Piease help my whole digestive system is all messed up!

Hi freinds. I am a newbie and this is my first post. So here is a little info so maybe someone can help me. I'm 67 years old,have had 4 children,a partial hysterectomy(still have ovarys)in 1996, and a hemorhoidectomy in 1994. I was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer the size of a quarter when I was 19.I have also been told I have IBS and fibromyalgia. I have always had issues with constipation and diarrhea from my teens. After my hemorrhoid surgery from hell, I never was able to poop without pushing really hard.

Pelvic Bones Clicking

I had my 4th baby 3.5 weeks ago, a beautiful little girl! This is my 2nd baby since my prolapse.
Thank God, the birth went very well, but I have a recovery question.

Have Whole Women book, experiencing hip aches - do I need Save Your Hips?

Hi All, I'm 49 and have had fairly severe prolapse issues since my daughter was born 7 years ago and general issues for most of my life (unknowingly). I found Christine's site and book and started doing exercises about 3 years ago to some success. But I became lazy in the last 18 months and have stopped doing the posture and exercises. I know, I know - I beat myself up over it as well.

prolapse associated with menstrual period?

Dear all, First of all, let me express my gratitude for the existence of this forum and the Whole Woman Inc site, it has saved me from lots of worries. I am 36, no kids, no pregnancies, normal body weight, I don’t smoke and the women of my family don’t have prolapses. However, 2 months ago, on the days close to the first day of my menstrual period I found out I have a prolapse. I was very scared and started looking for info about it, and found this great website. I have been doing all the exercises (new Kegel), many times a day an I have corrected my body posture.

RE: Advice for a newbie

Greetings dear friends. I am new to this wonderful forum and I wondered if I can gain some clarity on some issues I have been having. I am a 44 yr old woman and mother to 2 wonderful kids who were born via C section. It seems post birth I had a lot of issues with my hormones but I didn't address my health concerns and this made things worse over the years. About 3-4 years ago I suffered a fall upon a metal stairwell and landed on my back (sacrum) and later noticed a bulge when I inserted my tampon (this bugle btw is not outside of my body but on the inside if that makes sense).

Very Uncomfortable and depressed due to rectocele

Hi everyone

I had my first child, baby girl, 15 weeks ago and self diagnosed myself (doctor confirmed) with a rectocele 1 week post birth. It's at stage 2, you can see it at the opening. I had an episiotomy which has taken some time to heal, doc thinks it's due to the rectocele.
I'm seeing a pelvic floor physio who has confirmed my pelvic floor muscles are working well now, but I'm not feeling any more comfortable.
It makes me depressed as I'm only 31 and plan to have more children but the thought of bearing weight down there and making it worse is very upsetting.


Just found out I have a Rectocele.
I am very uncomfortable with the
Bulging. I'm scheduled for surgery
Dec 7th.
How can I feel more comfortable
till I have surgery. Have a lot
Of pressure and discomfort.

Ovarian cysts ?


discharge from Pessary

I have had a Pessary inserted now for 2 years -in general it is fine but lately I have had a burning sensation and can often feel something running back towards the back passage - I assumed this was a urinary problem but I am wondering if it is a discharge rom the vaginal area - it seems to burn anyway and makes me very uncomfortable - I change my pads regularly and this does help - I have been using a cider vinegar and warm water wash and this does settle the area down. I am in NZ and the Dr's here change the Pessaries every 6 months - I have a ring Pessary which I do not remove myself.

Infection from pessary

I just came home from the doctor's office.
I'm so frustrated by the fact that I now have an pelvic infection from the pessary that I was wearing for 5 days. The odor was the biggest clue. It was quite painful when the doctor removed that thing. The now it's history!
My 64 year-old body has been doing pretty well until the past two years. The pelvic prolapse includes mild prolapse of the rectum, and medium prolapse of the bladder and the uterus.


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