I recently came across this website and am lucky to have located a practitioner in the UK who I may be able to work with. I am 6 weeks postpartum and, about 3 weeks ago, I noticed my urethra was bulging out. At first I thought it was just swelling but then I looked it up and realised it isn't. I went to the doctor - have been twice now- and they said I have a mild cystocele but never mentioned my urethra at all. I have my 6 week post natal check up coming up tomorrow so will ask about it again. As far as i can see - over the last few weeks it seems to be dropping further, getting worse - and I am now able to ever so slightly see my cystocele too.
I feel devastated. I was so looking forward to being able to carry my darling boy in the sling and dance with him. I love to dance and move and am feeling really cut off from these things I enjoy so much just now with no idea when I will be able to enjoy them again.
I had a long labour and was in the 2nd stage, so pushing, for 5 hours which is how I think this happened. I am 33 and healthy and usually strong, although I am hypermobile. I have an appointment with a women's physio in January and am really keen to get started on the healing journey as I am so afraid about how this will affect my relationship and experience with our son and my relationship with my partner too, as well as my life!
I feel like every time I pick our son up I make it worse and am afraid to move, although I am taking short walks. It hurts though (in my perinium) to walk or stand for too long. The doctor says I don't have uterine or rectum prolapse, just cystocele (and my urethra).
So, I am wondering if anyone has experience with the prolapsed urethra as well as cystocele? And has this well women programme worked for you?
Many thanks!

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