Vaginal honey and chemo induced vulva inflammation


I started chemo 3 days ago and last night found I had inflamed vulva and looks like yeast, although mild. I bought local honey from church with their own hives and started using it as well as spray of grocery store acv and filtered water. How often is safe to apply this? I have uterine prolapse and normally get great support from a cube pessary but I did not wish to try to wear it today. I had no issue with vulva health prior to chemo. Never needed anything and was secreting normally. Please let me know if I should apply the honey more often. The acv stung when first applied, how long after applying the honey do you spray the acv. How much spray, 3 or 4 spritzes?

Hi txswimmer,

We really can't be prescriptive here, and also have no way of knowing exactly how much and how often for you. All we can say is that honey is nature's perfect prebiotic for maintaining vaginal health, and vinegar is nature's perfect medicine for supporting the beneficial microbiology of the vulva. Yes, just a few spritzes. If acv seems to bother you, try food-grade white vinegar - always cut with half filtered water.

Sending best wishes and lots of healing energy.


Thank you christine. I've been applying honey morning and night almost 2 days as well as acv and today noticed some relief. Is the stinging from the vinegar reacting with the inflammation or with fungus or yeast? You'll be happy to hear that 2am on Tuesday I popped the vaginal health DVD into the player to get the recipe. I used raw unfiltered honey from the store at wee hours but went and got the local honey which I'm now using. Using food grade acv. Mixed 1:1 with water. My earlier question about how often one may apply was because I didn't wish to harm myself. I was wanting to apply more often than 2x per day but held off.

It burns because of the difference in pH. Honey can burn a bit too as it has a pH of around 3.5 - the same as a healthy vagina. Vinegar has an even lower pH. Fungal and other species create a higher pH environment and cause vulva skin to become slightly irritated - so that when vinegar is applied it burns.

I determined I was dealing with dermatitis of some kind and stopped using the vinegar because it was not helping. No vaginal issues, no discharge. A raging rash from front to anal area. It turns out some women get this response from chemo. Chemo messes with your immune system and i am prone to getting rashes. I was prescribed something that gave me relief within 2 hrs of taking it. Im on the mend now. Getting my strength up for the next round of chemo...

Would you mind telling us what kind of chemo you're taking? I love to connect the dots.

What medication were you given for the inflammation? Glad you're feeling better!

Hello Dear People,
I have a very prolapsed uterus — am now 80! And am getting symptoms that are like a UTI but have just been tested and it is not a UTI. I have urgency and some pain when I urinate and the first day — Easter — had some blood in my urine — at first dark red and then later bright red. The bleeding stopped yesterday and I’m not having as much urgency, and think it’s getting better, wondering if I should be using honey — haven’t been — and wondering too if it would be okay to take Epsom salts baths and also okay to swim in a swimming pool. Many thanks for any advice! I very much appreciate your kindness and your approach.

Hello Sunrise,

Congratulations on your sage, wonderful age!

I am currently working on a new program highlighting UTI and bladder pain syndrome.

For almost 100 years, the lab protocol established for urine culture is one that only identifies a very few species of aerobic bacteria, like E. coli and other uropathogens. Hundreds more go undetected, so it has been easy for doctors to tell women their urine culture is negative. As time goes on and symptoms progress, women are then given the diagnosis of interstitial cystitis or bladder pain syndrome. The treatments for that are truly illogical, ineffective, and often quite harmful.

The bladder must have beneficial bacterial colonies to build a biofilm that keeps the bladder walls healthy and pain-free. Those species must migrate from the vagina - what is in the vagina is in the bladder.

Honey is the best natural prebiotic that exists next to our own vaginal glycogen, which we lose after menopause. When I stop using daily honey, I feel bladder symptoms as well as vaginal burning. All it takes is the application of a bit of raw honey to quickly resolve my symptoms.

There really is no downside here. Keep a small spray bottle of half vinegar and half filtered water if itching arises.

