Standing firebreathing


I try to perform firebreathing standing without bending forward. Can you get the same benefits by doing the exercise standing without bending forward? I play a wind instrument and to avoid pressure on my abdomen when playing - (I have rectocele and cystocele) I try to perform firebreathing standing. It could be a win win situation, because it is pretty much the same breathing technique you use when playing a wind instrument or singing. A better tone on my instrument and an improvement of my prolapse.

Can't stand on tiptoe due to nerve damage ...


I have the First Aid video which I bought back in 2017, but only watched it once because so much of the exercises are on tiptoes. I have come back to WW and using the posture and tips and I really want to engage in the exercises, but due to nerve damage on my right foot, I can't go on tiptoes on my right foot... any suggestions on either how to overcome this using the video, or if any of Christine's other videos is less tiptoe heavy (although I do understand that this is a big part of the philosophy). Feel like I'm really missing out by not being able to do that :(

I sit and sit and sit - please help me get it right !


I'm a holistic psychotherapist and can easily spend 7 hours a day sitting on a tub chair to see my clients... I can't get a new chair, so I'm thinking about cushions to support the chair - any ideas? I saw in another post that someone mentioned wedged cushions... could this work? Or can you recommend another type of cushion? or other ideas?

I then transition to my desk and sit in an office chair for another 2 hours or so... so you can see ... this is ia LOT of sitting each day!

Newbie questions

I have a grade 2 rectocele and cystocele - 33 years old, two kids - 3 yo and 10 month old.

Frequent Suppository Use

Hi everyone,

Is there any problem with frequently using a suppository to help with bowel movements? (I use at least one every time I try to go).

I have pelvic floor dysfunction and a small rectocele and get severe anxiety when I'm on the toilet that I'll fail to manage a bowel movement and will have to leave the toilet with a full bowel. Using a suppository gives me confidence that it will come out and helps me to relax.

Recently Broken Back, Looking For Support

Dear Whole Woman friends,


I just want to say that I am really looking forward to the first aid for osteoporosis. My mother has serious, debilitating osteoporosis and has had several collapsed vertebrae. She suffers far too much pain for anyone and her digestion also suffers because of her now extreme stoop. My grandma also had osteoporosis and I’ve been told I’m in the osteopenia range. This page has been my lifeline for my cystocele prolapse for the past two years. Whenever I feel rough I make a visit and then I don’t feel alone in all this. I am so grateful for all your work.


Was just fitted with a pessary on Friday, 9/6. Size 5. Had to back to the doctor on Monday, 9/9 to get removed, not a good fit. My question is does it hurt really bad everytime the pessary is removed and should I try a smaller size, the next one is a 4. Ladies, those of you that have tried pessaries, please share your story with me. Many thanks.

Healing prolapse/rectocele

Hello! And, help!

I have 7 months postpartum. But, I’ve been busy being a new mom and lot of stress, hopefully it’s in the past. But, I really need to deal with this prolapse and rectocele . I feel it’s worse now and I’m peeing before I get to the toilet now . And, I’m really unhappy with my anatomy . I can’t see my vaginal opening and when inserting my fingers I feel protrusions from everyone angle . So, I really want to fix this mess. Please let me know what I can do . Kegals are a joke .

Saving the Whole woman book.

I just bought this through Amazon second hand. Christine Kent, I've only read the first chapter Journeying and it was so beautifully written and inspiring. I want to read it again and have my daughter's read it. Horrifying history but also the stories of women gathering together, being part of a close teaching group. I just love it and want to say thank you for writing it. I'm lucky to have 2 sisters and other friends who are open and honest, but I realise my daughter's need to be more a part of that.


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