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Read This if You Want to Get Your Prolapse Under Control Without Dangerous Surgery

Andreas Vesalius made a mistake. 

The famous anatomist and medical illustrator got the actual alignment of the pelvis wrong and the error has never been corrected by medicine.

Oh, and he made this mistake five hundred years ago!

Doctors can’t help you with prolapse because they only know what they’re taught, and what they are taught was and is wrong

Andreas Vesalius

Despite numerous calls for correction over the past 80 years, the medical industry has built a multi-billion dollar business on the foundation of an anatomical error. 

This is why their methods are ineffective, dangerous, and do permanent surgical damage to over one million women every year in the US alone.

So if you are suspicious of the medical advice to have surgery for prolapse, you are right on. 

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The problem is simply this.  Your pelvis is not oriented like a basin with the opening at the bottom, which requires a strong “pelvic floor” to keep your organs from falling out as you have been told. 

Your pelvis is a ring on its edge and the opening is at the back. Your bladder and uterus are happily supported by the pubic bones, which come together underneath you like straps of a saddle.  And the irony of all this is that any woman can verify this for herself in a few seconds. 

The so-called pelvic floor is actually a pelvic wall.

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The Root Cause of Prolapse

So why then do fifty to eighty percent of all women suffer prolapse at some point in their lives?

The answer may surprise you.

Since childhood, you’ve been taught, if not directly, then by example, to tuck your bottom, flatten your belly, and pull your shoulders back.

Unfortunately, this is a completely unnatural conformation of the female body.  The result of this unnatural posture is that the horizontal bony true pelvic floor, when tilted by tucking your bottom, turns into a slide, and the bladder slides down into the vaginal space. It also forces you to reverse your natural breathing cycle.

Who knows how this got started, but it has been going on for generations.

The Postural Solution

The solution to all this medical craziness turns out to be postural. Create accurate natural alignment, restrengthen your body to support your natural posture, and the problem takes care of itself.

What doctors don’t know, and which you can discover for yourself, is that prolapse is only a symptom, not a disease.  When you correct the underlying cause, the symptom disappears.

How I Learned This the Hard Way

I had to discover this for myself after suffering a profound uterine prolapse when I was in nursing school.  I refused the surgery I was told was essential and struggled with my condition for years. 

Then an odd thing happened.  In a moment of desperation, I simply opened myself up, and much to my amazement a message came to me.  “You are experiencing your prolapse challenge for a reason, pay attention to it, solve the problem, and teach others.”

I spent literally the next several years ensconced in the medical school library, pouring over books and research studies in anatomy, gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, evolutionary biology, even 19th century medical texts. 

Little by little, the pieces of the puzzle fell together into a clear picture.

I quickly got my own prolapse under control, wrote my first book, Saving the Whole Woman and started teaching women what I had learned. 

Within a few weeks women were writing back that their symptoms were improving!

Since that time, my methods have kept thousands of women out of the operating room and leading full physically and sexually active lives in over sixty countries.

What I have learned over the years is that there are three pillars to the Whole Woman work.

  • Education

  • Persistence

  • Support if you feel the need

What I am here to share with you today is the educational products and support services I offer, which can stabilize and reverse your prolapse condition.

Persistence is your responsibility, but central to my discovering the Whole Woman work is that no one can resolve this issue but you. 

If you struggle with pelvic organ prolapse, cystocele (bladder), rectocele (rectum), or uterine, educating yourself about your anatomy and the root cause of your prolapse is the first step. 

First Aid for Prolapse

My video course, First Aid for Prolapse, will give you what you need to understand anatomically the root cause of prolapse, how to eliminate the root cause, and the many tips and tricks I’ve learned over more than two decades, which will keep you living your life comfortably and confidently without dangerous surgery. 

Here’s what comes with the course -

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Part 1 - Essential Education

  • Welcome to First Aid for Prolapse
  • Part One - The Whole Woman Solution
  • Part Two - Why the Whole Woman Solution Works
  • Part Three - Practical Whole Woman Living


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Part 2 - Important Exercises

  • The Whole Woman Yoga® Mat Workout
  • The Whole Woman Dance Workout


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Part 3 - Additional Tools

  • Community Message Board
  • Why Whole Woman Tools?
  • Whole Woman Breathing
  • Pelvic Rocks
  • Firebreathing
  • Nauli
  • Belly Tosses
  • Hip Turnout
  • Toileting

So you can see, this video course is comprehensive, with specialized exercises to help you successfully manage your prolapse for the rest of your life without dangerous surgery. 

Let me share with you just a few of the hundreds of success stories from the Whole Woman online forum…


Thank you for this site, the wise words and amazing advice which I have been following successfully for over five years. Through breathing, posture, exercises and life style changes you have given me a recipe for life, for health, independence and no risk natural answers to my cystocele and rectocele.

Everhopeful, UK

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…I went online searching for any information regarding prolapse and how to reverse it or at least stop it from progressing. That was when I found Christine's site!…I can also tell you that the minute I assumed the correct posture I knew this is what my body wanted. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your life's work Christine. You are a blessing...


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I just want to say that I am so, so very glad that I found your website all those three years ago....The posture has been a miracle worker...This posture not only brought everything up and secure and prevents any further prolapse no matter how much I lift or what I do physically. But more, it brought out my innate elegance, strength, self-confidence, beauty and power. I have grown to become, in many ways, a new person....or maybe it is that I found not a new person, but come nearer my real and truer, uncontaminated, God-blessed self. 


Science and Medicine

Most people believe that medicine is science. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most results of scientific research will never be found in a doctor's office.

The reason is simple - medicine isn't a science. It is a business.

This critical distinction means that medical decisions are made based on economics, not necessarily what's best for the patient.

I spend my days studying scientific research papers. Everything in this video course is backed by solid science.

The reason your doctor can’t tell you about your prolapse is because doctors are only allowed to practice what they are taught. 

In many ways, medicine is a prison for the doctors.  Any deviation they make from established “standards of care” are met with swift and draconian retribution. 

Who controls the “standards of care”?  The multinational drug and surgical supply companies who have zero interest in any natural and inexpensive approaches to resolving your condition.

Second, you and your doctor have an economic conflict of interest.  He or she only makes money in the operating room.  Gynecologists can’t support their overhead doing PAP smears.  Gynecology has become a multi-billion dollar industry, tragically at the cost to millions of women.

Now however, you have a legitimate, proven alternative to stabilize and reverse your prolapse.

Support When You Need It - You Are Not Alone!

Additionally, you have access to the Whole Woman Community Message Board for help and support when you need it. 

Of course I do personal consultations, classes, and intensives for women, and also have personally trained and certified Whole Woman Practitioners in the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Ghana, and soon in Denmark, Bulgaria, and Israel.

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Access to Your Course

Access to the First Aid for Pelvic Organ Prolapse video course is only US$ 197.00 for 12 full months.

You can renew your access, for only $25 for each subsequent year.  We take all major credit/debit cards as well as PayPal.

Lifelong Learner

If your learning journey has taught you that learning about diet, natural health, and legitimate, science-based alternatives to the medical system is important, we offer an additional membership level.

The Lifelong Learner membership gives you access to all six core video courses as well as all the additional Pay Per View video courses from Christine Kent.  For more information on the Lifelong Learner membership level, just click the Lifelong Learner button below.

What to do Next

One thing is clear about prolapse, it doesn’t get better when ignored, it gets worse.  

The sooner you start your healing process, the sooner you will feel the exhilaration of knowing that you are in control of your prolapse, it no longer is in control of your life, energy, and well-being.

Click the button below to begin the journey that can transform your life.

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