Will the exercises help me?


Am new to this forum - I am probably over 10 years too late I am thinking after reading many posts!! I have many issues and too many unnecessary surgeries by the sounds of it. Not sure where to start.

I had a hysterectomy a little over 10 years ago (virginal not cut) due to a cervical prolapse. I still have my ovaries. I am now 58 years old. Not long before my hysterectomy I also was diagnosed by biopsy as having Lichen Sclerosis - I manage this with a cortisone ointment when I need it - I do this as I have been told it can turn cancerous if I don't manage it.

Worried about this cystocele prolapse

Hi I have got a cystocele prolapse which Doctor diagnosed in October last year I've only been given first appointment to see gynaecology in may. This prolapse is getting worse every week now and I am so worried it's going to fall out of me. I have no problem with incontinence. Does anyone have any advice about how I can prevent this prolapse worsening any further. Thank you

Wind power

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I'm going through a rough patch at the moment with people challenging the way I have chosen to manage my prolapse. I'm still new to the whole woman work, but even after a month I can feel the benefits of the posture. As I'm 53 I know I will have to continue working at this for some time to get the full benefits. Next stage is to master fire breathing. Any tips gratefully received. I really wish people would accept my health choices, or better still support me.

A possible time frame to see changes?

Hello, I was diagnosed with Cycstocele and the main symptom I have is frequent urine. I can get up to 6 times at night to pee if I drink tea or water in the evening. It will be twice if I don't drink in the evening which I sometimes do to avoid waking up so many times.

Any known damaging exercise to the WW posture?


Hello, I was wondering if there is any known exercise lets say a yoga posture or bycicling or anything else that is contradicting the posture and should be avoided at least until the improvement is being achieved? Thank you

Hi...Newbie here

Hi everyone....need some help I think. I have been lurking here for months after my diagnosis of a stage 2 cstocele before joining. I see most of you here have more severe prolapse than I do. But am wondering if you can feel a stage 2 "bulge" while just walking. Or am I just imagining feeling it because I "know" it is there? I have no urinary symptoms at all at the moment and with reading here I hope I can keep it at a stage 2. Sorry in advance if I put this in the wrong area.

A Newb Needs Help :)

Hello, friends! I'm glad to have found this place. I'm looking for some creative insight.

I had my third and final baby two years ago. After that time, my GYN said that I had a mild bladder prolapse. I was uncomfortable for a few weeks, but over time, the symptoms went away.

Last year, I had a week or so when I felt a lot of bulging and pressure. This was right after starting my period. I used monistat, hoping it was merely a yeast infection, and it went away! I haven't had many issues since.

New here and need your advice please.. exercise program

Hi ladies, I'm over 40, 4 months postpartum with rectocele, cystocele, and an old diastasis recti. I bought the WW Fundamentals dvd but can't keep the posture for long – when I take a walk and keep the posture everything feels so much better, but my back and hip ache..
So I guess I should start exercise to help my body keep the posture, but I'm not sure which program should I begin with – The Prolapse First Aid, the WWYoga dvd, the Hips dvd, or the program for d.r.(restore your godess belly)? or a different one?...


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