Has anyone heardof this product or tried it? A friend of mine got one and said it's helping her a lot. I'm wondering if this might be something that would be good in the interim until the exercises start working. Any thought?

Kegels and rectocele

Hi, I noticed that my rectocele is getting worse. I was a grade 1 in Jan but i feel like it has been more difficult to eliminate completely. Also during my period, I see bright red blood when i wipe on the tush so i know it's not from the vagina.

I have been doing kegels since that diagnosis and wondering if that can worsen the rectocele condition. It is getting more uncomfortable on a daily basis. I notice more gas and just prolapse discomfort if i don't poop. I used to not feel the rectocele on a daily basis.

Mommynow, I think you mentioned something in relation to kegels. Just

I can't figure out how to order

When I try to "checkout" it won't take my login info. Is there somewhere else I'm supposed to set up an account first? I feel like such a dummy!!!

Symtoms come and go?

I'm new to the forum, and new to UP and apparently experiencing some bladder or urethra falling symptoms as well. It seems as though some days I feel my urethra falling and then, after several days, it feels as though it has gone back up....is this typical? Now, though, it feels as though it has fallen again. Does anyone else have this experience? Any ideas why? I have been carrying my 3 year old more than usual over the past week (hiking trips...she needs a little help sometimes). I would love any feedback anyone has to offer.

How much will your sessions cost?

I don't know if I should ask that on here, but I'm wondering if I need to make a trip to Albq. in the near future.... How much will your session cost that is going to explain all the details for your program and show the exercises?


How to sit

I've been working on going through this site all afternoon...There is so much info here! How and what are we supposed to sit on? Like when you eat supper, watch tv, sit at the computer, etc. What about in public???

The batons are here!

Hi All,

We have a few more batons in inventory for any who are interested. We are using them here at the Center and I'm going to create a little download soon (after my Grand Opening!) just so people have some ideas how to use them.



New here with questions


I'm not sure where to put this, so I'll just start here. I'm a stay-at-home mom of 9 (ages 4 - 25). I had a prolaspe after number 5, but it hasn't bothered me a whole lot. Yesterday I went to a doctor because I've been having a lot of problems with not sleeping and panic attacks (I'm assuming these are hormonal issues). Anyway, I just got a complete physical and I'm waiting to find out my levels of my hormones, etc. When she did my PAP, she informed me that I have a rectocele, cycstocele (which I knew I had) and that my bladder was falling some and my urethra tube was hanging down??? Of course,she'll want to do surgery, put me on HRT etc. Don't plan to go there....

How bad is it to run

I'd like to start running but have been told that this sort of exercise isn't good for women with prolapses (I have an anterior and posterior prolapse and have had a TVT operation).

My reason for wanting to run is to try to shed some weight and to give myself some weight bearing exercise to help stave off osteoperosis (I love swimming, cycling and rowing so need something more).

I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me from your collective wisdom.

Prevention - Videos/Books


I have come to realize how many women might not have come down with prolapse had they been exercising properly. Have you considered making a video or writing a book that is just very basic for women who have not yet come down with prolapse but who are just concerned with proper alignment and exercises for the female body? For prevention purposes only and because I want to do exercises that are geared towards the female body, I’m interested in your "First Aid for Prolapse" video, but because of the name, I’d want to keep it hidden. Same goes for the book. Perhaps a basic video titled something along the lines of “Exercise for the Female Body?” I know making a video or writing a book is a huge ordeal and isn’t just easily done, but I thought I’d just throw the idea out there. I think it’d be great to get this information out to women “before” they develop the problem. The video or book wouldn’t even have to be centered around prolapse – its main focus could just be proper alignment/exercise for the female body.


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