Posture and Belly Breathing



I have a question about maintaining WW posture and belly breathing at the same time. It seems that when my chest is lifted, it is much harder to bring air into the lower belly, but when my chest is not lifted (or I'm slouching), I can easily fill my lungs and belly with air.

Does anyone else have this experience - or can someone explain why this would happen?

Thanks, Marric

Toe Walking


My 5 year old daughter has started toe walking. This is something that I did as a child and one of my brothers did as well. My parents discouraged it and even took me to an ortho doctor that told me I would shorten my achilles tendon and require braces on my legs if I did not stop. He felt that my toe walking was a result of my weakness in my ankles which has caused me to pronate inwards when I am on my feet. I did eventually stop, but have struggled with weak ankles, hips, knees, etc. I started wearing barefoot shoes and have resolved many of my problems but not all.

Sitting posture


I am wondering if you think sitting on an exercise ball would help me sit in the correct posture. I have watched Christine's videos (my daughter had them from several years ago), visited a PT specialist, and I've been doing the recommended exercises. I do sit at the computer for several hours a day. Sitting on the ball feels to me like my posture is correct - just looking for some feedback.

Help with hips


Hello ladies.

So I posted a while ago that I was having pains in my low back. Since then I've been to see my nearest practitioner to check my posture and it all seemed ok which was good. I realised though that I had been stretching my back a lot and I think I was aggravating it so since I've stopped excessively stretching it the pains have all but gone.

New here and questions

Hello ladies,

Rectocele - Reassurance needed

Hello everyone,

Red Clover Tea

Hi folks. Seven years ago when I was 55, Christine and this website turned my life around after losing my husband to glioblastoma and being drop-kicked into menopause. The Whole Woman re-education about my body and implementation of the exercise program in my daily routine ended hot flashes and incontinence. I have been using red clover tea since the beginning of this journey and swear by its phytoestrogen power. I will be backpacking the Grand Canyon in December where boiling water and carrying a quart of tea will not be possible.

Clarification on Back Exercises (Goddess Belly)


I am working on the goddess belly work out and some of the yoga. Having to move slowly due to real muscle weakness. I also had to start working with a chiropractor to re-align everything. I had so many ribs and my hip out of place that trying to adjust my posture was very painful.
Anyway, back to the point. When Christine does the exercises on her back, like scissors or lifting the knees toward chest, is the lumbar curved? My back tends to flatten and i cannot tell if I am doing them correctly.


I haven't posted in forever as have gotten sidetracked dealing with cdiff for nearly 2 years now...
I have both a cystocele and rectocyle and since cdiff the hemorrhoids are prolapsed...
I have A constant feeling of fullness in my rectum..relieved only by bearing down and passing gas or any stool that might be left in there..I cant function as it is so debilitating. anyone else experience this or have any advice? thank you. susan

hard surface chairs


I recently discovered that sitting on hard surface chairs which I do because of the whole woman posture but, if I am sitting on them for long periods of time it will irritate my urethra, don't know if anyone else has experienced this but just putting it out there. I know this to be true cause I had keeping a log of what I was doing and when the irritation was coming on.


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