Thyroid function and prolapse symptoms

Hello! Was wondering if anyone has insight on the function of thyroid hormone levels and the impact on prolapse symptoms? I was diagnosed with post-partum addition to prolapse, yay me... I am no in the hypothyroid phase of the thyroiditis and have noticed my bulging seems worse. It honestly wasn't very noticeable during my hyperthyroid phase. I've been trying to focus on Whole Woman posture but still feel I notice the bulge a bit more and it seems to correlate with when my thyroid went from hyper to hypo. Any thoughts?

One year after joining WW - my status report

It was a little over one year ago that I found Whole Woman website. I feel so blessed!
It gave me the knowledge and ability to understand what is POP, diagnose my own symptom. I am so disappointed at the doctors, and don’t trust them anymore!
It gave me the resources: the forum to share experiences and knowledge with other women. I ordered and read the book ‘Saving the Whole Woman’. I read and re-read some chapters to remind myself.

Pelvic Stress Affecting Hormone Levels


I have a problem with my pelvic area which has been causing pretty serious hardship in my life for quite some time. Im posting here because I have asked for opinions and advice everywhere I could think of and either people cant help me or think I am making it up.

To start off, I am not a woman, and if there are rules against men posting in order to make talking about female problems more comfortable I will understand if this post gets deleted... It's just I really don't know where else I can ask for help at this point.

Pessary and Whole Woman

Hello all.

have my uterus and ovaries but not tubes

I'm so glad to have found this website and forum last night when I was pretty scared after coming home yesterday afternoon from what I thought would be a not too unusual appointment with a gynecologist who treats menopause (I'm almost at one year without periods -56) but due to endometriosis, wanted to talk to this new dr about hormones and have an annual exam as I was pretty past due.

Menopause...are we ticking time bombs?

I've been dealing with this really obnoxious and mentally exhausting rectocele since 2016. I have adopted the WW posture, exercises, and other helpful hints and tips. The posture has been great help. When I read about prolapse through this forum and others, plus other online resources, I am really worried about the dreaded menopause. What is the deal? Will this just get a billion times worse when I hit the change? I'm 38, but scared already. I read the tissues deteriorate and whatever prolapse I have now, will be worse.

52 with prolapse and possible rectocele

Hello. I am new and haven't been able to review videos. I do understand that comments are not medical advice but opinions/observations/experience. I am 52 with history of constipation and hemmorrhoids, no period for 11 months, no discharge or pain, no leakage but feel like sitting on ball. I have a Dr apt but not for another month for a diagnosis only. But until then, a d I apologize for being so graphic, I have 2 masses blocking vaginal canal entrance. Any idea on what it could be, if urgent, and will it be a bad idea for coitus. Any advice?



I have finally managed to join this wonderful forum and this is my first post.
I was diagnosed with a stage 3 uterine prolapse, moderate rectocele, moderate-to-large cystourethrocele, and nocturia over two years ago, although I now realize that I had missed symptoms like the bulge, leaky tampons, waking up to urinate at night, and bowel movement changes that began well before the prolapse diagnosis.

Save Your Hips online video course launch

Actually, it began right here on the Whole Woman Forum.

Christine noticed posts where women proclaimed that not only was their prolapse much better, but their hip pain had gone as well!

Those posts launched Christine on a 15 month odyssey of reading, studying, and research to become expert on the anatomy and physiology of the hip joint, which led to the publication in 2013 of her book and companion DVD, Save Your Hips.

Hi ladies

Hi ladies, I would be happy to hear from your experience please… I see a great improvement with the posture with both my symptoms and my d.r., yet I feel very embarrassed keeping the posture… in the street, or sitting with other women at a meeting and being so "strait" while all the others are not… and keeping the chest up – I really need your encouragement please :-) thank you!


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