I am so excited that I came across this site completely "accidentally!" At least two years ago my Gyn told me that the only two answers for my bladder prolapse are: A. surgery B. a pessary. He was downright rude when I asked for clarification about other options. I have not been back to him. But should get another pap smear sometime soon. Looking forward to learning some new things that might actually be beneficial. This is crucial work that you are doing here! Thank you!

Hi NannyP - you are so right, finding WW has been a blessing and life-saver for thousands of us, and I for one am thankful every day. It saddens me that there are still so many women out there following horrendous medical recommendations, instead of doing a bit of research themselves before heading down the path of no return. We aren't that hard to find, yet it still sometimes seems like WW is the "best kept secret". How can this be, in 2017? Happy you have landed here, enjoy the journey. - Surviving

I am eternally grateful for the WW work as well. We are still a “mom & pop” operation, but I believe 2017-2018 will see a quantum leap for Whole Woman.

I talked to a lovely post-hysterectomy woman yesterday, whose doctor dumped her after a failed post-hyst repair of her front vaginal wall. He simply refused to see her again.

When I said hello to her, the first thing she told me was that she was scared to death. The last thing she told me after our conversation was that she felt calm, focused, and filled with courage. It is true that the WW work is the only thing standing between a post-hyst woman and a lifetime of surgical management. With each anatomically-misconceived surgery she becomes more and more vulnerable to devastating prolapse.

The essence of the WW work is courage, which can only come when we become heart-centered. I have always taught that lifting the chest is the most important aspect of the WW work, but only recently has it dawned on me that habitually lifting the chest is also consistently practicing opening the heart.

Some very difficult and tragic family issues came to the forefront of my life this summer, which I had to consciously work through. I did this by walking in nature every morning, with my heart lifted toward the sun and breathing in and out through my heart. My husband and I pause during our walk, and stand facing the early morning sun in WW posture as we say our prayers. This is a very old practice for me, but only recently have I been able to consciously feel the vibrations of the sun healing my broken heart. I’ve had enough tragedy in my life that I have developed heart symptoms over the past few years. The conscious practice of opening my heart as I lift it toward the sun in WW posture has completely resolved the symptoms. I also feel much more love and forgiveness toward myself and the people around me.

All ancient spiritual traditions teach of the importance of opening the heart. However, no one that I know of teaches that actually lifting the physical heart is the fastest way to open the emotional-spiritual heart.

Love from Christine

I am thankful for this site as well - as I age, I have become more and more skeptical of the medical community that either does not care enough to understand one's concerns - or wants to operate, operate, operate - after seeing all of those lawyer commercials on TV seeking monetary compensation for those mesh operations on women, I decided to stay as far away from the medical community as possible - I much prefer natural remedies that have worked for eons - also, if you read my post you will see that I have tried, over several years and several doctors, to find guidance relating to my condition - I was outraged that they just didn't care - no guidance, no information - no nothing - just a big bill!

Dear Christine,
Thank you so much for sharing how to hold one's Heart to the sun, open it and let the healing rays enter. I walk daily (almost) :). I will do it tomorrow when I'm out in nature for my walk. I like to take the opportunity to thank you for the work you do. I'm so happy to have found this site. I have pop and I'm doing the exercises and fire breathing. And, tomorrow I will hold my Heart to the sun as I feel it is hurting. Again, thank you!

I hope you experienced the golden light of the sun relaxing and opening your heart today, Sparrow. Thank you so much for being with us. Once my heart opened, the WW work seems to be flowing through from higher dimensions. I have developed some amazing sound and light exercises that I will share soon! Bringing ourselves back to divine Harmony and true Wholeness (with or without a uterus, arm, or leg) is the deepest aspect of the WW work. Warm hugs from Christine

Thank you soo much! I can't wait for the sound and light exercises. I've been lifting my heart to the sun and now feel somewhat lighter. I will continue as I really enjoy this practice. :)