Please Help! My problem gets worse daily


For some reason lately my rectal muscles are really tight and this causes poo to pool into my rectocele. Recently tried saline enema and splinted, my concerns are

1. Can you push back too much when splinting? I put my finger in there pretty far to make sure everything was out.

2. What do you do about tight rectal muscles? I already used a wand inside to try to get them to relax but it’s not helping.

3. I have a scar on the left inside my vagiina and the rectocele was really pulling on it as it filled up, I am afraid the recrocele got worse! But my scar now hurts so much, should i be worried about this?

Hi Ajhiker and welcome,
WE are not a medical site, so we cannot really address some of the issues you are having with stitching or any surgeries you have had.You can book a consult with Christine for any of these issues that are outside the usual prolapse symptoms.
As far as the prolapse symptoms are concerned, do some serious studying of the whole woman work which concentrates on bringing our bodies back to natural alignment. With the proper posture and tools, we can move our pelvic organs, as well as our rectum, toward the lower belly, helping to relieve symptoms of incomplete evacuation.
Have a good look around this site, and then head on over to the whole woman store fore the materials that will help you better understand what is going on with your body and prolapse.

We can’t talk about ways to relax muscles? I might consult with her after the holiday

It's not that we can't talk about it, but you have a lot more going on here from reading all of your posts. If someone has experienced the same issues and wants to chime in, they are more than welcome to. We cover general information about prolapse issues; anything beyond that is really outside the basics of this forum.
Christine might have more insight in this area.

Ok i will get a hold of her

I'm unsure from your other posts, whether you have just the Fundamentals program (good starter information) or the WW Solution (much more comprehensive). Virtually all of us taught ourselves the way to return to natural posture, and you can do the same; but you do need to break away from the whole PT model of prolapse management which has the anatomy all wrong, and focuses on muscles that have nothing to do with prolapse and can actually make things worse. A consult with Christine to address your specific issues with scar tissue and such.....will be much more productive if you can get a little farther into the Whole Woman work first. Are you learning to firebreathe? Do you have belly toss on your video? (You do if you have the WW Solution). Put a little effort into this, it will pay off enormously. It may not immediately solve all your pooping issues, but it will start you on your way. Correcting the posture has huge benefits far beyond just prolapse. It is not a quick fix for anything requires you to form new habits. - Surviving