I Think My Prolapse Has Worsened-Would Greatly Appreciate Your Thoughts



I've just returned home from a trip to Australia. It was a long flight.... 26 hours.

I don't like sitting on toilet seats on planes, so when I had to use the toilet, I stood with my upper body bent forward and my butt sticking out over the seat behind me.

Because I have a stage 2 uterine prolapse with cystocele, I don't empty my bladder properly when I wee. But, on the plane, I discovered that when I did fire breathing after each time I weed, I was able to empty my bladder more. I was really excited about this, and when I arrived in Australia, I continued to do fire breathing while standing above the toilet and bending forward. When I looked in the mirror, I could see that my cystocele had changed shape. Whereas, prior to travelling to Australia, the cystocele was the shape of an egg that nestled in the opening of my vagina, after arriving in Australia, it was more like a small round ball. At first, I was really pleased because I thought the cystocele had become smaller, but now that I'm home again, I can actually see my uterus at the opening of my vagina. That wasn't the case before.

Also, before the trip to Australia, my uterus would move up and down inside my vagina and the cysotcele would become larger and smaller with it. And when I pulled up into WW posture, I could feel my uterus move up inside my pelvis. But now, this doesn't happen. I feel this ball in the opening of my vagina all the time and it's very uncomfortable. And, being able to see my uterus there, too, is a bit unnerving.

I want to add that I focus on WW posture as a much as I can. I've developed a nice lumbar curve, and that has helped up until now. Also, I do the exercise in the FAFP program but at the moment, nothing seems to help.

I'm wondering whether my prolapse has worsened. Maybe I didn't do the fire breathing properly, although I believed I did?

I'd love to hear your thoughts/suggestions.

Thanks so much!

Best wishes,

Hi Bella. Our organs are always moving around, and there is no straight line when it comes to managing this. Lots of things can set us back, and travelling can definitely be one of those things. Apart from that, there is no way we can know if you are doing something differently or wrong, apart from your own descriptions.

You may need to be especially mindful for awhile, of your posture (all day long), your lifting/bending, and how effectively you utilize all the other tools and tips you've learned here. Try some long posture walks, if you can. Get down on elbows/knees and feel the feeling of organs properly positioned. You will also have to be patient because you are not even a year into this work, and there are many changes and improvements ahead, if you remain diligent and patient.

Ultimately if you are not seeing a return to where you were before your trip, you might want to consider a consult, so that a practitioner can check out your posture and offer suggestions. - Surviving

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I agree with you. There was a lot of flying, and that could have something to do with it. And yes, I need to be patient.

I do get down on elbows/knees a lot. I love that position. It's so very relaxing. I started doing WW posture walks today taking long strides. I'm also going to watch the FAFP videos again. And, I'll make sure I'm mindful, and diligent.

Thanks so much again for your support!

Best wishes,

Hi Bella, Sounds like you're having a bit of a setback - but those will happen....
The good news is that the organs are always on the move and there's nothing to do but keep working at it and trying to have more 'good days' than bad.
I hope things start calming down for you soon... I wonder though, and tis is just what I'd do - maybe don't look down there anymore. I myself never look! I go by how I feel. So maybe just put away the mirror for a bit, keep working at the posture at all times, be extra diligent and see how it goes after some time...

regarding your peeing position on the plane - that's kinda how I pee at work every day. The toilets are very low and hit me below my knee so sitting isn't really great as my knees would almost be higher than my hips. I slightly bend my knees, legs apart, rest my elbows on my thighs while crossing my arms, keep a long line from tailbone to head, and lean forward. at home, I sit and lean way forward.
for bowel movements at work, I do kind of the same position as peeing but seated, and instead of resting my elbows on my thighs, I lean forward and sometimes put my hands on the stall door in front of me, raising my butt off the seat whenever I need to give a bit of a push. if i'm home, i do lo-po (at least I think i do) so i get even lower and rest my hands on the tub in front of the toilet and tuck my feet under the toilet.