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Whole Woman is evolving ever more deeply into the heart of nature. In ancient times people were inextricably connected with the earth and earth medicines. However, they had no consciousness of how healing occurs at a cellular level. Five-hundred years of scientific study gave us that awareness, but ironically it was at the expense of the health and wholeness of humankind.

Science has always been fundamentally at odds with nature, yet the objectivity of the scientific method has provided us with essential truths about how our body works, even if this information is largely kept hidden from the public.

The distinction must be made between most “medical science” and the true sciences of physics or mathematics. For instance, distinguished cell biologist Robert Weinberg recalls being admonished by a senior colleague to “Never, ever, under any circumstance confuse cancer research with science.”

The Whole Woman Inner Circle is for women who are devoted to self-care, and who want to help me, and this community of women, bring light into the world of women’s health. We are a circle of evolving women who understand that provincial and moralistic views on health do not serve to keep women healthy. We will have frank and fearless discussions on topics important to the health of all women and the planet. 

Included with the Inner Circle membership is

  • All of the videos in the current Whole Woman library
  • Pre-release versions of any new videos or books for input and feedback to me personally,
  • Ten monthly interactive video calls exclusively for Inner Circle members
  • A dedicated Community Message Board for Inner Circle members moderated by me personally
  • Live streamed Whole Woman Yoga® on Sunday mornings four times a month with access to recordings of past classes. Classes will include both Whole Woman Yoga® as well as answers to questions that have been submitted by members or discussion of my latest research findings.

The Inner Circle membership subscription is US$ 52.00 per month

As with the other membership levels, subscriptions are available on both monthly and an annual basis. There are no contracts and you can cancel monthly subscriptions at any time or at the end of the subscription in the case of an annual membership. 

Annual memberships get additional benefits.

  • Twelve months for the cost of ten
  • A 20% discount on consultations, classes, and intensives with me
  • A 20% discount on tickets for the Annual Whole Woman Conference in August of each year in Albuquerque, NM USA.

If this level of involvement in Whole Woman speaks to you then welcome!

The need for a readily available resource for women with chronic conditions for which the medical system does not have good answers is huge. Your support for and involvement with Whole Woman at this level will facilitate and enrich the Whole Woman work, and make a difference in the lives of women around the world.

I look forward to your participation. Just click the button below for monthly or annual membership.

With your membership, you’ll receive a monthly schedule of video calls and Whole Woman Yoga® classes.

Thank you for your interest and consideration of Whole Woman Inner Circle membership.

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

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