Rectal DEscent?

I have tried to search for any signs of writing on this forum regarding a term I came across elsewhere called "Rectal Descent". I have not found anything. Does anybody know if there has been any discussion or information on the forum regarding this?

Search Bar needed on Village Post Blog

I don't see a search bar on the home page of the blog. I think I used to see one and use one, but I am not sure. We have a search bar on the home page of the forums as well as the main homepage for the entire website. I know how to use those and do frequently for reading forum, website, as well as blog content. But I think it would be useful to have a search bar on the blog homepage. If noone agrees, very well then. But I just wanted to mention this. I think it is more user-friendly that way. I have many times told a friend to go to your website and especially to search the blog content.

Urethra has just decended

Hello, I first visited whole woman around 5 years ago,when I developed POP following the birth of my second child.
I haves aged my prolapses (rectocele,cyctocele,and lower-than-before cervix) well over the years,and would only feel pressure or bulging if I had really overdone it with lifting/running.

I’ve Decided to Name Her

I’ve decided to name her. She is teaching me. And all good teachers need a respectable name. I need to honor her, not hate her, because if I hate her, I hate me.

Life keeps throwing things at me. Really hard things. Crappy, painful things.

My latest hit came from out of nowhere on Friday and completely blind-sided me. I felt accused (because I was). And I am not allowed to face my accusers. And decisions are being made on the basis of alleged events. Awful decisions which devastated me.

Rectocele Musings

Just wondering if any of the following phenomena apply to any other ladies with this cele.

1. I don't fit the typical pattern of feeling best in the morning and worse as the day goes on. If anything I feel much more stable from mid-afternoon onwards and even on a symptomatic irritated or random bowel urges day, I'll feel more or less pretty good by four o'clock. I'm wondering if this is something to do with my colon filling up and stabilising things? Doesn't seem to match the descriptions of worsening ache or bulging etc that many seem to experience.

Postpartum the Musical

Bent-shaped fecal stools (sorry)


On my weeks, when magnesium is the only thing that helps me have a bowel movement and I have uncomfortable rectal pressure most of the day, I notice that my stools are bent, in a U-shape.

I might have one or many, but they all come out bent. That is usually during ovulation and before my cycle. That's about one week around ovulation and about 2 weeks before my cycle comes, because my hormones are off and my cycle just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags on without coming, hanging in the balance of pms-crazy-land.

Could be an interesting read

Hi Ladies

This book might be interesting for those that have given birth or those that might...

I am interested by the following quotes in the article:



This is my first post on the forum. I joined the forum a little over a week ago.

I read on a post: Christine gave me a tip about twisting that is like magic. I use the LoPo position that Louise put on here a few years back.

What is meant by twisting and what position do you do it in?
What is the LoPo position?


Prolapses feel worse

Hello ladies,


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