Learning to eat vegetables ?


So recently, I've wanted to introduce a lot more vegetables into my diet. However the problem isn't my unwillingness to eat vegetable or my lack of commitment to, it's that my mouth has a natural gag reaction to vegetable. It's especially stronger when something more juicy like say a cucumber or zucchini or broccoli is introduced. Even though i can barely eat lettuce, it isn't much and there is still that initial gag reflex my body has to it. I want to learn to eat healthier but I don't want to try to eat healthier by combining health food with things I like.


Hello everyone. I am 29 years old and am new to the site. I had my first baby at age 22 without any complications after. My son is 11 weeks old and I was DX with cystocele 8 weeks after he was born. I went to my gyno because I had no idea what was wrong. She did confirm cystocele sent me home to do kegels for 6 weeks. I noticed about 2 days ago I have a bulge in the back as well.. I am assuming this is a rectocele. At this point I'm not sure what I should do or if there is even anything I can do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone...

Ventro rectopexy/Intussusception

I am new to forum.

Low back pain on waking, some degeneration of spinal joints.
Pelvic tumors found 2004, adjacent to sciatic nerve (was told to monitor as biopsy too near nerve)
They appear to have shown stability however there is lower sacral nerve involvement which appears to be contributing to this global prolapse.
I have a large posterior cystocele and womb laying low.
Normal bladder pressures no leakage of urine.
I have internal rectal prolapse (intussusception) mid grade.

postpartum with prolapse

5 weeks PP but my story goes back a few years. I'll try and keep it short!
Pregnancy #1 - was at age 22. I was newly married and we decided not to continue with the pregnancy. A decision I will regret for the rest of my life.
Pregnancy #2- was at age 24. I had a perfect pregnancy with no complications and I was on the go the whole time. Delivered a beautiful baby girl who is now 2 1/2. Recovering was not a problem and I was out for walks early with her.

Help me - anyone

I've been going to doctor to doctor trying to figure out the "bulge" feeling and tightness is going on in my rectum.
The obgyn felt it but was unsure of what it was - perineum has bluge inside rectum there is a bluge like object I have to push on or move in order to have a bm. It is certainly obstructing the bowel.

I was told to fix my bowel habits - suffering from constipation - often. Trying to manage that.

I lift and do love exercising but it makes it worse. My lower back is tense, when I bend over it is worse. Urinating is hard to do as well.

Have hurt myself

Have had fairly bad cystocele for around 20 years (am now 79.) Did not want surgery - eventually found Christine's site and on reading the forum topics etc I stopped doing usual kegels - other than Christine's 'new kegels' and video exercises and so on. Seemed to be doing OK - though didn't like the feel of 'something down there' or sight when I bathed etc. Stupidly around 3 weeks ago after using the loo I tried to push it back up. Next time I used the loo I found I was bleeding - not too much but enough to scare me.

Cysts on ovaries

What's anyone's opinion of removing ovaries with cysts and Fallopian tubes to have piece of mind not to get cervical cancer. I am 70, so way past menopause. I told gynecologist I do not want a hysterectomy.

November 2016 Whole Woman workshops

Hello all,
I am hoping you will join Anne Walters and myself,Carol Bilek both certified WW practitioners in Springfield,VA on Nov. 5 and 6,2016.
Whole Woman works! Join us to begin your journey with Whole Woman work, restart your journey if you have lost your way, or deepen your understanding of Christine's body of work,including her more recent work.
Contact Anne Walters at anne.walters@wholewoman.com for information and pricing,including an early bird sign-up price.

Wondering whether to buy Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina or WW Gd to Vulva Vaginal Health

Are they completely different or is the Miraculous video a newer version of the other one?

Compounded bio-identical hormones HELP!

Hello Ladies.

I have a question about Bio-Compounded Hormones cream!


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