3 weeks pp cystocele prolapse grade 2, will this get better?


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself and share my story. I had a very rapid birth only 2 1/2 hours, with a 2nd degree tear. Two week pp I was completely find until I started jumping up & down with my son at 3 weeks pp. That night I notice my vagina felt heavy & bubbles were coming out. The next day I notice a bulge in my vaginal opening that didn't look normal. I went to doctor that following Monday, he said I had a cystocele prolapse and those are common, do kegals and he'll see me at 6 weeks pp. I'm currently 4 weeks pp extremely overwhelming, depression, and scared to move from by bed!! There's so many horror stories online! So many people don't get better! I already have two chronic conditions that make my quality of life suffer, to add this on top along with a newborn is more than I can handle. I'm so confused about kegals, should I or shouldn't? l just purchased the First Aid DVD but looking for hope? Do I have a chance of it going back to a stage 1? Should I continue breastfeeding? Also, is there a Facebook support group I can join too? Thank you so much!


Just wanted to say hello, I have only recently discovered that I have a prolapse and I am unsure of the severity. I am having bladder issues. It is extremely depressing knowing that we may have to live with this forever. I spent the day in tears a couple of days ago wondering why the hell ww have kids if this happens! I know, I know, that's not the right attitude but come on!

I saw a physio who only instructed me to do kegals. To which I've heard don't work and to which I know don't work because I do them a lot and still have a prolapse. I am confused too and I need to know which course is best to buy. How are you finding the DVD?

Anyway, I'm sorry you're dealing with this and I do hope something works for you soon. Sorry I'm not much help, new to this too. :-)

Hi Mrs Vegan and welcome,
First of all, you are only into a few weeks of a two year period of postpartum healing. What you are describing is not unusual, so your symptoms may just go away on their own. But, the importance of the Whole Woman work is so that those symptoms don't come back at a later stage in your life, so getting into gear now would help so much.
Christine Kent has studied for years and found that prolapse is actually postural in nature. Fix the posture, fix the prolapse.
You will find many postpartum products in the whole woman store with your specific needs in mind. The postpartum bundle has everything a newly postpartum lady needs and then some, so do check it out.
Don't know why you would stop breastfeeding, unless you or baby is having a problem with it. Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for yourself and your healing, aiding in the shrinking of the uterus back to its normal size, as well as giving baby the best nourishment.
So, have a good look around. This work helps woman of all ages and stages in their lives.

Hi, I expect most of here have felt like this at some point. It's horrible, it's normal!

However there is absolutely definitely hope. Many thousands of women, (over 10,000 women have accessed the forum & the vast majority report positive feedback), have benefited from this approach. The WW approach is based on sound understanding of the female form, pelvic organ support & pelvic organ prolapse recovery &/or management.

Yes - many of us have a vulnerability for the rest of our lives, which means we have to live healthily & with awareness & care. This is not a bad case scenario. A bad case scenario is living with pain, without understanding & therefore with the likelihood of things getting worse.

Basically there are things that make things better, & things that makes things worse. With WW, you do more of the former & less of the latter. Many of us live happy, healthy, normal, functioning lives - & manage our prolapse, i.e. live in such a way that we don't have debilitating problems/symptoms.

This is fundamentally a physical approach, although many women find they are encouraged & have more faith knowing the theory. However - nothing will improve with knowledge alone. This is a practical approach.

The sooner women with prolapse engage with this work, the sooner their symptoms will improve. Also - it's a practical approach that gives on giving - but it needs to become a way of life to wool for life! It's not something you can do - get better - & forget, generally. I've met women say this approach doesn't work, only to find out they stopped doing the work! It takes time, practice & patience. The reward is feeling better & happier for most people.

I whole heartedly encourage you to engage with this work, in whichever way is possible for you - on-line or physical resources, 1:1 teachers; SKYPE/tel/facetime or best of all in person, if you're lucky enough to be meet a teacher.

Much love & hugs, xxwholewomanuk

Hi Liss! Thanks so much for responding, I was wondering if you would be interested in becoming friends so we could support eachother through this life change? If interested, I'm a easy person to find through social media if you google my screen name :)

I appreciate the encouragement! I'm awaiting the first aid DVD & book :) I'm feeling like not moving from my bed till it comes, is that ridiculous? I just fear it getting worse the more movement I do without good posture.

Hello! It's been a little over a week since I found y'all and started doing the exercises and breathing and all that good stuff. My GP said I have a uterine prolapse and I have an appointment in march with a specialist. I think it's bladder prolapse as well and I wish I had paid attention months ago when I started noticing slight changes in bladder control and voiding etc. I attributed it to age (I'm 53) and babies (I had three vaginal births). There are days when I feel so strong and powerful and notice changes in my body and other days where I'm just sad and feel like I'm broken. I know that's not the case, but I've always felt so strong and capable so this is an adjustment. I wish Christine would sell her clothing on line. I LOVE her pants. I actually went through my closet and gave away all my skinny jeans and am down to yoga pants and a couple pairs of boyfriend jeans. We need more options. Any suggestions out there?

HI shefu and welcome. If you put some search terms in the search box at the top (left) of this screen, you will find we have had lots of clothing discussion over the years, and lots of suggestions. Anything goes as long as it is comfortable and does not constrict the belly and surrounding body parts. Clothing is so personal, that you are most likely to figure this out for yourself as you go. - Surviving