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You have questions, I have answers.  Get your pelvic condition under control.  Submit your questions to me and let me help you build a new, healthier relationship with your body.

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Join the Clinic for five weekly live video calls for two hours each.  Get the answers you need to get your pelvic condition under control.  Five weekly 2 hour  live video calls with Whole Woman founder, Christine Kent.

Expand Your Knowledge

You are the only one who can stabilize and reverse pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, chronic hip and knee pain.  Education, support, and persistence are the tools for success.

Get Back on Track

In the pressure of daily activities, it is easy to lose sight of the attention we need to invest in ourselves for the  health, vitality, and energy we need to give to our spouses/partners, children, extended families, and communities.

The Whole Woman Clinic

When you just need some help getting back on your Whole Woman Program...

If a “booster shot” of new information and encouragement would help you reengage with your Whole Woman work, I hope you will consider joining my upcoming Whole Woman Clinic.

When I teach women about self-care, I emphasize running experiments and then listening to your body for feedback about the experiment.

This Clinic is an experiment for me to see how many women I can help jump start their Whole Woman work and achieve a new level of comfort and success with the work. 

I have never done this before and may never do it again, so it’s a unique opportunity to get help with your condition.

The Clinic participation will only be available starting March 5th through March 9th.  You'll get notification when the "shopping cart is open."  But when the cart closes at midnight on March 9th, it's closed for the duration of the Clinic.

Here’s how it works. 

  1. When you sign up, you’ll receive a short questionnaire to fill out and submit.  I will go through everyone’s questions and organize all the responses, and pick probably the top 3-5 questions.
  2. On Wednesday, March 11th, at 7 PM for two hours and each Wednesday at the same time for four additional weeks, I’ll send the subscribers a link to a live video call where I’ll be responding to the questions submitted.
  3. The video call may or may not be interactive.  It just depends on the number of women involved.  In any case, I’ll record the call and post it for viewing by all the clinic participants until the following call. 
  4. I chose 7 PM Mountain Time (GMT -7) because hopefully it will give women on the west coast time to get home from work, and those on the east coast, it won’t be too late in the evening.  It will be a very late night if you’re in Europe, I’m afraid and late morning or early to mid-afternoon for our Australian and New Zealand sisters, but it’s the best time I could work out. 
  5. At the end of each call, I’ll send out another questionnaire to make sure I covered everything needed regarding the subjects from the prior call, and the subjects for our next call.  I’ll do that each week.  I want to respond to every question I possibly can in the five sessions.
  6. During the five weeks the Clinic is scheduled for, we’ll have TEN full hours together for the cost of a one hour consultation with me, just US$ 197.00
  7. What I can’t do is one-on-one consultations with hundreds of women.  I just don’t have the bandwidth given the research I’m doing to continue to provide you with cutting edge alternatives to the traditional medical model,  so I’ve developed this Clinic to get as much information into the hands of as many of our Whole Woman friends and customers as possible. 
  8. My goal is simple, to make sure you are on track with the Whole Woman work and are getting the results you need, want, and deserve. 

I sincerely hope you will join me and move your health and quality of life to the next level. 

Just click the button below to register.  I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Best wishes,


Christine Kent
Whole Woman

PS. I'll be sending you reminders, but if you procrastinate, you may miss a one-time chance to get your questions answered by me personally.



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