Food and sleep questions


I am a couple weeks into my recovery and about 15 weeks postpartum with my third child. I am just starting to feel some positive differences in my rectocele after about three weeks of focus on my diet and posture. A few newbie questions:

- what is the best position for sleep?

- I need help with filling breakfast foods that don't include dry bran. I discovered my bran cereal seemed to be exacerbating constipation by creating bulk (despite drinking a ton of water). I eat plenty of fruit, but it is not filling enough alone. I eat lots of greens with protein for lunch and dinner.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Ophelia - Sleeping position doesn't matter much. Some women with hip issues or certain types of pain have good results sleeping on side with a pillow between knees....but for rectocele and garden-variety prolapse in general, the important work happens when we are upright, working with gravity to hold the organs forward. So, sleep however you like.

As you have discovered, you can really aggravate constipation if you're in that vicious cycle...lots of fiber, bulked up with lots of water. I'm not a good source of breakfast suggestions because I don't eat grains myself; during the work week I just eat nuts in the morning, and on weekends I open a can of wild salmon and throw in quite a bit of freshly-ground flax seed, a little real fermented sauerkraut, guacamole or hummus, whatever I may happen to have on hand. You may not want a high-protein breakfast, but you can look for ways to use ground flax instead of the bran. I also have a quick-bread recipe that is based on only eggs, almond flour and coconut oil, to which any number of tasty things can be added. - Surviving

Finding the foods that work best for you is always a personal journey. There are some people that can eat fruit all morning long and feel satisfied, but there are some of us that need a little protein to get that satiated feeling for a longer period of time. If you want to go grain free, surviving has given some good options there, but if you like grains as I do, there are many options for breakfast as in quinoa with chia or flax, amaranth, barley, and many more that pack a protein punch. I like peanut butter on sprouted grain or sourdough bread and fruit on the side. I also like a good tofu scramble or quiche on the weekends. I eat eggs occasionally also with avocado on the side.
You can really use your imagination and also look up breakfast ideas form many sources. Just do what feels good for you and your body.

What works well for me is a smoothie - water, coconut milk, banana, chia seed, flax seed, sometimes shelled hemp seed, a few nuts and some cinnamon. I make enough in bullet for 2 days and that saves time next day. I vary the amounts and never follow recipes exactly. Make it more liquid if in a hurry and I take a digestive enzyme at same time.

You will observe that I don't have much time for the ideal leisurely breakfast that I recommend to my clients! Am finding it hard to fit in the exercises but notice improvement of bad cystocele already with the posture and have begun to fit them in during day in the oddest places. An empty station platform today!