Success now setback with cystocele :(


Hi all! So just a update I prolapsed (2nd degree) Rectocele & Cystocle two weeks after the birth of my son. I started slowly walking & moving in WW posture, plus doing fire breathing. By 10 weeks I was feeling pretty asymptomatic as long as I stayed in posture!!! Unfortunately my son's acid reflux has become very severe and the last couple days attending to his painful spit ups & crying I completely threw posture out the window. I did so many dumb moves, well now my cystocle is really bulged again:( Its uncomfortable & pushing on my urethral area. I'm worried now since my tissues are pretty healed that I'm not going to have the same success again? Does these setbacks happen all the time with prolapse? You start feeling better then you forget :(

Hi Mrs vegan,
I lost my post - so here is a quick note to tell you not to lose heart at all.
Setbacks are a warning from your body to get back into posture, and you are showing great awareness of the moves that you made affecting your prolapse!

You will get back into form if you correct yourself when out of posture, and over time improvements and stability will increase, to the point where there is some automatic memory in the body.

I liken the posture to steering a car, there are adjustments constantly to keep it going in the correct direction, and we are so skillful at the minor tweaking of the steering wheel, compared to when we were learning.
I hope this is of help and
Best wishes for your baby recovering soon, and that you take the rest you need too,

Aussie Soul Sister