True Whole Woman shape of cervical spine ?


I realize that medical books teach that the human spine is to be an “S” shape whereas Whole Woman teaches that the true anatomical shape of the spine has less of a thoracic curvature and more of a lumbar curvature, especially in females, due to the greater number of wedged vertebra.

My question is in regards to the cervival spine. Are there any differences in what the medical literature would teach as normal cervival spinal shape as opposed to what Whole Woman would teach is the true anatomically correct shape of the human cervical spine?

I’m asking because I have a chronic issue with my neck for the past decade. It has flared again lately and I have sought chiropractor treatment as that had always been helpful for this in the past. My new chiropractor insisted on x rays. He says my posture is not poor so he can only believe that I must have suffered a neck injury in the past that stretched a ligament in my neck. He says my neck curvature is not present Or normal and then showed me how it is supposed to look with a “normal “ x Ray. I realize and know becauee of my pain that clearly something is wrong... but I’m not sure I can trust his opinion regards what “noRmal” cervical spinal shape should be.

He’s already helped me with my issue and chiropractic has generally been a helpful modality for me all my life... but this x ray issue has raised questions in my mind as to how the cervival spine should look and be shaped with natural posture.

Thank you for reading.

Edited to add:
He took x rays of me standing. The x ray machine seemed to be pointed straight at my pelvis when he was getting a pelvic x Ray. I saw all my X-rays and it appears my pubic bones were under me and I had a very nice lumbar curvature. He said it was more than “normal “ ( he said it was 50 something degrees rather than 30 something degrees) but that was OK to him. It seems to me that someone with more lumbar curvature than expected would not have exactly the type or degree of cervical curvature that is expected. So perhaps that was more normal on me than he thought- neck injury to ligaments not withstanding. Christine says that if the spine straightens in one place it has to curve in another. And I would suppose the opposite is true. Thinking out loud , here.


Hi UnCloudy - don't really have an answer for this, only Christine if she should happen to see the post. - Surviving

Thank you Surviving. I just found it odd because my husband has a desk job and had awful posture and had x rays at the same time and the chiropractor said my husband’s neck x rays were healthier and had better curvature than my own! And here I am working on natural posture and I walk daily and exercise daily and don’t spend time in bad posture while sitting. I do think I had whip lash in the past and when I get stressed or sleep in a bad position I can have a flare of this odd neck and shoulder issue I have.... but I was shocked to hear from the doctor that I don’t have natural neck curvature and that my husband does!