Rectocele Traps Mensus


My question is one I haven't found in searching. So I hope I am in the right forum section.

Quickly my question: Is it normal with pelvic prolapses to have mensus flow stopped and pooled causing clots when a rectocele is present? Or do I have other things that I don't know about probably going on too?

Now for my background:

I am 42 with a long history of pelvic organ problems and am overweight and trying to lose weight.

I started having incontinence problems when I was in third grade because using the bathroom embarrassed me at school and I had to hold it riding the bus every day. I started having a prolapsed rectum when I was 16 due to constipation caused by dehydration because I just didn't drink water or eat fibrous foods- now I prefer it to any other liquid and I eat more fiber but still not enough. I thought I was alone at that age having that ailment but I found out I had an Aunt that told me how to push the soft tissue back to clean it out so that is not new to me.

I have birthed 4 children vaginally with no pain relief (two were birthed in a hospital and two were water births with midwives) and only tore on the first one but wasn't stitched back up. The nurse said it would heal as a tear better without stitches. I have had a bleeding anal fissure flare occasionally since that same time but I am not sure if its in the same areas as the tear was. I have not been able to keep a tampon in place since birthing my second child. I have had regularly long heavy mensus flows, up to 10 days and using a box of pads was normal, but have some can be shorter or longer. Now I wear Depends daily because of the incontinence and heavy mensus. My first child was when I was 21, my second I was 30, third I was 31 and the fourth I was 37. Each child was a different size at birth, (8.7, 8.2, 10.0, 9.8) but my third was the easiest to birth (Yeah the largest). My husband always commented about the bend in my back the last pregnancy and the bend remained until I lost 30 pounds last year.

That is my brief history, now here is the question:

In 2013 after the last child I don't think my uterus went back to form like it should have. The night after giving birth in the hospital I didn't bleed. When I got up the next morning to use the restroom a softball sized clot fell out of me onto the floor. I panicked and called the nurse, but was told everything was fine since there wasn't any placental tissues in the clot. I didn't question her words like I should have since the hospital nurses didn't palpate my uterus after birth like the midwives did after my previous two births. I figured they knew what they were doing and I couldn't palpate myself deep enough to do any good. Now 5 years later I am still having problems with my monthly mensus pooling and clotting rather than flowing out. I have constipation with my mensus and have to stint to eliminate which is the main time I see actual red discharge. If I don't have to poo, I get spotting when I wipe and it is usually old and brown and lasts for several days. Today for example is day three of spotting and two elimination times I found blood on my thumb after stinting with my thumb but it goes right back to spotting. As my mensus continues I will have clots up to the size of a half dollar come out every time I sit or stand (change position) no matter if I am on a toilet or just in a chair. I may have about 4 days of actually coloring the pad and those days I change about every 2 hours to avoid leaking on my clothes. Then it goes back to the clots and spotting for several days. This causes my mensus to last over two weeks sometimes. I have seen two doctors and both have said I can ablate my uterus or have a hysterectomy I don't want either one. The doctors won't look at the prolapses to evaluate them. One did call it a cystocele and rectocele by my own explanation of what is going on. The prolapses are usually not outside the labia, except when trying to eliminate if I don't realize the alignment is wrong already before I "push". I already have hormone problems because I also have had bouts of endometriosis and have had one laparoscopy surgery for it before I had my first child plus I get depressed on progesterone so all birth control options and many medications are off the table.

I found this forum today and am here learning how to realign my body to work correctly. To do it the natural way. I am so glad I found another way.

Has anyone had this experience or am I a lone duck? Any advice to help?

I think time is the best healer if I get to do things right so though I would like a magic quick fix I know it will be work.

Thanks for your comments. I will stay positive.

Hi SeeNix. I can't recall anyone describing this particular issue. If you have 'celes that generally stay inside, it seems unlikely that they are obstructing your flow, though clearly you do have crazy periods and a lot of history there.

The best thing to do if the organs are in the way, is to move them forward with the Whole Woman work. Have you begun? It is not a quick fix but a return to the natural posture we all had as children, before we "learned" to pull our bellies in tight (over time, perhaps the biggest contributor to the epidemic of prolapse). Posture, breathing, and gravity can help pin the organs over the pubic bones and keep them out of your way.

You might also find some relief by getting down on elbows and knees, or in a child pose. Let gravity help you get those organs out of the vaginal space....especially during your period, you may find this helps.

This Forum is here to help and support women engaged in the WW work. Get started and let us know what we can do to help. - Surviving