted birth with her first, and last child.


Dear Ladies,

Tightening Pelvic Floor While Lifting

This thread from 2004 has been removed because it was confusing.

When you lift with the belly out in front and the hips/knees eternally rotated and bent (like heavy weight lifters do), there is no need to concentrate on tightening the pelvic wall. The organs and musculature have already followed the "nutated" pelvis to close the wall side-to-side.

So Lonley

I just had to quip that this forum is .... so lonely.

Just finally getting to post something. I've been learning/lurking since April. Did not feel like posting as the whole woman reality will not fit me.

What happens to the Hysterectomy Women who come to this forum, looking for help? I know all of the pitfalls for us, who, for whatever reason, had a hysterectomy .... do the seekers just turn away? I've not found many to follow. Not many long and frequent posts.

Restarting streaming videos at the exercises


Is it possible to quickly find the start of the exercises on the streaming videos. With the dvd's there is a top menu from which one can choose but on the streaming I am really having a hard time getting to the start of the exercises each day. I generally have little time for my exercise sessions and really would prefer not to watch the whole video from the beginning or keep moving forward and backwards to get to the right spot.

Does anyone have a knack for doing this please.

Question about sitting


Dear Ladies,

Calf cramps and The First Aid for Prolapse DVD


Has anyone else suffered with calf pain and cramps following the exercises in The First Aid for Prolapse DVD?

Perhaps I am taking things too fast! I am always in a hurry to get there and have been doing the beginners and first two parts of the advanced exercises plus the cool down over the past few days. I have suffered painful cramps in my calves at night and a dull ache in them for the rest of the day.

Diastasis Expectations?


Hello, everyone. I'm new here. I have two small sons. I'm two and half years postpartum approx. My last son was born at 10 lb 5oz! Yahhh....Soooo I now have a 4 finger diastasis and rectocele. I've been trying for a long while now to heal/fix my diastasis....but nothing has worked much so far. I purchased the goddess belly workout recently. Are these workouts actually capable of fixing my diastasis? Or are these workouts about improving the overall quality of your body, but just accepting that the diastasis is not ever going to get fixed or go away?


Dear Ladies,
(Especially who have rectocele), I just want to tell you, that Luised's LOPO is a miracle.
Easy to learn it and it gives back your body:) I often read here that so many ladies have problems with evacuating, or they need splinting. I strongly rocommend to search for it in the forum. I have big rectocele and since I learned this technique I haven't had any "trapped" poo, I can always fully empty my bowels.
Have a nice day! Budahazya


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