Whole Woman Physical Products

For comfort, correction, and exercise, Whole Woman Products will help you on your path to pelvic health.

Whole Woman Apparel

Whole Woman Apparel


Show the world your strength and confidence in your Whole Woman shirts, leggings, mug, and organic cotton tote!

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The Whole Woman Posture Belt

Help for retraining your body into its natural conformation, especially when you anticipate being on your feet for an extended period, whether at work, walking, or standing at the sink.

Made in the USA of sturdy cotton canvas with a secure hook and loop closure, your posture belt will last for years.

Not a brace, but support and a reminder to stay pulled up into Whole Woman posture.  Sized in two inch increments, your size is not your waist size.  Please view the videos below.  

US$ 79.00 plus postage

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The Whole Woman Exercise Baton

Turned for us in Maine from Eastern hardwood, the Exercise Baton is your best accompaniment to the full range of Whole Woman exercise routines and workouts with its non-slip grip and end knobs to keep your arms in proper alignment.

The baton also makes a wonderful foot massager if you've spent a long day on your feet. 

US$ 39.00 plus postage

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The Whole Woman Posture Belt & Exercise Baton Bundle


Buy both together and save!

US$ 99.00 plus postage  

A 15% discount!

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