Vaginal honey and chemo induced vulva inflammation


I started chemo 3 days ago and last night found I had inflamed vulva and looks like yeast, although mild. I bought local honey from church with their own hives and started using it as well as spray of grocery store acv and filtered water. How often is safe to apply this? I have uterine prolapse and normally get great support from a cube pessary but I did not wish to try to wear it today. I had no issue with vulva health prior to chemo. Never needed anything and was secreting normally. Please let me know if I should apply the honey more often. The acv stung when first applied, how long after applying the honey do you spray the acv. How much spray, 3 or 4 spritzes?

Hi txswimmer,

We really can't be prescriptive here, and also have no way of knowing exactly how much and how often for you. All we can say is that honey is nature's perfect prebiotic for maintaining vaginal health, and vinegar is nature's perfect medicine for supporting the beneficial microbiology of the vulva. Yes, just a few spritzes. If acv seems to bother you, try food-grade white vinegar - always cut with half filtered water.

Sending best wishes and lots of healing energy.


Thank you christine. I've been applying honey morning and night almost 2 days as well as acv and today noticed some relief. Is the stinging from the vinegar reacting with the inflammation or with fungus or yeast? You'll be happy to hear that 2am on Tuesday I popped the vaginal health DVD into the player to get the recipe. I used raw unfiltered honey from the store at wee hours but went and got the local honey which I'm now using. Using food grade acv. Mixed 1:1 with water. My earlier question about how often one may apply was because I didn't wish to harm myself. I was wanting to apply more often than 2x per day but held off.

It burns because of the difference in pH. Honey can burn a bit too as it has a pH of around 3.5 - the same as a healthy vagina. Vinegar has an even lower pH. Fungal and other species create a higher pH environment and cause vulva skin to become slightly irritated - so that when vinegar is applied it burns.

I determined I was dealing with dermatitis of some kind and stopped using the vinegar because it was not helping. No vaginal issues, no discharge. A raging rash from front to anal area. It turns out some women get this response from chemo. Chemo messes with your immune system and i am prone to getting rashes. I was prescribed something that gave me relief within 2 hrs of taking it. Im on the mend now. Getting my strength up for the next round of chemo...

Would you mind telling us what kind of chemo you're taking? I love to connect the dots.

What medication were you given for the inflammation? Glad you're feeling better!