I thought of WWoman when I read this today.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

This was written by Friedrch Nietzsche and a friend sent it to me.
I wish more people could dance to the Whole Woman music which over 10,000 of us already hear! :)

Walking not helping


Walking just doesn't seem to help me like I wished it would or like I read on here it helps others. I seem to do much better symptom-wise on days I spend more time sitting and less time walking. That's a bummer. Why is this? Others report doing better with more walking.


Whole Woman Posture


I`d like to share this with everyone. I live in Quebec where spring has just arrived. It`s maple syrup time here .....a beautiful time here with night temperatures well below freezing and day temps sunny and above freezing. I walk my dogs in the morning and lately there is a crust on the snow. In order to walk on the crust without sinking in I have to take care to distribute my weight evenly on my feet and try to make myself as light as possible by pulling up my chest , placing my head straight and yes relaxing my belly. Perfect Whole Woman Posture!.

Which one first?

Hey Everyone!

So, I checked out the store...very cool. But, being a newbie to all this I'm not sure which is the best information to buy right now......and not having a lot of money I can only buy one thing at a time.

Which one do you guys think would be the perfect - general information/learning the basics - book/DVD that I should get?

Thanks for the help!



Hello everyone,

I am 26 years old and 11 months postpartum with my second child after a VBAC. I have mild uterine/bladder/rectal prolapse and I want to have lots more children. My prolapse isn't really getting any better.

I was wondering what kind of exercises are ok for me to do (besides the WW DVDs obviously). I am pretty nervous to exercise because I don't want to make my prolapse worse or impede its progress in getting better.

Vaginal Dryness and Honey

I know that Christine has recommended using honey as a daily treatment for vaginal dryness but I have tried it (organic/raw) and it stings when I apply it. The stinging goes away after about 5 minutes. Is this a normal reaction or should I try something else?

Encouriging women to follow WW

Dear Ladies suffering from prolapse,



Hello everybody,

Today while walking I had a slip and fall. Nothing too bad, thankfully, scraped knee and hand. However I don't think falling is particularly prolapse friendly! I seem to feel a little more bulgy than usual, although where I live it's the end of the day and that's when my prolapse feels more heavy anyway. I was able to continue my walk with no problem.

Anybody out there who felt their prolapse heavier after a fall?

TIA to all responders.



So, I'm 8 days post partum with my third (and last) child and I've been struggling since a few weeks before giving birth with what I now know is a rectocele and have since discovered a cystocele too, quite possibly the other kind too.
I'm quite uncomfortable because of them and have to push them back into place while on the toilet, which is pleasant obviously.
I see there are many others here in or have been in a similar boat... But I don't have the time ATM to wade through all the posts im afraid. But I have seen its all about posture?

My birth story.. i listen to my body not the nurse.

My Dr scheduled me for induction on Saturday 6am because I have passed my due date and my prolapse is so uncomfortable I'm also having very strong contractions that aren't regular which my Dr referred to as false labor but believe me they aren't false labor those were real true labor contractions. I arrived at the hospital later than the scheduled time around 7am on my arrival the nurse to induce me have left so other nurses attended to me and were ready to induce labor for me.


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