Upright Go


Hi. I am new to this form. I have all 3 types of prolapse. I purchased Christine's book and several dvd's. I've been working on my WW Posture and all 3 of Christine's Yoga dvd's. I started firebreathing as well.
I have noticed improvement...
I was having difficulty knowing if i was keeping my posture all the time... especially while sitting.
I seen this upright go by apple posture corrector and purchased one.
I must say it has really helped me know if i am slouching and i can fix it right away!!

"Also I have a question about WW walking?

I am not sure if I am walking the right way?

I there any instruction on WW walking?

Thank you..

I love this forum.. has really helped me along the way!!


We generally don't want to see newbies coming onto the forum suggesting products to other members......it can be construed as a veiled attempt to use our forum for advertising, and I don't believe you want to call yourself into question with your very first post. There is more to WW posture than simply not to slouch. If you have Christine's book and DVDs then I gather you have been around for awhile, since the book is not currently in print and the videos in the store are all streaming at this point. WW walking is covered in the current First Aid for Prolapse product. If you walk in very excellent WW posture, you will do yourself a world of good, and there are other tips and suggestions in the walking module of the program that you will find very helpful. - Surviving

HI .. thank you for getting back with me... I will be more careful with my posts... I will check out the walking on First Aid for Prolapse. I've been working on my feet as Christine describes in the book. It's alot to get used to at first!! I never go barefoot, but I now walk around barefoot in the house and feels really good!! I'm looking forward to mastering the walking, as this is the key to keep organs to move forward on a daily basis... Victory