Almost 400,000 total hip replacements are performed each year in the US alone. The majority are on women. Many of these operations are follow up from failed “hip repair” surgeries.

More than 600,000 hysterectomies are performed each year, about one per minute, twenty-four hours a day.

About the same number of notoriously unreliable “prolapse repair” surgeries are done each year.

The vast majority of these surgeries are not related to cancer or other disease.

The justifications for most orthopedic and gynecologic surgeries are based on a description of female pelvic anatomy that was debunked more than sixty years ago.

Why then do these massive numbers of life-altering surgeries continue to be performed?

Two reasons.

First, the medical system has convinced us (or at least most of us) that they are the only thing standing between us and the grim reaper. As a result, their expectation is that you will passively submit to their recommendations, and they count on your ignorance.

Second, we collectively assume the powers that set the “standards of care” are wise and benevolent caretakers of our health and well-being.

Who sets these “standards of care” anyway? Medicine will claim that they are all based on science, which is nonsense. They don’t call medicine a “practice” for no reason. It’s a business. It may be informed by science, but it is also heavily informed by economics.

Doctors go through four years of college, then typically four years of medical school, then more years of residency. It’s a brutally challenging educational system that commonly leaves young doctors with a quarter of a million dollars or more in student debt.

Once licensed, they are imprisoned in a system which has no room for creativity. Any attempt to step outside accepted “standards of care” brings swift retribution, potential loss of hospital privileges, or even license to practice medicine.

Doctors learn early on to toe the line, to stick with the established methods. The average gynecologist in the US makes $220,000 per year. The average salary for an orthopedic surgeon is $450,000. To make that kind of money they have to spend a lot of time in the operating room. And they do.

What if the standards of care are wrong?

There is no vehicle or mechanism to challenge them.

Why might that be?

Because there are giant economic engines behind what you and I see as retail consumers of medical services.

Huge, multi-national drug companies, surgical equipment and supply companies, and medical imaging companies are the true powers behind the facade of standards of care.

And these people are protecting billions of dollars in revenue. There is no doubt where their priorities lie, and you and I are not among them.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Get educated.

When you understand the history of how gynecologic and orthopedic surgeries started, and grew into the institutions they are today, you’ll realize the depth of fraud, the willingness to ignore hard data, and indifference to human suffering that have fueled the growth of these industries.

And I use the term “industries” intentionally. There is no compassion or desire to alleviate suffering behind these organizations.

The doctors who execute these standards of care are undoubtedly mostly caring men and women. But the system they represent is corrupt and rapacious.

I have been researching this story for years and it is the basis for a new book I am writing. In the meantime, this story is so important I have summarized this blockbuster information in a Special Report -

The Massive Imaging Fraud on Which Gynecology & Orthopedics are Built

The astonishing story of how modern medicine has utilized imaging technology to reinforce inaccurate pelvic anatomy, and support a multi-billion dollar surgical assault on women, men, and children.

Digging into the history of how orthopedics and gynecology evolved as medical disciplines, I ran squarely into medical imaging. That’s the smoking gun.

The essential message here is that as much as we want to trust the medical system we cannot safely do so. This is a hard reality to assimilate. I hear this all the time from the women I work with. They trust their doctor, they need to trust the system.

But the doctor, no matter how kind and benevolent, is just the point person for a dangerous system that has no moral compunction to ignore hard data that would potentially cost them billions. And your suffering is just collateral damage in their pursuit of economic and social domination.

The smart choice is to study the facts and learn how and why the system poses a serious danger to you. Only then will you be able to safely manage your relationship with your doctor.

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I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my book, and thank you for your support.

Best wishes,

Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

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