are there any other instructions somewhere for the new kegels exercise?


I can't sit on my heels, so attempted to follow the new kegels exercise on all fours, but I just couldn't get it watching the video. I really want to make sure I'm doing this right as I don't want to worsen any prolapse - are there diagrams or other instructions somewhere showing a person on all fours??

(I tend to follow step by step diagrams with instructions better).


Not sure what to do next: abstained from sex for 20 years over this

I'm a newbie here and I don't know who to tell this to and whether to disclose the past when I see a doctor. I've had so much angst over this issue that I've avoided relationships and sex for over 20 years past. My apologies in advance for this being so very long - it's been a long journey.

Newly diagnosed

Hello im 27 yrs old and only this morning oct.13,16 i was diagnosed with prolapsed uterus.The story is my partner told me he felt something inside me like pimple so i check my self inserted my index finger and im shocked i felt my uterus im sure its my uterus i was so terrified i cried and so worried,even my partner does.early in the morning i went to the doctor it was my first time to be checked by gynaecologist.and confirm its my uterus going down on my vagina its in the middle already coz i can reach it by my finger.Im afraid about my future plan pregnancy,the doctor told me i need to do

Lost everything I just wrote

OMG, I just wrote a LONG intro to the group and it is GONE. I do not have the energy to eve re write it. :(

New to the forum:

I just want to add my testimony thus far. I know it was a great comfort to find this forum while researching all the unexpected issues I ended up having postpartum this time around.

Question which to purchase

Hello this is my very first post I am wanting to purchase the DVD'S but not sure which one to purchase Iam having problems with prolapse and urine incontinence plus I have fibroids which have been giving me trouble for about a year now with heavy bleeding and clots. Any suggestions and advised would be so very appreciated. Feeling very bless that I found all this good information.

Prolapse uterus

Hie everyone im new to this forum i think i can get a help with this forum .im still suffering with a prolapse uterus i dont need a surgery please help me with some tips how to reverse it thx wom

Is there a link between sciatica and vaginal prolapse?

I have had 2 babies within a year of each other and have suffered with sciatica which I am getting acupuncture for after several other treatments. My youngest child is 5 months old and this is the second time I can see something prolapsing at the entrance to my vagina. I haven't been to the doctors yet but I will be making an appointment soon. The prolapse seems to be about a cm into my vagina and is like 2 horizontal pieces or plates of skin. Is this my cervix? Or walls of my vagina?

8 weeks postpartum and prolapsing

Hi everyone-

Rectocele Question

So, this is my first post. I was recently diagnosed with rectocele, after seeing my physician for constipation over 3 months. There have been plenty of comments in various places on the web regarding how to deal with cystocele, but much fewer for rectocele. I read something about pushing against the back of the vagina to correct the rectum so feces could move out of its' 'stuck' position. However, I have to remove my finger in order to have a bowel movement (as far as I can tell)! But, doing that seems to cause the bm to go back to its' 'stuck' location.


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