Orthotics and Whole Woman Walking


I'm getting ready to schedule a consult with Christine because I am struggling to master the posture and breathing. But as I was watching the video on whole woman walking I see that my orthotic may be an issue in mastering the walking. I have capsulitis in my second toes and wear an orthotic in my shoes that off loads my forefoot and puts more weight on my heels. Does anyone else have to deal with such an issue? My prolapse has gotten worse since I have dealt with this foot issue. But I wrote that off to sitting slouched on the sofa as I kept it elevated. It's quite painful to walk without the orthotic. I'm panicked because I'm hoping there is still a way to incorporate the whole woman methodology and be mindful of the foot issue. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.


All the more reason to have a consult with Christine. You are correct - weight on the heels is not a great way to walk, and is most surely contributing to the prolapse. She will be able to offer some good guidance and I think she's the only one who can. Hang in there! - Surviving

Hi Help.Hope,
For years I wore arch support inserts in my shoes believing that they would benefit me.
I came here with prolapse and hip and balance issues - foot sole pain at night...
The uniqueness of Christine's approach is that she includes our whole body and my feet have much improved with strength and balance and feeling well supported by them.
I'm glad that you have had a glimpse of what the posture can do, and I wish you all the best.

Aussie Soul Sister

This might be a little off topic since this was about your specific issues with your feet - but I had an observation that I didn't know where to put and this seems to be a good thread for it....
when I started doing the FAFP workouts, I was a little discouraged. I could barely get up on my toes so I thought hmmm maybe this isn't going to be beneficial for me...
well lo and behold, I just kept doing as high as I could and I'm super amazed at how high up on my toes I am able to comfortably go now. And I don't even do the workouts religiously! I do try to get up on toes as often as possible... but in a short amt of time my feet have gotten way more flexible and stronger...

anyway - I hope you find your preexisting issue gets better with this work as I see that a host of issues can be helped when in proper natural posture....

Hi Typicalme,
Whole Woman feet are amazing - thanks for your encouraging post!

Whole Woman-friendly podriatist Ray McClanahan discusses capsulitis:


His recommendations include orthotic treatment with metatarsal pads, but he also uses other non-invasive forms of treatment. For those of us who don't live near Portland, his clinic offers remote Skype consultations. Christine's upcoming menopause course will have information on healthy feet as well.

Thank you for the link. Yes that is what my orthotic has is metatarsal pads. We tried all the things listed before going to the orthotic with built in pads (the temporary ones can make things even worse if you don't get them in the right place). I can't tolerate oral inflammatory meds but my podiatrist had a topical compounded for me but to no avail. I even did ultrasound treatments on the foot with a PT to help increase blood flow and healing. Again to no avail. My podiatrist is a big believer in doing as much naturally as possible. As am I. The orthotic was our last resort - before surgery, of course.