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Christine Kent, RN, Founder of Whole Woman

For Women of All Ages Struggling with
Pelvic Health

In 1993, I suffered a severe uterine prolapse. Who wants to share that kind of embarrassing secret with the world? There wasn’t anyone I could turn to. I felt powerless yet refused the drastic surgery I was told was essential.

Instead, I spent almost ten years researching the problem. Finally, I cracked the code and reversed my prolapse.

I knew I needed to teach other women how to be liberated from the physical and emotional devastation I experienced. 

Today, through my videos and books, my work has kept thousands of women out of operating rooms in over sixty countries. 

And, my work has evolved to help women resolve chronic hip and knee pain, post-hysterectomy, and menopausal challenges as well.

I will provide the women in your organization or the families of your listeners with life-changing information based on scientific research that will never make it to the doctor's office.

Below is a sampling of my presentations and of course, I'm happy to work with you to address the needs of your organization or listeners.

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The Myth of the Pelvic Floor

The 500 year old mistake that gynecology refuses to correct. Once accurate female pelvic anatomy is understood, the paths to self-healing and self-care are clear.

Why Kegels Don’t Work
- and What Does Work

Doctors know kegel exercises are ineffective. Why they continue to recommend them shows what doctors don’t want you to know.

Virtually Everything You Have Been Told About Women’s Health is Wrong

Very little of what is discovered in scientific research will ever make it to your doctor’s office.