Best WW exercise program during pregnancy



Not pregnant as yet, but hoping to be soon. Would like to buy maybe one of the yoga DVDs and hoping that I can continue with it if I become pregnant. Are any more or less appropriate for pregnant women?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lemontree,
It has always been my understanding that any activity that you have been comfortably doing can be carried through a pregnancy. Of course, firebreathing would be off the table.
Call customer service and ask them what they would recommend.

Hi Lemontree - Yes, I would agree a call to WW might be good. A couple of things come to my mind......namely Yoga 2nd Wheel, and Goddess Belly. Both of these are great for post-partum which makes me think they are probably also good choices for pregnancy, as long as you are staying within the limits of what feels right for your body at any given time. - Surviving