Am I still in the postpartum recovery period?


I have mild cystocele and rectocele, and am wondering if my cervix is also slightly prolapsed. I starting wondering at 4months pp, had mentioned pressure/ heaviness in episiotomy scar to the GP at my 6 week check actually but no suggestions, and finally dealt with it at 5 months pp. I think mentally I wasn't ready to deal with it before then, looking back now. My little boy is breastfed but is allergic via me to dairy, egg, beef so we had to deal with that first.

I am working on the posture and also emotionally accepting the prolapse. I am trying to be honest and open about this too- I had never heard of prolapse before, so it was a shock and I felt repulsive. Still do sometimes. Anyway, i think it's awful that it's such a hidden secret condition. I have changed my diet to help the rectocele.

Anyway, my question is (well, one of many) have I missed the postpartum healing period? I know it's up to 2 years for full healing. But have I missed the main bit and this is as good as it gets? I am now 7 months pp and to be honest, i have not seen it get any better over last 2 months but perhaps I am just hyper aware of it.

I am trying to set myself off on a pathway which I never knew existed and I am scared still. I had wanted to try for another baby sooner because I also have polycystic ovaries, and I feel I need to let my body heal first. Which may take away the possibility of another child. I also feel differently about the birth now- it was long and difficult but also amazing and empowering- which is sad. I hope I will gain some reassurances here.

Hello Ambermoon and welcome,
It is never to late to begin this work, at any age. Just keep working on your posture and whatever helps you best from Christine's work. We all have different routines and there is so much to choose from Christine's programs, especially for postpartum moms.

At 7 months PP you are still in a very good place with the postural work. The window never closes!

Allowing your body to heal fully between babies is the ideal. If you plan to have more and for whatever reason don't feel you can wait that long, don't be discouraged. Your goal at any stage is to make the posture second nature, so work on that, and realize that subsequent births need not be a problem; the prolapse tends to just get out of the way for birth. Then you will be aided greatly in the PP period by what you know now.

Don't be afraid....for me, the biggest gift of this work was the ability to let go of the fear. Keep going! - Surviving

I am scared and depressed. Went to the hospital on Saturday because I could feel something falling from my vagina. Felt like a tampon falling out. I had a rectal and pelvic exam where the doctor determined that it was a rectocele. I am scheduled for an ultrasound on April 13 will a follow up appointment the following week with my doctor.
What type of questions should I be asking?

Hello Harris and welcome,
Your doctors probably won't have much more to say to you, except harmful surgeries, kegel based physical therapies, or just to do nothing.
The best thing you can do is look into Christine's work, here you will find the safest and most natural way to manage your prolapse, with the whole woman posture. With the posture and breathing you will help move those pelvic organs out of your vagina and into the lower belly where they belong.
Please keep reading around and have a look in the whole woman store for the many products available.