Prolapse on the back wall of Vagina


Hello everyone,
Some help and support would be greatly appreciated. I have recently been diagnosed with a rectocele following the birth of my first child. I am quite horrified and upset about it at the moment. I can see the bulge through the opening and feel scared that it will come through. I have just been told to carry on with pelvic floor excersises. I have watched Christine's video and will do again but do I essentially need to alter my posture when standing? Can I continue with exercise or will certain excersises make it worse? I have been encouraged to continue to have a sexual relationship but I feel uncomfortable and can't even keep a tampon in? I'm glad I've found this site and will read more over the coming weeks but any support or reassurance would be brilliant.
Are people just prone to this more than others? I initially felt surprised by the diagnosis as I thought it was more common in older people? I am in my twenties.
Also, why is it worse around the time of my period?
Thank you so much in advance xxx

Hi Daisy Rose and welcome. A post-partum rectocele is quite common and quite managable. That is a bulgy vaginal wall you are seeing...nothing is going to "come through" but you can learn to keep it where it belongs. Pelvic floor exercises (kegels) actually worsen prolapse by pulling the organs into the vaginal space instead of away from it - Christine has written several articles on this subject. Yes, you need to adopt correct posture and use it all day every day when upright; this takes time to break old habits and learn to stop pulling in your tummy, but it can be done! Proper exercise will help, not hurt. There is lots to learn here and plenty of support. - Surviving