PPH Surgery for hemorrhoids?


Hello, I have been living with grade 3 prolapsed internal hemorrhoids for a while now. When I have a bowel movement the prolapse comes out of my rectum at least an inch in a circular shape. I have had banding done twice and had over 9 treatments by a naturopathic Doctor at a Hemorrhoid clinic with the Keesey treatment. These treatments helped some immediately but lasted only a few days, then the prolapse came back. I have had rectal bleeding from this problem for over 10 years. A year ago I saw a surgeon who said I need a PPH surgery (Procedure for Prolapse of Hemorrhoids). This is where they use a stapler and remove a circular band of the prolapsed tissue in the rectum.
Last summer I noticed some changes in my female anatomy and went to an OBGYN. She said I have Stage 1 rectocele and cystocele noted with valsalva and a large circumferential bulge around the anus worse with valsalva. She thought the internal hemorrhoids likely were putting pressure on the pelvic area and should be treated.
I recently noticed that the anatomy changes have gotten worse. My concern is what my long term prognosis is with this condition. I am 59.
I have been reading the Saving the Whole Woman book. I have all my female parts. I don't have any urine incontinence issues. The problem is all rectal. I wonder if the PPH surgery would interfere with future problems or female prolapse in the future.
Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Hi Wildflower - I am pretty sure you won't hear from anyone on this Forum who has had PPH surgery, and we aren't a medical community, so we probably can't help. After that many banding and electrotherapy procedures, it's hard to imagine stapling would be a good idea either, but I can understand your frustration. You do say that you are reading "Saving The Whole Woman" (hopefully the 2nd edition, blue cover). Have you applied any of the posture principles Christine teaches? WW posture, along with diet, and safe WW toileting to avoid straining, may help. - Surviving

I am actually afraid of surgery and have only ever had a tubal after my 4th child was born 30 yrs ago.
I don't know if the prolapsing internal hemorrhoidal tissue will respond like an organ, uterus, bladder to the whole woman principles. I do have the 2nd edition book and have been researching in it but not finding much about hemorrhoids. I do use a squatty potty and have eaten a high fiber mostly vegetarian diet for years. Thank you for your input