I sit and sit and sit - please help me get it right !


I'm a holistic psychotherapist and can easily spend 7 hours a day sitting on a tub chair to see my clients... I can't get a new chair, so I'm thinking about cushions to support the chair - any ideas? I saw in another post that someone mentioned wedged cushions... could this work? Or can you recommend another type of cushion? or other ideas?

I then transition to my desk and sit in an office chair for another 2 hours or so... so you can see ... this is ia LOT of sitting each day!

I bought a small adjustable laptop table so I can now sit on the floor in WW posture instead of at the desk on the office chair, but I'm wondering if standing would be better, or actually... would standing be worse?

Any thoughts and advice on this would be super gratefully received!

Thank you thank you thank you! xx


Hi Mariam and welcome. Yes, that sure is a lot of sitting. Try to figure out some ways to get up and move around more; I know that's a rather obvious statement. A tub chair doesn't look like a very good choice.....too soft and not enough support to keep you from sinking in and flattening lumbar curvature; but creative use of cushions can indeed help you solve that. I won't even attempt to write a definitive post on chairs and sitting; there is so much already on this forum that you are better off using the search box and reading through other discussion threads in search of ideas that click. The idea of standing up while working never appealed much to me, because I always felt it would be hard to avoid sort of leaning into your work, which doesn't create the best body angle for pelvic organ support. But it might be a good idea for certain types of tasks as an alternative to 9 hours of sitting a day.

Do some more reading around the forum. Here are some search results you can peruse:


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