Stretching Hamstrings and Calves


I have been working on the posture daily for a couple weeks, had a Skype consult with Christine because I have other medical issues to consider, and have slowly started incorporating the exercises (slowly because of other medical conditions), and am slowly trying to get strong enough to not put full weight on the toilet. It's all a process and I'm trying to be patient. I have a question about 2 stretches that I am doing in conjunction with slowly adding some of the WW workout from First Aid, can someone tell me if these are ok to do?? To stretch hamstrings, I turn my left hip out, put right heel on the third stair and gently bend forward til I feel a stretch in my hamstring. I do both legs of course. Is that ok? To stretch my calves, I stand with toes forward and gently move one foot behind (front knee bent, back leg straight with heel down) until I feel a stretch in my calves. Is that ok?


Hi Help.Hope
I think stretching is good, but as with anything we do, just make sure you are not falling out of posture doing it. You can also get a nice stretch by just standing with straight legs and hinging from the hips trying to touch the floor as best you can.
Christine's exercise routines offer some of the best stretching I have experienced, so it would be good to look into those too.