Umbilical Hernia & Diastasis recti

Hello everyone,

I have just been diagnosed with a umbilical hernia after experinecing sudden pain & a lump while carrying something heavy.
I'm also currently receiving treatment from a physiotherapist for my diastasis recti. I have a stage 2 uterine prolapse.
I have had 8 children. (I need to update my username!)
I'm wondering what the current belief is surrounding umbilcal hernia repair & also the use of mesh to complete the repair. Is it as dangererous as the mesh used in prolapse surgery? Are there dangers that the medical team may not tell me about?

Advil subsitute


Not sure if this is the Forum Topic that this should be in but I figured it was a good guess as I'm looking for a natural food/tea to use instead of Advil.

Halloween Sale


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Hello Ladies.

I'm back with an update.About 8months ago I posted in the forum that I have a rectocele, I'm pregnant and scared if the prolapse won't get after birth.I was eleven weeks pregnant then.I had a very smooth pregnancy,the rectocele did not give me any problems.Sometimes I'd even forget that I have a prolapse and I was very active.

Deepest Sympathies

Sending our deepest sympathies to dear Surviving, who lost her beautiful 96-year-old mother last night after caring for her full-time for many years.

We love you so much Surviving60!!

Christine and Lanny

OAB tips needed

Dear wonderful ladies, I wonder if you may be able to help? I have a bladder prolapse, not severe, and an overactive bladder. I have been doing the pee-on pee-off exercises for nearly 3 months, daily, which is really helping in that I am feeling all my pelvic organs seem to be staying in place more as my connective tissues are strengthening.

Posture and Belly Breathing



I have a question about maintaining WW posture and belly breathing at the same time. It seems that when my chest is lifted, it is much harder to bring air into the lower belly, but when my chest is not lifted (or I'm slouching), I can easily fill my lungs and belly with air.

Does anyone else have this experience - or can someone explain why this would happen?

Thanks, Marric

Toe Walking


My 5 year old daughter has started toe walking. This is something that I did as a child and one of my brothers did as well. My parents discouraged it and even took me to an ortho doctor that told me I would shorten my achilles tendon and require braces on my legs if I did not stop. He felt that my toe walking was a result of my weakness in my ankles which has caused me to pronate inwards when I am on my feet. I did eventually stop, but have struggled with weak ankles, hips, knees, etc. I started wearing barefoot shoes and have resolved many of my problems but not all.

Sitting posture


I am wondering if you think sitting on an exercise ball would help me sit in the correct posture. I have watched Christine's videos (my daughter had them from several years ago), visited a PT specialist, and I've been doing the recommended exercises. I do sit at the computer for several hours a day. Sitting on the ball feels to me like my posture is correct - just looking for some feedback.


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