what kind of chair?

I promise I won't ask too many questions. I've been struggling with this question for the past year. I work as a counselor, therefore sit on a chair most of the day listneing to folks talk. I also type at my computer all day as well. I work with students at a school. I have a ergonomic chair, not bought by me. It's comfortable but should I change chairs? Don't laugh, but i'm short. I'm 5 foot 1 inch. I sit at the edge of my chair when i'm typing to reach the floor comfortably. Should I change to a harder chair?

At the very least...do no harm...

That is what I'm wanting from my physical therapist. Now, having read the book by Christine I am convinced that I don't want to abort mission this early with my PT, but I will most certainly be expressing my refusal to do any exercises or postures that go against WW. So, we'll see how long the PT lasts. lol :)

A thank-you to contributors

I would like to thank the contributors to this forum. We are all just prolapsed women with full-time lives who are spending quite a lot of time responding to the often devastated women who come here.

I was just told I have rectocele. please help!

I am 28 and I am 4 weeks postpardum with my second baby. I have rough pregnancies. I was supposed to have a second csection but miraculously I had a vbac very quick labor. I did tear and had episotomy because of baby's heartbeat going down. But It was a dream come true! But now I have this bulge right at the opening of my vagina and its so uncomfortable and if I am on my feet awhile and do certain activities like mopping I hurt and ache and have to sit. this seems so unnatural. I feel like my insides are going to come out. When I went to my OB he couldn't see the bulge. I was like what??

10 weeks postpartum and think I have a prolapse!

I am thankful to have found this forum. I just discovered I may have a prolapse. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but am visiting my midwife soon. Should she be able to properly diagnose this? What should I expect her to suggest besides kegels? (which I know won't help) I have so many questions right now. Here are a few...

*Is it once a prolapse always a prolapse? Can it be fully corrected or can it disappear?

* Where do I start as far as books or dvd? Or do I start with posture?

* How do I bend and lift? Is babywearing ok?

*posture pointers? how do on a couch?

Nauli Update & Posture Question


Well...I'm making some progress with the Nauli and today I definitely felt the vacuum. It's slow, but I figure I've got the rest of my life to work on this so no big shakes :-)

New here but not new to Whole Woman

I bought the book last fall and the DVD, First Aid for Prolapse. I read endlessly so i feel well educated. I am certain surgery is a bad idea and will do all I can to stabilize my prolpase. Ok so I have a few questions. Monday I went to my yearly gyn appt. She is a rough one. I had a pap test and a my every other year HPV test(do I really need this)? That 's my first question. My cervix feels raw since the exam is this normal? I don't know what stage my prolapse is at this point, i don't really care at the moment.

Cystocele stage 2??

Hi, I've just joined and ordered the First Aid DVD which should be delivered to me by Thursday. I had a uterine hysterectomy in 2009 after it prolapsed. I am 52 years old and my question is, will I be able to attain cystocele stage 1 if I follow the dvd? Or is the success rate low due to my surgery? I have been working on my posture. I believe I am in stage 2. This just occurred a week ago and I am due to be married in November. I would love any advice on this. Thank you!

I'm new to this and looking for some advice and support

Hello! I'm really hopeful to have found this site. I have been feeling really sad, angry, embarrassed and a whole host of other emotions because of my recent pelvic health. I've certainly been alone in this until now! My husband tries to be supportive, and I truly appreciate his efforts, but he just doesn't understand all that I'm feeling (physically and emotionally!), and he is too busy trying to solve something he knows nothing about. I have kind of a long story, but I'll give as much as I think might be relevant. Sorry if it's too much!

New to the forum

Hello everyone!
I found this site from the Jade and Pearl website. They sell Christine's book. I
have been doing pelvic PT for about a month now and I'm just starting to use
the "pink pearls" for prolapse. Does anyone have experience with this? I am
trying to improve my pelvic floor strength with Gyrotonics and I think it has been
helping me. I'm curious about the forum's experience with this approach. I'm
trying to avoid surgery.
Thank you for being here :~)


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