Cervix....how mobile is it?!


I have been working on my whole woman exercises and posture and have another video on the way (takes FOREVER because we only get mail here once a week) and I am really noticing strange things now that I'm paying attention. My cervix. How is it moving so much?! Sometimes it's up, tucked into my left side....and then a couple hours later it's moved. I'm wondering if this movement can affect my rectocele? Why is it moving so much? I'm just curious...isn't it attached somewhere? I was told my a German dr that I have a flipped uterus and that I might need surgery. This was after I went jumping on a trampoline with my kids and felt something "fall out". I had no idea what she was talking about. Will the WW posture "flip" it back or will the uterus not be above the pubic bone unless i get it flipped? Wow...this is so confusing.

Hi Militarymom1,
The flipped uterus you are describing is technically called a retroverted uterus. It is when the uterus has fallen back from the belly to the back wall of the vagina. When I was younger, the doctors always told me mine was tilted back slightly. I didn't have any problems with it until later in life as it prolapsed more.
Other problems with the retroverted uterus is that it can rest heavily on the back wall of the vagina putting pressure on the rectum, and can cause a harder time having a bowel movement. I know with this work that getting it lifted off the back wall was a great relief.
And, yes your cervix is attached to your uterus, and that girl can really move. Mine has always moved around, so what you are describing is very normal. The whole woman work helps pull the the uterus into the lower belly which really helps.

Thanks Aging gracefully. I am learning so much about how this all works, and it's a little scary sometimes. Don't know what's normal and what I should be concerned about. Going to do some of the moves to flip the uterus to see if that does anything after my cycle ends. Thanks for the info!

Hi Militarymom1,
It took me quite some time to get my uterus to move away from its favorite position on the back wall to a more antiverted position moving toward the lower belly. The more you work on posture, the exercises, jiggling and firebreathing, the more you will get the positive movements you need to find relief. Just be patient with your body; it does come around. Thank goodness for movable pelvic organs!

You always have such great information. Finally got my new DVD in the mail and can't wait to watch it. Jiggling: I think I read that this is another members technique. Is that right? You bend over, at the waist, and jiggle your belly? Is that right? Or, is this method in a video? Good to hear that you were able to move the uterus. I hope that I can get there...I know these things take time. After all, it took MANY years for me to acquire horrible posture and other bad habits:)

Hi Militarymom1,
Jiggling is done in different ways by those that have done it. I don't think it matters how, but that you feel your pelvic organs being shifted into the lower belly. I like to bend over and get in some really good jumps, but you can do it any way you want.
Other techniques you might want to look into are Christine's belly tosses and belly pumps which also help in shifting the pelvic organs in the right direction.