Uterine prolapse, bowel and bladder repair surgery advise :o)


Hello everyone, im a 35 year old mother of three girls from Australia and would like some advise, i had a Uterine prolapse and a bowel & bladder repair surgery three weeks ago, the uterus was hooked up using my own body tissue and was done through keyhole surgery and the bowel and bladder was repaired via my vagina, im having a few niggly pains in my tummy and was wondering what the symptoms are if any that i have been over doing it, there isnt much on the web about the after symptoms just the basic recovery times ect...
Thanks in advance for your time,
Oh i forgot to mention, my prolapse was severe (my enitre uterus and cervix were on the outside) and i have suffered with this since my first daughters birth 7 years ago.

I just turned 36 so I feel so much for you when you had your prolapses so severe seven yrs ago. I must say that most women here are not surgical bound or have had surgery so it may be difficult for us to lend you any advice about post surgical healing.

My prolapses are at the vagina and i do feel the cystocele protrude out more when i am tired at the end of the day. But I am still using Christine's posture techniques and managing my diet so i don't aggravate the rectocele. I think you can still practice the posture b/c it is probably beneficial for all women with or without surgery.

I wish i could help you more about what to expect with recovery. Call your doctors if you feel anxiety about it. You can also refer to other forum links for post surgery to get some advice. Don't lift and do get some rest. Good luck.