Just wondering if it is common to have pain with prolapse? I don't feel pain down there, just feel like I am sitting on something sometimes. My pain is my lower back, right butt cheek (deep aching), and right side wrapping around under my ribs from right side to back. Wondering if that kind of pain is possible, even with some kind of bowel prolapse.

Moms who prolapsed right after birth- Q for you?

I see that many of the posts on this site get hundreds, and often over a thousand reads. That's really something. So, I know there are lots of folks out there who are reading and not commenting.
Please, if you are a mom that noticed your prolapse after birth, can you read and comment?

I noticed mine at 3 weeks postpartum. I think that my bladder and my rectum are both prolapsed. My baby is now almost 13 weeks old and I have seen improvement. I've been doing WW posture and other work for several weeks now.

Page problems

Dear Administrators of the page,
I noticed, that some of my comments don't always appear although there is written on the screen that my comment has been posted. It happend yesterday too, when I used the reply botton. Maybe it was my clumsiness if it is so, sorry for this post. Budahazya

red clover as Estrace substitute, acupuncture

Since receiving the suggestion that red clover balm would be a safer substitute for Estrace, I have done the following, but would like some further advice. I did not feel confident that I could make my own balm and had no luck finding some from local herbalists. I did buy red clover in capsule form and have been taking 2 a day for several weeks. In the meantime I was able to purchase off the web some red clover balm with comfrey made by A.E. Hunley.

Natural Pessary?

Hello everyone! ;)

I just posted this, yet when I pressed SAVE down below, it kicked me off and said I didnt have permission to access the page........or something of that nature.....odd.

Bending forward


Hello Ladies,
It is funny, but after practicing the posture for many month, I realized that I still dont know how to bend forward properly. I"m tall and it"s always a challenge for me to pick up something from the floor, or to pull up my socks or shoes without collapsing my spine. Of course I"m trying to do my best, but I think I can"t do this properly, because I feel that I push my intestines down when doing so. Could anyobody help me with pictures or a detailed descripton maybe? (Is it ok if I bend my knees when picking up things?)
Thank you in advance. budahazya

Estrogen linked to heart diseases

Nov 14, 2014
Western University study links estrogen to heart disease

London Community News
Researchers at Western University are getting to the bottom of why some women are more susceptible to heart disease than others.

They’ve found that an estrogen receptor, previously shown to regulate blood pressure in women, also plays an important role in regulating low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. LDL, also known as bad cholesterol, drives the process that leads to heart disease.


Will living in WW posture while standing and walking eventually stretch one's hamstrings out, slowly, or will that work be done more with Pelvic rocks and other exercises from the DVD's?

What has been your experience with this?

My hamstrings are so tight it's ridiculous, but I'm new to this work as of the past couple of months.

Being grateful, taking charge

Christine's work is a gift to women, and it is essential for long-term health and well-being whether or not we are experiencing prolapse now. It is here for the taking, but it becomes exhausting begging women to try it, when it is they who have come here in search of answers. The beauty and possibilities of this work were so obvious to me from the minute I came upon this site. I didn't waste 5 minutes getting started.

I'm experimenting with floor sitting- Question?

I find that it is more comfortable for me to sit on the floor with my feet and legs behind me and to one side, instead of with the soles of my feet under my bum. It is sort of a side saddle version of sitting on the soles of one's feet. That's the best I can describe it. Is this OK as far as WW posture and sitting?

I'm ditching my furniture for the most part and added a rug and floor cushions to the living room and even in my bedroom and I'm experimenting with ways to sit.


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