How to blow up a balloon without worsening prolapse?


Hi, I did a search on this topic and found a mention of somebody having trouble after blowing up many balloons, but the topic wasn't really the focus of the thread. Since using WW posture, I have trouble blowing up balloons and when I do manage to blow up a balloon I can feel my prolapse worsen. Is there a safe way to brace or position to hold while blowing up a balloon? It is something that comes up every so often when you have kids, so I'd love to know how I might do it safely. Thanks!

Not trying to be snarky here, but you could use one of those pumps that are specific for blowing up balloons. I've seen them all over, and they are pretty reasonable in price.
Sometimes it's better to find other solutions or adjustments in our lives in order to still enjoy those things we love so much.

Does that mean that the action of blowing up a single balloon does compromise prolapse stability? I've never seen it discussed, so I was hoping I was just doing something wrong. When you're out and your kid hands you a balloon it's hard to always have a pump with you.

If your kid hands you a balloon, just get in the best WW posture that you can (preferably seated, with organs pinned over the pubic bones) and blow away. If you feel worse after, just treat it like any other temporary setback, and do some extra firebreathing later. These are just normal life events we all have to deal with. - Surviving

Well, I don't think blowing up a single balloon would be that detrimental, but if you were going to do a lot of them, you would probably start to feel it.
Many times we have to do our own experimentation using some of Christine's moves incorporated in to see what works best for us.
My only other suggestion would be to do a pelvic rock forward really trying to hold your pelvic organs as much forward as you can and then blow up the balloon. I think this falls in line with sneezing. We can't hold back a sneeze, but if we are going to do it, we have to find ways that are comfortable.
And, there is always firebreathing. If I do anything that makes me feel slouchy, good old firebreathing usually gets me back in order.
Experiment, you may find something none of the rest of us have even thought of.

Maybe you can literally firebreathe through it. Inhale (expanding midriff) then exhale into the balloon as you draw navel to spine. Wish I could try this, but have no balloon (ha). - Surviving

That's funny surviving, I was thinking the same thing! Getting into firebreathing position, and blow up that balloon on the exhale. Now that puts a new spin on firebreathing!

hahaha too funny! firebreathe into that balloon :)
early on in my prolapse journey my kid handed me a balloon to blow up and it went right over to my husband. Not only did I worry about prolapse but I get light headed as well.
In my current state I would be fine blowing up a balloon but I would exaggerate the posture - something like push my pubic bone down into the seat (if I was sitting), legs apart, lift chest and lean forward from the hips, back straight, and blow that way...

Thanks for your suggestions. I've always been standing when I attempt to blow up a balloon and I feel like I have no internal stability when I start to blow into the balloon even though I try to maintain the WW posture. I have a hard time blowing up the balloon and I feel my prolapse worsen. Next time I'll try seated bending forward and see if that works any better.