Retroverted uterus, retocele, and hemorrhoids


Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not having a retroverted uterus increased the likelihood of getting a retocele and hemorrhoids? I have never been diagnosed with a retocele but do use my fingers to push between my anus and vagina to help pass a stool. I have had hemorrhoid banding a couple of years ago and am struggling to understand why I get them and what to do to fix the problem. Is the problem that I have weak stomach muscles after having 3 children (1 vaginally, 2 c-section) or is it the fact I have a weak pelvic floor (I don't suffer with urinary incontinence) or perhaps I clench my pelvic floor due to stress? I think I usually get hemorrhoids after lifting, or pulling things.....should I be doing pelvic floor strengthening? There is a lot of information on here which says not to do kegels, therefore is pelvic yoga exercises OK to do?
Any help or understanding would be really appreciated.

Yes, these issues are connected. A retroverted/prolapsed uterus can lean on the rectum and cause problems there. Incorrect lifting, pulling, straining, clenching, kegels and your conventional "pelvic floor" exercises are just adding to the problems. All of this can be addressed with the Whole Woman work. If you have been poking around the site, perhaps by now you have come across discussions of posture and other tools we use to manage intra-abdominal pressure and the positions of our pelvic organs as we move throughout our day? Here would be a good place to start:

After you watch that and spend a little more time reading on the site, come back with your questions. This is a forum for prolapsed women seeking support as they navigate the Whole Woman journey. - Surviving