Dear Ladies, I have been terribly coughing for 48 hours and I am frightened. How should I cough, which is the less problematic position? I noticed a big worsening.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear WW,

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members, families and friends! I hope your day is filled with peace, solace, love and light. We are having a small gathering where we will share poetry, music, art and sacred food. Our chickens are laying now and it's so much fun collecting their eggs each morning.

There are posts I want to respond to, but I've had no email for days and today do not even have a computer (am typing this on my phone). I promise to be back on Friday!

Lots of love to all.


Perineum problems

Dear Ladies, perhaps I wasn't able to write my question understandably due to my poor English . I am trying to explain. The area between my vaginal opening and anus fell down, it is very low as if there was a cherry under my skin, but I feel that that is firm muscle, part of my round muscle around my "anus hole".
(I'm afraid I haven't managed to explain again...)
My question is, that as a have a low rectocele, and I think this descending of my perineum is because of this, can it be improved by whole women technicques, or not? Thank you your answers in advance.

Perineum healed apart

Hi, everyone!

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 5 months ago. It was a semi unassisted water birth and an amazing experience. The midwives allowed me and my husband to birth the baby on our own without any interference. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Ladies who use diaper ointment

What kind do you find is most soothing? The desitin kind that is white or A and D type that is lanolin/vasseline based? I have tried honey and coconut oil but today started using A and D ointment. The only thing I don't like is that it has a scent and mineral oil in it, but frankly I am glad to get a little relief. It did help me today with my discomfort in my genitals. I hope it doesn't give me a UTI b/c of the scnet though. that led me to ask on here. I did a search for diaper ointment and did see one thread that referenced some WW balms and another that referenced A and D.

Perineal descent

Dear Ladies does anybody have experience in perineal descent? I realised that I started to develop this too.
What prognosis does it have, or can it be treated with whole women method?


Dear Ladies, I would like to ask whether it is better to lie in bed during menstruation when there is a very hevy feeling on my perineum and in my legs or it is better to sit crossed legged on the floor. I wonder if walking is good or bad thees days?

Hips DVD

Hi, Just realized something- When Christine says hips turned out(think those are the words) I pictured "turned out". However, then she says hips forward. I am confused.

Pain on inside of left knee. Had returned to doing more of the Prolapse and Hip DVD about 6 weeks ago. Then started having an irritated knee. I am not locking my knees. Anything else that might be causing this from the DVDs.

Must say that I have researched good exercises for knee pain. Christine has all the areas covered. She is a master.


belly flop


Is the relaxing of the belly a complete flop down with chest up, or is it more chest up, belly kind of controlled? To those of us who have some additional weight, relaxing the belly seems very "heavy." Hope that makes sense. Just trying to make sure I am doing it correctly. Also are the knees kind of relaxed? In other words not "tight" but comfortable.

Triggers and baby number 2

I am a breastfeeding mama of a 1 year old with mild prolapse symptoms that at first felt heartbreaking and terrifying, now a little less so. I have had two episodes where it felt like a tampon was sliding out of me (wasn't wearing one, trying to describe the sensation) and lots of vaginal/anal pressure. Both times were after long car rides (9hrs) and a healthy dose of accompanying stress. Has anyone else noticed their symptoms worsen after road trips and/or stress? Also, I'm worried about becoming pregnant again. Any thoughts? Thank you!!


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