I was wondering if there is anyone else on here from the UK?

thank you

i wouldlike to thank God for this forum which has brought great results for me.I was on the verge of losing hope and confidence but what i learnt from here is truly amazing.After delivering my third baby and after about six months i started having chronic costipation which led me to so much straining which made me think i was having hemorroids or something worse .I could get into the toilet for more than 30mins without anything coming out.One day when i was in toilet i felt something like moving out and i thought it was my uterus .The following day i went to the doctor who said that i had

endometrial hyperplasia

I hope I picked the right forum for this—it’s said that endometrial hyperplasia is an estrogen issue.

Announcing The Whole Woman Works Program

Hi All,

There is an exciting new development at Whole Woman!

The conference has inspired me to institutionalize a longer course. I have spoken to a number of women who have asked about such a program.

Traveling all the way to Albuquerque is difficult to justify for only a couple of hours with me.

So I have developed a new program, based on the theme of this year's conference: The Whole Woman® Works program.

This is a three day event, one-on-one, although the client may bring up to two guests to share the experience with.

Painful urination after intimacy

I've always had some amount of discomfort urinating following sex. I don't know if I had any type of prolapse or to what degree prior to pregnancy and giving birth, (I believe I have a mild urethrocele and/or cystocele now postpartum that's definitely improved and only gets noticeable when I do a lot of work on some days or too much heavy lifting). I am four months postpartum now and finally had the guts to try resuming intimacy a couple of weeks ago. It's been a few times now, and each time I've had pain after going to the bathroom.

Conception and Where to begin with WW

I have a cystocele and a minor/early uterine prolapse. I'm 28 and my husband and I will be trying to conceive for the first time this year!

I have been doing WW posture for the last few months, but I haven't done any work besides this. Where should I start? What dvd/exercises should I do before conceiving? AND how should that change during pregnancy?

Is there any other advice you would give (or purchases you would recommend) for pre-conception AND during pregnancy?

Excited and SOOO nervous.


hi dragonfly,

it appears you have changed your email address so we can't send your password reset instructions or reach you any other way. please call me at +1 505-243-4010 with your new email address and i can reset your password. thanks!

lanny goodman
whole woman

Great 2016 WW Conference!


Hello WW!

Just want to let you all know that the 2016 WW Conference went splendidly. We had a lovely group of women this year who all commented that the conference exceeded their expectations. The tram ride was lots of fun as usual, and we all made wonderful new friends. The word is getting out, as we had many professionals this year, who were keenly interested in learning more about WW concepts and principles.

Our new WW Practitioners are excellent, and I feel such excitement and optimism as we take WW into the future.

Congrats new practitioners!

Congratulations and lots of love to Christine, Lanny and the new Whole Woman practitioners who will be graduating tonight in Albuquerque as the conference gets underway. To see this network growing, is more exciting to me than words can express. Let's cover the globe with this knowledge and wisdom. - Surviving

pelvic exam

Having a pelvic exam with prolapse? Is this safe?


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