Can I lay on my back all night with a pillow under my lumbar curve?

For an extended time, is it OK to lay on one's back with a pillow or rolled up towel/blanket under the lumbar curve. I did this a good bit last night with no pillow under my head but rather a small blanket folded under my lumbar curve and it felt good. But, since I lack any confidence in my know how right now I thought I'd ask if anyone feels this is a no no to do for more than a few minutes.

I know they do it on the cool down portion of the First Aid for Prolapse DVD and so I wondered if it's OK to do for more than just a couple of minutes of stretching.



Hi, You were so helpful when I had lower back pain. I am coming to you again. Have been doing First Aid for Prolapse for about 3 months. Now I have terrific pain in one knee. Never had knee problems before! I do not lock my knees back. I am very careful to keep knee over foot.(love my Yoga and learned that). My feet are straight. I do not turn feet out too far. What else would I be doing incorrectly????

Thank you. Make it a good day. mjh

what is going on to my body?

Hi all, I am new to this as a member but have been reading and researching on here for awhile. I have been dealing with multiple odd symptoms ever since I had my right ovary removed in May of 13. I have become one of those people searching for their own answers and cast aside by the medical community because they don't have any answers. Without going into my long drug out story, I have recently come to some hip pain/pressure. It feels like I am sitting on something at times. And just feelings like my female anatomy has changed somehow.

Help ??

Hello everyone..

I just found this website a couple days ago. I am 17 years old trying to cope with my prolapse ( cervical prolapse ) and it's kind of hard. Does anyone know a way that might help pull my cervix closer to where it's suppose to be?

WW handout/flyer

hi all,

we have had several requests for a handout or flyer that could be posted at your local health food store, coop, grocery store, dry cleaners, library or anywhere there is a public bulletin board to help reach some of the many women who, out of ignorance, would otherwise wind up in the operating room.

How to pace myself with sitting and with doing the DVD?

I have first aid for prolapse. I did the beginners, or what I could do of it for a couple of days in a row. Last night my baby kept me up all night and I'm just exhausted and my crotch burns, which is common on my bad days.

when I did first aid for prolapse the pelvic rocks hurt when I was sitting cross legged.

So I stopped.

I worked on fire breathing instead.

I have laid down a lot today since I'm so tired.

Have found the answer! :)

Hi everyone,

I think I have found the answer to my constipation issues.

About six months ago, I had to start taking some different pain relief for an injury to my back. I should have read the side effects more carefully because they state along the lines of the following:

Lovely workout!

Well for the first time since pregnancy and baby I have done the beginning of first aid for prolapse DVD, wow lost so much flexibility, just the two first parts were hard :) good hard and my little boy has done it with me. His words were ""mummy this is really good fun" he is only 2.5! But my question was in the cool down I find putting my legs in the air very hard, such tight muscles at the back so in some of the stretches especially that one it feels like my abdominal muscles are really working, not sure if that's good, I have abdominal seperation??

Pre-period feelings with this prolapse, is that normal?

Hello everyone.....

WEll, since I joined this sight the other day, all I've been doing is reading and reading, I'm so thankful I found this site!

THE HERS Foundation....

Hello everyone,

I'm totally new here as of yesterday, I posted on the menopause and prolapse forum and received such informative and encouraging responses! THANK YOU! I am so glad I found this site! It is SELF EMPOWERING, WHICH WE NEED!


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