Maybe my life isn't over?


This week I self-diagnosed in terror, realizing I have bulges coming from every direction.

Fears were confirmed when my GYN told me I have cystocele and rectocele. I am a 38-year-old mother of two.

This week I felt like my life is over... my vagina is destroyed... and it's doomed to get worse. I feel like I have a dislodged tampon sitting in my vagina and fear it will get worse with time.

Straddling a stool while sitting at desk


Hello -

I need to find different ways of sitting at my desk in an office. I've read many posts about straddling a stool while sitting at a desk. I can see how it would keep the upper part of the body in posture, however I thought the feet had to be flat on the floor and the legs at right angles. Can someone explain how this works?

Heavy bleeding & clots after sex

I'm new here, and have an urgent concern. I've had what I believe is a cystocele and rectocele to varying degrees for almost 8 years {diagnosed about 6 years ago but lots has changed since then}.

After multiple doctors telling me my only option was surgery I stopped seeing medical doctors and learned to manage things on my own {sort of}.

My prolapses have gotten significantly worse this summer, as I have become increasingly active. Tonight I played competitive sports for 2 hours. I felt great at the gym...

Secondary issues about to do me in...

It's been awhile since I've posted here because my significant prolapse issues without a uterus are not much effected by the usual WW approach, at least not for me, but I'm still managing with an ever present rectocele bulge that most of the time feels like a water balloon crowning a bit beyond my vaginal opening. I wear a V2 supporter all the time except when I'm sleeping at night. Anyway, this summer some secondary issues have reared their heads and are about to do me in. These include some significant hemorrhoids that are about to itch me to death!

Moment of Positivity

I am new to forum today. I am 6 years post-hysterectomy, low on estrogen, osteopenia, scoliosis, hip pain, and a month ago discovered cystouretroceles. Went to pelvic floor PT twice over a couple of weeks, did her Kegel exercises, which I now see may have made things worse - also rode my bicycle which enlarged the prolapses, and then again, they enlarged, possibly after my weight routine. Then I found this site. I am so grateful, but have been all-consumed with the emotional turmoil, shock of this all, and been researching online 24/7.

Fire Breathing vs Jiggling

Hello -

I've been having a set back that has lasted weeks, maybe even a few months. I never had to do a much fire breathing before, but would find myself sticking my bum in the air and jiggling until I felt the organs fall into place.

My question is, does fire breathing and jiggling accomplish the same result as far as getting the organs back in place? Is one more effective than the other? The jiggling does not seem to help much anymore.

Diet help


Hi, I got prolapse of all organs 13 years ago after the birth of my first child. I found the whole woman site within the first couple years and a couple years after each baby I noticed improvement with my prolapse symptoms. I mostly did the posture and thought I ate pretty healthy. However, a couple months ago my prolapse symptoms have gotten worse and it is making me very uncomfortable. I have so much pressure. I think it is from the rectocele but I can't figure out why it has gotten worse. I am wondering if I changed something without knowing.

5 Days Post Partum- Healing with Tearing

I had a minor Cystocele before I got pregnant. I chose to have a natural childbirth with midwives to help me have the best odds of avoiding a c-section or other interventions hospitals jump to.

Unfortunately my little guy was posterior and presented his head at the widest angle (often called "Military" presentation). This made labor pretty difficult without a great deal of force on my part. I am now recovering from a partial 3rd degree tear. *sigh*

Comfortable relaxing positions while maintaining posture


Hello -

I just recently read someone's post stating that reclining in bed with upper body propped up with pillows is bad for prolapse. I have been relaxing in this position for years thinking that since my body is in a mostly horizontal position, it would not be harmful. It seems that there are no comfortable relaxing positions that we can assume while maintaining WW posture. It's either standing/sitting with back ram-rod straight or lying flat on our backs.

getting up from squat or hip bend


Hi Everyone,
First, I would like to express my admiration for Christine in her astuteness, hard work, persistence, and courage in understanding and casting light on correct female posture!


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