You may need to take a round of cranberry supplement to rid the bladder of pathogens, however these also prevent beneficial species from adhering to the bladder walls, so you would only want to take a short course until a healthy biofilm becomes established.

If it were me, I would take a sea salt sitz bath and avoid chlorine pools.

Get well soon!


Thank you so very much Christine! I appreciate your attention to my concerns and also the recommendation for using honey and sea salt sitz baths. Can you tell me more about what a cranberry supplement would be? And it’s very interesting information about what is typically being checked for with suspected UTI’s. This truly helps me both understand what is going on and how to heal from it. This is the second episode like this for me in the past two months and I recognize that it is stress related.Many more thanks for being a wise and supportive resource to turn to in moments of concern and fear and for all you do. Take good care,

Hi Sunrise,

I really should have a favored supplement to recommend, but my apologies that I do not. Look for D-mannose as well, as it is the active ingredient in cranberries that interferes with bacterial adherence.

Glad you feel empowered!


Dear Christine,
Thank you for the supplement info. I am interested in knowing more about UTI’s. What causes them? How to prevent them? This is the second one I have had in 2 months and so I am very motivated to know more. It has been a stressful time for me with a seriously ill husband and I have been dipping into my swimming pool — I live in South Florida 3 times a day for clearing my mind and reducing tension, looking up at the palm trees... Occasionally I have taken Epsom salts baths at night.
I would appreciate any information on the causes of UTI’s and preventing them. Am doing the honey and cranberry supplement and probiotics and will buy a sitz bath today. Making progress and am grateful. Many many thank yous to you if you can tell me anything more. Take good care,

I will get this up in the store just as soon as possible - it's far too much to try to convey here. Next to the uterus, the female bladder is the most ill-treated organ in the human body. This information is shocking, urgent, and unavailable anywhere else. I really am working as fast as I can...thank you for your patience. CK

Many more thanks again Christine for what you have shared with me about UTI’s in such a timely way. Please know how much I appreciate your understanding and information and support and look forward to hearing more about all of this in the future. Wishing you well with everything — take good care,

thank you, thank you, thank you Christine and family for this precious website. I just completed the postings on vaginal honey and I am so happy to read everything. I am blessed with cystocele. Yes, I said blessed because everything that visits us is a blessing, and I am open to the healing which is occuring moment to moment. I wanted a lubricant to use with a pessary. I will try the raw honey. Thank you Christine for all you are doing, have done and will do. Love to Lanny and all for working to make all of this happen as well. We are truly blessed./

Hi Christine - I *selfishly* hope you keep up your amazing work and I really don't know how you can spend so many hours and days and weeks and years researching but I am so so grateful you do!
I am awaiting anything you have on breast cancer since I know you've been tackling that subject matter as well... i am excited to hear your findings on ovarian cancer.... all in a non medical non prescriptive way :)

but my question is about biopsies... i've always had a sneaking suspicion that biopsies could spread cancer cells and why do they even do them? apart from the extra office session, the extra billing etc. I never understood why they just don't do a lumpectomy and then examine the lump after it's been removed... I get that a lot of time they're benign but poking a malignant tumor and dragging that needle back out - couldn't that spread cells? as well as poking a tumor and then not operating on it for a few days or even weeks....

Thank you dear Typical. I worked for months on a program for breast cancer and will pick it up again after our WW Conference.

I agree about breast biopsies as do health agencies such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) that provide recommendations for medical practice. Many other countries provide alternatives such as color Doppler sonograms and thermography.

The cancer industry is far more defective that people generally realize. The pathology reporting that informs physicians what chemo to give BC patients post-op primarily serves big pharma, And the staging system for cervical dysplasia is not scientifically reproducible, but remains the standard of care anyway. Not to mention women are not treated to clear the underlying virus, which is usually the problem with cervical cancer. I often wonder how so many doctors can live with the cognitive dissonance these realities create.