Walking, moving legs from back to front



I have been on here nearly three years and my posture is almost there and automatic for nearly everything EXCEPT I have never been able to walk correctly in posture (not for lack of trying). I have had some big insights lately and been able to understand what I see in the WW work and what I see in my kids and link it to what my body is doing (I am quite visual in all this). I had to get my weight further forward and many other things - there was a lot of tweaking required.

Help with cystocele self-diagnosis?

I'm in my mid 20s, healthy, eat well, into exercise, no kids... but was suffering from feelings of needing to urinate often (this has always been a bit of an issue for me but more aggravated this year), and of general 'heaviness'/something not quite right down there. ANYWAY, I discovered that prolapse can happen - it wasn't even on my radar! - so decided to do some looking into symptoms and eventually did a self exam - basically, feeling inside myself. To my horror, there seems to be a long, firmish bulge from start of vaginal entrance going up front wall.

Best Way to Enjoy Reading


Hi Folks.

I really like reading but am unsure what is a safe , comfy posture to do it in since the big comfy couch is out :)
Is it hard on our prolapsed vitals to sort of lie back at an incline propped up by two pillows lying on a bed?
Any other comfortable safe reading positions would be appreciated. It is very hard to sit up in posture on a backless chair or sitting on my feet for any length of time to read from a computer screen and how to do that with a book is unclear to me.

Thanks for your help.


First of all, thank you for the welcome. I am not panicking over the prolapse, thanks to the kindness I found here....well, not much!

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my pelvic pain. I had my OB/GYN appt. last Thursday, the dr that I last saw when I was pregnant with my daughter (who turned 18,lol). I had the impression he was a forward thinking dr. Guess not.

He did a thorough exam, speculum, hand, ultrasound and whatever else he could find to use. He kept asking if that was the pain I felt and it wasn't.

Where Should I Start?

I'm new here and not really sure where I should start. Is there information on the posture that I can start doing now or do I need to get my starter pack to get that information first? I've been reading through a lot of the forum information and get little snips here and there, but no real directions. I did watch the short "new kegel" video and have been doing those, but I'm not sure how long or how often I should be doing them.

Canadian Practitioners?

Could anyone tell me if the are currently any Canadian based WholeWoman Practitioners?
Thank you.


Hi,I have been following Christine's advice and happily using raw organic honey for over a year and feel that this has indeed helped the flora in my vagina to be exactly as it should be ,no problems at all! When I suggested this as a solution for a friend she asked my why I do not get problems with yeast which she says honey causes.I wondered if it was because it was the raw organic honey I use.Is there an answer I can give to her please?

a question about shoulders


So I understand that in the posture the shoulders should be down rather than rolled forwards or backwards but does that mean i should be actively pushing them down? Or is it just that they shouldn't be held forwards or backwards? Does that make sense?

Bacterial Vaginosis

New here...wanted input about uterine prolapse and fibroids

Hi there...so my story is that over the last 3 years, my asymptomatic 2 little fibroids I was diagnosed with when pregnant with my daughter 21 years ago, suddenly grew up, as I am entering the premenopausal stage I guess. At this point they are 10 and 12 cm, respectively. The 10cm is at the top of my uterus, and the 12 cm is in the cervix, and causing all kinds of problems. Just over a year ago, I felt a protrusion, and now it will not stay inside. I have a uterine prolapse, which the fibroids are complicating.


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