New here, placenta didn't fully detach, confused, disappointed.


Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm 14 months postpartum, to my second child. I've had two planned homebirths, my first an 8hr labour, 9lb13.5oz baby born in water. Was told by GP in UK I had a very slight prolapse following, that would no doubt reverse itself. Second child, fast delivery, 2hr labour, 9lb2oz, but my placenta didn't deliver. I wanted natural births so used various encouraging methods, eventually nearly 2hrs later it delivered, but hadn't detached and pulled out some other part of me. Fairly traumatic. Experienced midwife hadn't ever seen that happen. She poked it back in, said it was upper vaginal wall? I see a homeopath regularly, it has never come back out, but I do still feel it, not all the time, particularly when run down, stressed, tired. Has anyone ever known this to happen? I'm just reaching out privately I guess, I don't talk to anyone about it.

Hi Luz,
We are not a medical site, so it would be difficult for us to assess what could be going on with you. You may want to book a consult with Christine, as she may have some insight into this situation.
Best wishes.

Also you might want to use the search box up above to look for other discussions. I found this one and there may be others. I haven't read through it, but here's a link: