Introduction to the Whole Woman Community Board

Making the Whole Woman Community Board Successful for You

The Whole Woman Community is a place to share your struggles and triumphs and to post your questions and concerns. Read the responses of women just like you who have realized that prolapse, incontinence, chronic hip and knee pain, post-hysterectomy and menopausal health challenges are manageable with education, support, and persistence. 

Since 2003, Whole Woman has maintained a public online forum.  The forum software was separate from the web site and required quite a bit of maintenance to keep it safe and functioning. 

With the new website, the Community Board is built in to our web platform.  But there are some differences. 

Our old forum required that you register with a username, password, and email address.  The intent of registration was to keep the spammers out.  However, the forum was open to the public, which meant that it was constantly being barraged by spammers anyway, which required a great deal of time and effort to sort out from the legitimate registrations.

On the old forum, users had to select a username that was not associated with their or anyone else’s real name for privacy. 

The Community Board pulls your name from the account that was set up for you when you made your purchase. 

For your privacy, we recommend that you click on your account on the upper right corner of your screen and delete your last name, leaving only your last name initial to insure your privacy on the Community Board. 

On our new platform, the Community is for customers only. 


Hopefully, this will solve the bulk of the spam problem.

There are just a few ground rules for the Whole Woman Community Board.

  1. The primary purpose of this forum is education and support for women interested in and committed to the Whole Woman work. It is not a debating society about the work itself.
  2. Every question posted gets feedback from real women with busy lives who volunteer their time to write on the forum. The women on the forum want to help you help yourself.
  3. If you have a specific question, please use the search function first to see what conversations about your question already exist on the forum. There is a search function on the upper left column on the forum page. Please use it first before posting your question. Alternatively, you can use the site search function on the upper right sidebar on most of the pages. 
  4. If you have a product or website that you think would be of value, please contact us to discuss before posting on the site. We have zero tolerance for spammers on this forum and you do not want to risk having your account summarily deleted as the result of a well-intentioned effort to help the women of this community. To reach us, click on the contact us link on the menu. Thank you.


Christine Kent
Whole Woman

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