Sitting on Zafu/Zabuton

Hi everyone...

DH and I finally bought ourselves a set of really nice couches, however, I'm finding that they might not be so hot for prolapse. They are super-comfy but don't promote a very upright posture at all.

I was thinking about buying a set of these...a zafu and zabuton (aka meditation cushions) like these at :


Different or the same?

Is uterine prolapse and uterovaginal prolapse one & the same? While I was told I had a uterine prolapse, in her report my urogyn called it a utrovaginal prolapse and wrote "Vagina: cervix and anterior fornix descend outside of hymen." In my research the two terms seem to be used interchangeably, it's confusing. Can anyone clear this up?

Sea Sponges and V supporter

Can anyone tell me about the sea sponges and what they can help with.

Also, about where I can get them and the V supporter (underwear, right?)

thank you

My annual OBGYN appointment

Hi Ladies!

I just went for my annual OBGYN appt. the other day. You know, pap smear, breast exam, etc. Last year, after diagnosing me with a cystocele and slight rectocele, my doctor strongly recommended I have surgery to "fix" my prolapses -- the bladder in particular. Although I declined and had a wait and see attitude, this year he was hedging towards that subject again. Stating that he just learned a new surgical technique called "the hammock" -- eeekk just the sound of it makes me cringe!!! Although he claims that everything is "sagging" -- I cut him off at the pass. I decided to tell him how I am managing my prolapses -- via the posture and my friend, the sea sponge! I told him about this wonderful website and forum where I have learned so much -- including the sea sponge suggestion.

A question about expectations

Hi everyone, new here. I'm a mother of 3, the youngest who is 10 mos. old. Like another story I read here, despite my best efforts for a natural childbirth, I a birth where pitocin was administered, protracted 2nd stage (4 hours) and vacuum extraction. I was catheterized following birth. I noticed stress incontinence after her birth, and periodically, but didn't think much of it for the next 7 years! I had two completely natural childbirths after her, at home, no interventions. Yea!! But, I guess I'm now living with the legacy of the medical interventions. I refused an episiotomy, at which time I saw the resident roll her eyes. Then, according to my dh, she pulled with all her might. I tore in the upper vaginal tissue, a tear they didn't notice for 7 hours, after which I needed a blood transfusion and went into OR to repair the tear.

New article

Hi Everyone,

I've just posted the letter I promised you last week I'd write. It's in the Resources link on the home page. I hope to hear your reactions, thoughts, criticisms, etc! Especially from Michele and Granolamom, our resident PT's!!

I hope you enjoy and gain some insight. Actually, I feel with this little exercise I kind of put the whole story together.

:-) Christine

Peeing in the shower :)

Hi, just thought I'd share my bladder emptying technique. I found it easy to empty the bladder on all fours during my shower. Seems convenient to do that at least once a day!

Uterine prolapse and menstruation

At 52 I still have my periods and find with the prolapse the whole lower abdomen very sore from the belly button down to the pubic bone. I suppose it would not be wise to do kegels at this point? Have any of you had this kind of pain and add to that sore legs because of heaviness of the uterus and bladder. By the way I have an inversion table which I use for the prolapse and it helps but not 100%. Is the slant board you are talking about from Dr. Bernard Jensen the same thing? Thanks.

yoga and setback

I have continued with yoga after gaining insight from Christine and have felt great but I have been careful about not tucking my tailbone under because I immediately feel more pressure down there. However on Monday night we did back bends and he gets us to tuck our tailbone under to protect our lower back. There were a few moves that set off alarms in my mind because they didn't quite feel right. Unfortunately I kept doing them. The next day it was like all my hard work went out the window. In the afternoon I had major pressure down there again (from my rectocele). I am confused as to which poses to avoid.

Physical Therapy

I started doing physical therapy a couple of wks ago. My therapist taught me to lay on my back with my hips and butt elevated on a foam wedge about 45 degreee incline. She told me to exercise the pelvic floor on the wedge which helps the organs slide back into position. The exercises include reps of quick kegles and uses a stretch band around the knees and i would alternate opening and closing my knees with feet flat on bed. The theory is that the pelvic floor muscle will be stretched and lifted to strengthen.

I have not found it too be slightly helpful but b/c of my coughing recently it hasn't seemed to make a difference.


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